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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: tillcarlos

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On Wednesday March 12, 2014 I gave a talk on personal branding at Saigonhub. Personal Branding was a topic that arose often in conversations and consulting meetings. This talk addressed the most important points: what to avoid when appearing online.

7 Personal Brand Mistakes That Jeopardize Your Authority

“Authority comes from producing real results. 1. Do the thing 2. Do it in a way you can show people.” ~Anthony Eden, DNSimple


Private “Insights” Publically Published

Rule Of Thumb Only show up online if it fits your personal brand. What does showing up mean?

What Are We Talking About?

See Google: “define: brand”

Personal branding also involves creating an asset by defining … online presence in a way leading to a uniquely distinguishable, and ideally memorable, impression. See Wikipedia: “personal brand”

See Google: “define: asset”


Bragging “Me, Me, Me”


“Make it about them!” ~Noah Kagan, AppSumo

“Self perception is something few of us ever really understand.” ~Rob Hanly

← Fridel


Trying To Be Someone You Are Not


Lack Of Reason

Possible Reason: Selling Things

Possible Reason: Increasing Brand Equity

Possible Reason: Future Focus Shifts

“Do you know people who started off connecting themselves to a brand and then slowly removing removing themselves from the brand?”

Possible Reason: Reserve The Spot

“I believe there will be a gold rush. It will never be cheaper to own a personal brand” ~ Gary Vaynerchuck

Who is: Gabriel Stein?


Appear different from how you want to be perceived

Apprenticeship 2004: ergovia.de

SaaS #1: Quassum.com

“Who is running your life? Are you in control or are you controlled?” ~Helle Herstad, Relodeck.com

Presence Future Online Offline Online Offline Your Personal Brand Message 1 2 3 4 4 The Personal Brand Canvas


Not Controlling Your Channels

"TODAY I AM 43 YEARS OLD! I look And feel 26!” ~Wyclef Jean

Getting Back The Control 1. Choose the technology 2. Learn the technology 3. Apply the technology 4. Be consistent + keep promises



Not Starting


Personal Brand Framework 1. Define your message 2. Get photos 3. Buy A domain 4. Get a proper email address 5. Make a website 6. Claim your space

“How can I define the right USP that resonates with my audience?”

Be Humble And Precise



Get Great Photos

● Appear consistent ● One portrait photo ● One casual photo ← The Profile Agent www.profilagentin.com

Buy A Domain - mypbname.com Not available? Modulate it: - robfitz.com - officialgabrielstein.com - the….com

Own A Google Email Address e.g. till@tillcarlos.com

Make A Flavors.me page

Register Every Single Service - pinterest.com/mypbname - @mypbname - facebook.com/mypbname (fan page!) - ... … and don’t use them (until you know what you do)

“If you do not like the business you are in, your personal brand will suffer. Passion brings out your true self” ~Jim Berline

References Gary Vaynerchuck, Peter Shallard, Tom Howard, Kixka Nebraska, Rob Hanly, Gabriel Stein, James Schramko

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