7 Steps To Being The Worst Boss!

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Published on March 20, 2014

Author: jamiltw

Source: slideshare.net


7 straight forward steps to becoming the worst boss you can be!

Being a bad boss takes effort, these 7 simple steps will take you to a whole new level of being bad!

7 STEPS TO BEING A BAD BOSS Being the worst boss ever takes work!

STEP 1: Micro Manage Everything Employees are not to be trusted. Especially those that have been doing something a long time and know it inside out! Take as much time as you can to get right in there, grabbing their mouse & taking control of their keyboard. Explain to them exactly how to do the job they have been doing for years!

STEP 2: Never Let Them Make A Decision The smaller the decision, the more you need to have employees check with you. Get your designer to give you 10 – 20 different mock-ups to choose from & then do not choose any of them. Instead use the mock-up you made yourself using the the free graphic software that came with your laptop.

STEP 3: Ignore Employee Problems When employees are not getting along you can: 1. Ignore the problem, especially when it is brought to your attention, tell them to “work it out” 2. Show your frustration there is a problem in the first place 3. Pick a side through rumors and hearsay In all cases, remember to not get involved with facts!

STEP 4: Hire Experts, Ignore Their Advice! Fine the best people you can for every position & then ignore their expert advice. Explain to them, in front of others, why their years of experience are useless. Ask people with no experience what they think & then use this opinion as the basis for all decisions.

STEP 5: Trust Your Gut Trust your gut. No matter how many times it has been proven wrong in the past.

STEP 6: Keep Your Master Plan Hidden Keep all of your ideas & reasons to yourself. Let your team guess about your motives & strategies. It will give them something to talk about when your not around. The best way to do this, DO NOT HAVE A PLAN! No plan, no possible leak. The 2nd best way is to have an ever-changing plan.

STEP 7: Be Everybody’s Buddy You want to be the worst boss, but not a jerk. If you play your cards right you can be the worst boss and everyone’s friend. Try to buddy up with your employees, if you catch wind of an after work activity, invite yourself. Drink with them to excess and tell them what you really feel about them, or for fun, let them know what your first impression was (especially if it was negative).

Congratulations! You’re now a bad boss!


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