7 reasons why you should get preston and sons construction to build your dream

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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: RichardPreston2

Source: slideshare.net

7 Reasons Why You Should Get Preston and Sons Construction to Build your Dream 1. You deserve the best Materials When building your home or extending your existing home you will be guaranteed the best available materials on the market . The minimal maintenance and longevity of our existing constructions speak testimony to this. 2. Your time is precious to us From start to finish your investment is our investment. Time is a most critical factor that we take seriously and deliver our promise accordingly. 3. Your budget Throughout the duration of your building experience we keep you informed at each stage on a weekly basis. You will have clear, concise communications that are available with our staff at any time of the day. 4. Your project is our project Our highest priority is to deliver Outstanding results . ” we treat your project as our own”. 5. An award winning Business You are recruiting the best in the industry. From the stage of commencement , Preston and Sons has dominated the building industry with consistent Master Builders Awards. (See our testimonials Page). 6. Changes are easy If during the construction phase you wish to change your mind about a certain aspect we will step up and work to adjust the scope of works to satisfy you. 7. 100% Satisfaction We are so confident with our service that we offer a 9 Point Guarantee

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