7 Popular Misconceptions about International Schools in India

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Information about 7 Popular Misconceptions about International Schools in India

Published on June 20, 2019

Author: podaredumumbai

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: www.podareducation.org 7 Popular Misconceptions about International Schools in India Every parent aims to give their kids the best possible education with admission in one of the best international schools in India. Parents do this to ensure that their kids get top-notch schooling. In fact many Indian parents aim towards admitting their kids into an international school. However it is observed that parents have an incorrect perception of international schools in India. This has given rise to many myths about such type of schools. Let’s bust these myths once and for all as we list down 7 misconceptions about international schools in India: They are only for foreigners and NRIs: By far the biggest myth surrounding international schools is that they are only meant for foreigners and NRIs. Thanks to the increase in the number such type of school this myth is gradually getting busted. They are for students who aspire to go abroad in the future: Although it helps children to prepare for their higher education abroad if they go to an international school it is not a requirement to send them to an international school. However there’s no denying the fact that international schools ensure that kids are well equipped for international studies. No textbooks only projects: The myth that International schools do not have any textbooks and rely entirely on projects in India is not completely true. Although there are prescribed textbooks based on IB or Cambridge curriculum the focus is primarily on projects presentations games etc. Be it one of the many international schools in Mumbai or Delhi or any other city in India each one of them have textbook system. Similar curriculum in all of them: Not all international schools in India have the same curriculum. Such schools in India primarily follow 2 curriculums namely International Baccalaureate and Cambridge curriculum. IGSCE curriculum does exist but only for grades 9 and 10. Exam results are often delayed: One of the popular myths the exam results of international school exams are not so delayed that it becomes inconvenient for students to join colleges or university. In fact slide 2: www.podareducation.org their exams are in March like other boards and even results are announced in the same month as the other boards. Tougher academics than other boards: The curriculum of International schools is pretty like that of other boards in India. In fact even the syllabus of respective subjects is pretty like that of other boards. The only differentiating factor is the learning approach. By implementing problem-solving skills practical thinking and similar modern methods International schools have an edge over other boards. International school students cannot enter competitive exams: This is false. Rather kids achieve success when they identify their area of interest and hone their skills accordingly. That’s how students at the best of international schools in India achieve success in life with the help of qualified teachers. In conclusion dear parents do not let these 7 myths about international schools stop you from taking admission for your kids. International schools do provide children with a comprehensive education which helps prepare them for the competitive future. Please go ahead and search for one of the best international schools in India for your children.

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