7 Steps to Connect Your Classroom

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Information about 7 Steps to Connect Your Classroom

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: coolcatteacher

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Do you want to collaborate with other classrooms? Do you need to meet standards that require you to have audience and global connections with your students? This presentation includes updated information shared in Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds to help you do just that. Presented at AdvancED Wyoming in March 2014 by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher

A Global Project Journey Classroom Wiki (2005) K12 Online Conference Teacher Collaboration Wiki (2006) Flat Classroom™ Project (2006-2012) Horizon Project (20072008) Digiteen Project (20072012) Digiteen Island in Open Sim (2008-2010) Arab Israeli Conflict Simulation (2009, 2011, 2013) Flat Classroom Conference – Doha, Qatar (2009) NetGenEd Project (20092013) – with Don Tapscott Flat Classroom Live at ASB Unplugged, Mumbai (2010) India Immersion Project (2010) Eracism Project (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) Flat Classroom Conference China 2011 China Immersion Project (2011) Hope for Slaves (2012) Gamifi-ed (2014) Physics of the Future (2014)


“Working with people across the world has challenged me.” “The majority of my partners wanted to contribute something meaningful to the project.” Horizon Project Students http://horizonproject.wikispaces.com Casey tells her story P 29

7 Steps to ConnectYour Classroom 1.CONNECT 2.COMMUNICATE 3.CITIZENSHIP 4.CONTRIBUTE & COLLABORATE 5.CHOICE 6.CREATE 7.CELEBRATE Part II of the Book covers the steps, p 31

Step 1: Connect “Pull is the ability to attract people and resources to you that are relevant and valuable, even if you were not even aware before that they existed.” Brown, J. S., Davidson, L., & Hagel III, J. (2010). The Power of Pull (Kindle Edition ed.). USA: Basic Books. Loc. 172-73, 183-85. How to build the learning pathway P 41-42

PULL Technology #1 The RSS Reader Personal Learning Network (PLN) Classroom Monitoring Portal (CMP) Brand Monitoring Portal (BMP) Efficient Learning Strategies for the 21st Century Teacher (PLN) p 35-38 CMP p 74, 77 Actions to Develop a Personal Brand in Education p 202-204

PLN Building Tip #1: RSS Reader Feedspot (Feedly is also good) I use Mr. Reader on my ipad If you liked iGoogle use netvibes

PLN Building Tip #2: Newsmap www.newsmap.jp

Classroom Monitoring Portal (CMP) Use netvibes The Class Monitoring Portal (CMP) p 74 used for a whole project p 77

Brand Tip #1: How to monitor your Brand • Search Google News – http://news.google.com

How to monitor your Brand • Use an RSS Reader to subscribe to searches – http://news.google.com

Use Social Mention

7 Pull Technologies 1. RSS Reader 2. Tablet-Sized Devices 3. Handheld Devices 4. Social Bookmarking 5. Joining Online Conversations 6. Networking Organizations 7. Location Based Apps Pull Learning to help you easily embed learning in your weekly schedule p 36-41

Teacherpreneurship “Finnish teachers pick books and customize lessons as they shape students to national standards… „. In Finland, the teachers are the entrepreneurs," says Mr. Schleicher, of the Paris-based OECD, which began the international student test in 2000.‟ “What Makes Finnish Kids So Smart” The Wall Street Journal By ELLEN GAMERMAN February 2008 http://online.wsj.com/public/article/SB12042535506560199 7.html Teacherpreneurship: Boost learning in the classroom p 45-47

How to find Project Partners? #1 Social Networks 3. Where?

How to find Project Partners? #2 Established Networks 3. Where? Location URL iEarn http://www.iearn.org/ ePals http://www.epals.com/ Skype Education http://education.skype.com/ Global Classroom Project http://theglobalclassroomproject.wordpress. com/ eTwinning (europe online) http://www.etwinning.net

How to find Project Partners? #3 Hashtags 3. Where? Location URL #flatclass Conversations around the principles of merging classrooms and co-creating together #globaled Global education conversations #globalclassroom Conversations around global classroom conversations #edchat Lots of conversations happen on this hashtag in education #mysteryskype Mystery Skype hashtag on Twitter is also a place where you can find partners

How to find Project Partners? #4 Conferences 3. Where? Location URL K12 Online Conference (online only) - free http://k12onlineconference.org/ Global Education http://www.globaleducationconference.co Conference (online only) m/ – free ISTE ($) http://www.iste.org Lots of conferences by curriculum area Look for them!

1) Analyze Your Context Connect with your Organization • Local School Policies and Procedures • Laws of the State and Nation • Relationships • Site Blocking and Unblocking • Parent Communication & Permissions • Past Experiences • Local Mentors & Advocates for Global Collaboration Guidelines and work habits that support and hold accountable p 45-50

2) Coordinate with Curriculum • Project Organizers: – Agree on mandatory outcomes and cooperation aspects • Local Curriculum – Standards Alignment – Augmentation of Project on Customized Basis Guidelines and work habits that support and hold accountable p 45-50

Agreeing on core and optional outcomes with stakeholders p 45-47

Agreeing on core and optional outcomes with stakeholders p 45-47

©Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay Taxonomy of global connection p 54-56

Creating a Connection Strategy p 51- 54

Creating a Connection Strategy p 51- 54

Creating a Connection Strategy p 51- 54

Creating a Connection Strategy p 51- 54

Creating a Connection Strategy p 51- 54

Creating a Connection Strategy p 51- 54

Key Concepts of the Global Classroom • • • • • Teacherpreneurship Teachersourcing Community Habits Connection Mapping Dual Communication Modalities – Asynchronous – Synchronous

P 10-11

Communications in the 21st Century p 64-67

Step 2: Communicate Communications in the 21st Century p 64-67

Digital Citizenship “…the norms of behavior with regard to technology use” Ribble and Bailey Citizenship Chapter begins on p 98

Note Your Definition CANNOT include the word “computer” Citizenship Chapter begins on p 98

The strongest enemy of cyber criminals “Educators who arm their students with knowledge of common electronic crime issues of the day and teach them the steps to take if suspicious activity is noticed or offenses occur.” P 103

Citizenship Chapter begins on p 98

Step 3: Citizenship Technology Access Map of world‟s Facebook connections Source: Facebook December 2010 Citizenship Chapter begins on p 98

Technical Awareness You can run into the 21st Century when you know how to use 21st century tools. P 101

Individual Awareness “To blindly accept a website‟s profile settings is to hand over your digital destiny.” P 101

Social Awareness “The novelty and addictiveness of technology will harm our relationships and productivity unless we take control.” Flat Classroom Book www.flatclassroombook.com P 101

Cultural Awareness  Everyone is not just like me.  Everyone is like me in some ways. P 101

Global Awareness • Different countries have different laws – Copyright, legal – Taboo subjects • Nationality transcends culture – Every nation has multiple cultures – Never stereotype a nation P 101

We need to be strong against online threats         P 102 Identity Theft Cyberstalking Viruses, Malware Spyware Phishing Pharming Intellectual Property Thieves

5 Steps to Internet Safety 1.Stop 2.Screenshot 3.Block 4.Tell 5.Share P 104-105

How do we keep student participation levels high when in social networks students tend towards Klossner‟s Theory? Building a vibrant community requires a higher standard of communication between participants and in Flat Classroom global collaboration all participants are expected/required to contribute, collaborate and be visible online. Klossner‟s (2010) 90-9-1 principle Step 4: Contribute & Collaborate P 128

What is co-creation? Can you have co-creation without the 3 R‟s of global collaboration? •Receive •Read •Respond P 128-130

Step 5: Choice Use Multiple Intelligences as a Planning Tool PLACES: Creating a physical environment conducive for learning p 171-173 Vicki A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher 3/3/2014 SPACES: Designing Electronic Spaces for Choice p 173- 186 http://coolcatteacher.blogspot.com 51

Step 6: Create P 162-163 Revised 2001 by Lorin Anderson

Why Celebrate? Step 7: Celebrate • Ongoing Improvement – Kaizen • Retrospection • Closure • Sense of accomplishment • Provide feedback • Cement cooperative learning experiences A thought about Retrospection……. • It would be sad to retire and have it said, “she didn‟t teach 30 years, she taught 1 year 30 times.” The Chapter on Celebration, Kaizen and ongoing school-wide improvement begins on page 215

Ways to Celebrate PUBLIC • • • • • • • • • • Hall of Fame Best of Project Award Events Online School Museum Press Releases Social Media Posts Memorabilia Online Presentations “Awards” Shows Crowdsourced Voting PRIVATE • Participant surveys • Certificates • Personal recognition from administrators • “Popcorn” conversations • Reflection spaces • Journaling • Personal portfolios • DVD Recordings

Project Celebration: Student Summit “In addition to the in-class required assessment for a global project, it is advised that students are able to celebrate and reflect with others from the project, including teachers and students. ” P 266-267 Showcase: The Student Summit in Action

Some Awesome ways to collaborate Let’s look at how you can collaborate and connect

#11 Simulation Environments http://aic.conflix.org University of Michigan

www.edmodo.com Free, blogging, assignments Top Teaching • Teaching Helps • Making Meaning • Classroom Management • Finding Cool Classroom Tools • Building your PLN • Staying positive




Diigo www.diigo.com http://www.diigo.com /list/coolcatteacher/f antastic-classroomtools QR Code Generator http://qrcode.kaywa. com/

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