7 Slide Summary: HOW can India's Parliament function better?

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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: AskHowIndia

Source: slideshare.net


7 slide summary of AskHow's analysis of the Indian Parliament's performance, the reasons for bad performance and the possible solutions.

7 Slide summary HOW can Parliament function better? ! ! Data Source: PRS Legislative Research The Analysis

A Better Parliament The Job of a Member of Parliament 1. Making Laws 2. Examining the Govt's! expenses and budgets 3. Representing their! Constituencies’ interests The Constraints Inadequate discussion: in terms of time, and knowledge scope! Voice Voting, hence limited motivation! ‘Party Whip’ compulsion, means cannot vote as per conscience! The Analysis Not enough time for discussion and debate on Expenses and Budget! Constituents unaware of MPs performance, as few metrics are recorded! ! 4. Being the Government’s Boss!

A Better Parliament The Performance Numbers Avg Days Parliament sat for ! Avg Hours Parliament sat for ! Avg Hours of Budget discussion! 50s: 600 50s: 3700 50s: 123 15th Lok Sabha: 335 ! 55.8% 15th Lok Sabha: 1329! 35.9% 15th Lok Sabha: 39! 31.7% The Analysis

A Better Parliament The Impact of Less Hours Unscrutinised Demands & Grants ! This year, all Demands and Grants amounting to Rs. 16.6 lakh crores were sanctioned without discussion. ! No scrutiny of government’s proposed expenses by BOSS! Hasty Law Making ! Law on Protection of Women from Sexual Harassment at the Work Place was passed without discussion in under 20 minutes. ! Law much needed, but discussion would make Law stronger. The Analysis

A Better Parliament Disruptions, The Root Cause Job of MP is to be Government’s Boss, but Government decides the Agenda. Boss, especially if in Opposition, has little control. Leads to frustration … leading to disruptions. Disruptions, The Possible Solutions Opposition MPs decide agenda for 1 day/week. (UK reserves 20 days/session) The Analysis Strict and prompt action against offending MPs.

A Better Parliament HOW can number of sitting days be increased? Instead of Government deciding to convene the Parliament on an ad hoc basis … Days when Parliament must sit should be pre-decided The Analysis Certain number of opposition MPs should be able to ask for a sitting / topic of discussion

A Better Parliament HOW can performance of MPs be improved? Record and publicise performance so Constituents can support performing MPs The Analysis Staff & Experts, for Research Support Staff Budget: India Rs 3.6 lakhs US: $ 3mn, UK: 87,000 GBP Limit compulsory whip voting only to vote threatening survival of the Government

IN CONCLUSION! HOW will the ! Parliament be a better Boss ! to the Government? sk e A H sk ow H w In ow w w. dia A As ” na kH on lys ow Fac is p In eb lea di oo s a. k & e fol or g Tw lo itt w er ! Please Ask your Lok Sabha candidate HOW will the ! Parliament sit for more number of days? for m “A o r HOW will the ! Parliament disruptions ! be minimised?

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