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Published on October 26, 2020

Author: fgglass

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: 7 REASONS WHY FG GLASS OFFERS THE BEST PROTECTION AGAINST INTRUDERS Commercial buildings and retail stores typically use large glass storefront doors in their main entrances. These glass doors are great for businesses because they are more inviting to potential clients and customers but they are also problematic because they are vulnerable to forced entry. If you’re looking for ways to secure your home or business’s doors and windows against forced entry burglary smash-and-grab theft and other threats look no further than Fg Glass. Our security products are your best option to protect your property and keep would-be intruders out. 7 Reasons to Choose Fg Glass for Your Home or Business How It Improves Storefront Glass Door and Window Security 1. Resistant to Common Burglary Tools 2. Available with Security Framing 3. Can Be Retrofitted onto Existing Framing 4. More Affordable Than Window Replacement 5. Virtually Invisible 6. Protects Against a Variety of Threats 1. Resistant to Common Burglary Tools When you install Fg Glass panels over your existing glass you’re adding a robust barrier to forced entry that is highly impact-resistant. A door or storefront made out of standard window glass or even tempered safety glass offers little to no resistance to deliberate impacts caused by common burglary tools like hammers crowbars and other heavy hand tools. When Fg Glass panels experience such impacts they resist shattering and hold the existing glass in place to significantly delay forced entry attempts. This delay is often enough to cause criminals to move on and find an easier target or give the authorities time to arrive and catch culprits in the act of an attempted break-in. 2. Available with Security Framing So you can reinforce vulnerable glass entry points against burglary and smash-and-grab theft attempts using Fg Glass panels but what about the surrounding frames slide 2: Traditional steel and aluminum door and window frames can also be weak points that are vulnerable to prying so you don’t want to forget about these areas when you’re making security upgrades to your property. 3. Can Be Retrofitted onto Existing Framing In many cases we can retrofit Fg Glass panels right onto or into your existing door and window frames. This makes installation much simpler than replacing the existing frames not to mention saves you money on expensive repairs of the surrounding materials which brings us to our next point… 4. More Affordable Than Window Replacement Replacing all your windows and doors with security glass can be prohibitively expensive especially for large retail stores and commercial buildings with a lot of glass. Since Fg Glass can often be retrofitted onto your building you usually don’t have to worry about ripping out all your old glass and undergoing a big expensive construction project. Keep in mind that every property is unique and the exact cost of installation can vary depending on the condition of your building and the strength of its materials. In some cases your existing framing might not be strong enough to support Fg Glass and must be replaced which adds to the cost. 5. Virtually Invisible One of the reasons so many businesses choose Fg Glass is its sleek virtually invisible profile. The panels themselves are crystal clear so you don’t have to sacrifice your views or worry about potential customers not being able to window shop. The framing and hardware are all designed with aesthetics in mind and will not be noticeable or significantly alter your property’s outward appearance. With Fg Glass you’re getting all the pros of a stylish security barrier with none of the cons of unsightly traditional retail security products like bars gates and shutters. 6. Protects Against a Variety of Threats Fg Glass provides a high level of protection against the most common threats that retail stores and commercial facilities face including forced entry burglary smash-and-grab theft Fging vandalism and looting. All our products also offer varying degrees of protection against other types of man-made and natural threats such as ballistic attacks bomb blasts storm damage and seismic events. Fg Glass protects against:  Forced entry attempts slide 3:  Burglary  Smash-and-grab theft  Fging and looting  Vandalism  Ballistic attacks  Bomb blasts  Storm damage  Earthquake damage Fg Glass is suitable for all types of businesses and commercial facilities from small convenience stores and luxury retailers to government buildings religious centers and schools. No matter the potential threats you and your property face we can help keep the bad guys out. Visit https://fgglass.com/ for Manufacturer of Bullet resistant glass Glass for defense vehicles Bullet- resistant glass for cars Bullet-resistant glass for ships Manufacturer of Force entry Glass Protective glass against burglars Safety glass for villa Safety glass for bungalow Lead glass X-ray room glass CT scan room glass Mammography room glass Armored glass.

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