7 reasons to study at Army IBA

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Information about 7 reasons to study at Army IBA

Published on October 24, 2016

Author: meleader007

Source: slideshare.net

1. Army Institute of Business Administration, in short Army IBA, is the very new Business School run by Bangladesh Army and an institute under BUP. Being a new Business School, students of Army IBA are really struggling to adopt with the extreme competitions among other educational institutes and they are successfully doing so. Unlike other Institution under Public Universities Army IBA is quite different. No one can tell it a Public Institute or a Private Institute. The perfect word to describe Army IBA is that it is Autonomous Organization. My name is Akib Hasan Srabon and currently enrolled in BBA-01 batch of this institution. The age of Army IBA is only 1 year 8 month and I found 7 reasons to study over here. I believe there will be 100+ reasons for studying here after 10 years of success.

2. 1. One of the Largest Institute within South Asia for producing Business Graduates: Permanent Campus of Army IBA is situated at Jirabo of Savar Cantonment. Total size of the campus is 10 acres. Unlike other IBAs of Bangladesh, this institute will not stick with teaching BBA and MBA. According to its planning, Army IBA will teach every programs which is necessary for surviving in Business World. Just like IBA, Karachi and other international Business Schools, Army IBA will have some other programs like English, Economics, International Relation, Law, Public Administration, Social Science and CSE. There will be 50+ faculties with 200+ staffs for maintaining the standards of this Institution. Absolutely the higher hierarchy of Army IBA will be controlled by Officers of Bangladesh Army. Who doesn’t want to be an Alumni member of such institute? Our Permanent Campus (Isn’t it cool?!?)

3. 2. Events Everywhere!!! Yes, being at Army Institution we have hell lot of pressures. Lots of classes, quizzes, assignments, presentations, term papers etc. But we are not “ATEL”. Frequently you will find students with Guitar and Flute playing and singing song. Every semester, Clubs of Army IBA are arranging different events for removing monotonous pressure of studies. Active participations of Students are making those events successful. Not only by students, Army IBA also celebrates national days and events at campus premises. Intra Futsal Championship 2016 (Runners-Up team) Grand Finale of Intra Debate Competition 2016 (BBA-02 is Champion)

4. 3. The Bonding: You can never identify seniors and juniors from a bunch of AIBAites sitting together or in any events. They are all VAI-BROTHERS collection! Ragging?? Hell NO, what we do with the fresher is ICE-BREAKING. We together SING, LAUGH, CRY and FIGHT for being someone from the CROWD! The unbreakable chain

5. 4. Student Organizations: Our Second Home One of the coolest thing is Army IBA is its Clubs. The most active and famous club of Army IBA is Business & Leadership Club (BLC). There are other 3 clubs which are equally active. Cultural Club always arranges gorgeous Fresher Reception program which a fresher can never forget. Sports Club is continuously bringing intra sports events. Last but not least, English Language Club (ELC) offers grooming sessions and Debate fests.

6. 5. Cleanest and Updated Environment! Every morning you will see that our Sohel Vai is cleaning Floor and Class Rooms. Whenever you enter the class you will feel the cleanliness and freshness. You will never ever get bad smell from washrooms. It’s only because our staffs, as well as students, know their responsibilities very well. We all are well disciplined (fingers crossed). One thing, you guys cannot forget, the taste and environment of our own café (Stop and Eat). Just imaging the scenario when group of students are gossiping at the lawn after the class

7. 6. Business Competitions Oh ya! You will not find any Big Business Competitions where teams from Army IBA are not competing. Being a very new Institute they are doing great. It is really spreading its name through these events and doing better every day. Soon they are going to win competitions in no time. HSBC IBA Business Case Competition 2016 Grand Finale of Corporate Gladiators 2016

8. BizAcumen 2016 (Teams were ready for 3rd round) Akib Hasan from BBA-01, WINNER of DMS 2016 Case Competition

9. 7. Killing Scenarios of the Campus Did you ever travel through limitless FOGS? When is the last time you saw raining Cats & Dogs in Green Environment? Do you remember the freshness you feel when you visit your village? Army IBA is situated is such a place where you are far away from pollution and traffic noises or conjunctions. Whenever you feel bored you can hang out with your batch mates at ORONNALOY (Mini-Zoo), have lunch at BOT-TOLA (JU), visit Fantasy Kingdom or Nondon, Londonus (Famous restaurant for AIBAites) etc. If you guys are TRENDY, then no problemo! KFC and Pizza Hut are also here at SAVAR! The entrance of our temporary Campus

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