7 Pasos de la Revisión de la Literatura

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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: NataliaSerranoEspino

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Recommended steps to conduct a literature review, that will ultimately aid in the construction of the research article.

7 Pasos en la Revisión de la Literatura 1. Revisar el planteamiento del problema y el propósito de la búsqueda 2. Seleccionar una base de datos bibliográfica 3. Identificar palabras clave 4. Realizar la búsqueda 4ª. Redefinir la búsqueda 5. Seleccionar y organizar documentos para ser revisados 6. Abstraer información pertinente de cada documento 7. Resumir y aplicar la revisión de la literatura (secciones)

Prevalence and risks factors for cons pa on in a group of cogni ve impaired individuals Bibliographic Database -PubMed -MEDLINE -MD Consult ProQuest Medical Library OVID -Eric Keywords -cons pa on -intellectual disability -cogni ve impairment -cerebral palsy -neurological disease --> ANDSearch & Refine Search Select and organize document documents ZOTERO: Reference management so ware Abstract per nent informa on: Jot down bullet points 1. Abstract --> 2. Read full ar cle 1. Synthesize find i ngs 2. Cri que exis ng fin d i ngs 3. Jus fy formula on of research ques on 4. Highlight unresolved or unaddressed issues 5. Look at: limita ons/discussion: illustrate my significance & uniqueness due to these limita ons TABLES I. Strengthening the significance II. Iden fying gaps III. Proving possible future contribu ons 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

E.g. Paso 5: Selección y Organización de Documentos

E.g. #1 Paso 6: Extraer la información pertinente de cada documento CITATION THEORY Mohammed Morad, Noele P. Nelson, Joav Merrick, Philip W. Davidson, Eli Carmeli, Prevalence and risk factors of constipation in adults with intellectual disability in residential care centers in Israel, Research in Developmental Disabilities, Volume 28, Issue 6, November-December 2007, Pages 580-586. -Normal ageing process not in itself a RF age related morbidities, immobility, neurologic impairment, or specific drugs. -Prevalence: 8% Conflicting results. GAP. -Major factors: mobility and physical inactivity. -Medication limited to: anti-convulsive, PPI  GAP: include selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, melatonin, methylphenidate, and other central nervous system drugs. -Limitation: Need for degree of neurological impairment: GAP.

E.g. #2 Paso 6: Extraer la información pertinente de cada documento CITATION THEORY Böhmer, C. J. M., Taminiau, J. A. J. M., Klinkenberg-Knol, E. C. and Meuwissen, S. G. M. (2001), The prevalence of constipation in institutionalized people with intellectual disability. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 45: 212–218. -Definition of constipation: ≠ from previous articles  conflictive definitions, explanation for choosing? GAP. -Prevalence 70% equal among adults & children: Conflicting results. GAP. -Conclude: Prevalence and pathophysiology studied + accurately: GAP. SIGNIFICANCE: • Serious and frequently Dx problem, despite regular use of laxatives. • Pattern unknown in people with ID. • Not easily recognizable in ID pop  physical and behavioural difficulties. • Find suitable medications that prevent constipation (alternative). • Lack of exercise  caregivers promote physical activity.

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