7 Steps to get notice on dribbble

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Information about 7 Steps to get notice on dribbble

Published on October 11, 2017

Author: seekskills

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: TheHotSkills Attention 7 steps which help you get notice on Dribbble Stop thinking start working smartly… slide 2: 7 steps which help you get notice on Dribbble 7 steps which help you get notice on Dribbble New to Dribbble and want to get drafted or just get noticed by one of the best communitys members and thinking of how to get some attention Stop thinking start working smartly… Attention Because here we are with 7 steps which help you get notice on Dribbble. Step 1: Work Great 1 You should not have to concentrate on the numbers too much. Also work on your next big thing putting the extra efforts required to build something new and even great. Believe if you combine your maximum effort with a little bit of luck you will be acknowledged by dribbble community sooner or later. 2 Step 2: Start Sharing 2 Dont afraid and not get hold of your work to yourself. A must follow rule to grow your viewers is unleash your work by sharing with others as much you can. Dont be nervous about sharing your work. Its a way to be more TheHotSkills.com slide 3: 7 steps which help you get notice on Dribbble Step 3: Show your efforts on screen 3 Try to share your work process with your audience. Most peoples are more excited about seeing the actual process of creating a design opposite of the results. Grab the attention of others by taking images or making videos of your project you are working on or even you can write an entire article or blog on how you get done and also mention your work experience. It gets yours some additional efforts to do this but its very valuable for getting the attention of dribbble audience. 3 Step 4: View your passion and story 4 The most of the well-known people are biographers or storytellers. People love biography about your successful race. If you also want to get spotted and popular on Dribbble or any other platform then you should share your story your process with the people. This has become valuable since all folks are looking for in sights from the industry and not just that you have created a new dashboard. With telling people what you will do next. Also tell them how why. professional and creative by getting feedback from the other designers that helps you to get to a next level. TheHotSkills.com slide 4: 7 steps which help you get notice on Dribbble Step 5: Social accounts 5 Dribbble is a great source of getting traffic and an excellent place where you can find work according to your skills. plus its also a perfect way for peoples to caught you on other social accounts as well such as Facebook Twitter Instagram etc. So get assured about that you mention that accounts to your Dribbble wall or account and link them daily and get start with sharing your behind the scene work on Twitter Instagram and others social accounts. Keep peoples pumped up to follow your accounts. 4 Step 6: Plan your work 6 While working on a project you spend very much of time and activity on it. But dont utilize all your time just working with one Dribbble post. Also ensure that you spread your work and get more juice from it. Break it in the pieces and share in different posts by using the following pattern: Introduce post — Share a sneak glance of you are working on. Animation post — Share the project with a good motion model. Case study post — Share the full work with an attachment. Result post — Share with your viewers the designs success. TheHotSkills.com slide 5: 7 steps which help you get notice on Dribbble Step 7: Do-extra 7 Great way to get known on Dribbble or other networks is to give others trustworthy comments. When you see that there something missing or to be improved on a design share your helping thoughts with the designer obviously while maintaining maximum respect since you know they spent time on the design. TheHotSkills.com 5 In between your working schedule you can share small bits of your project on social accounts. You can share video teasers on YouTube images on Instagram and tweet textual updates using Twitter. Amazing Guide to get a Dribbble Invite GET A DRIBBBLE INVITE Thank You

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