7 major impacts rooftop farming is having on you

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Information about 7 major impacts rooftop farming is having on you
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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: scottgregory35728

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Urban Rooftop Farming is having a positive & major impact around the world. How is this having an impact on you? Sprouting Good is a charity in Sydney Australia helping homeless youth through rooftop farming. Learn more at sproutinggood.com

7 Major Impacts Rooftop Farming Is Having On You

This Webinar Is For You If You  Eat Fresh Fruit & Vegetables  Know of a Concrete Jungle Rooftop  Care about you & your childs long term health  Care about the environment   Fear we are running out of natural resources to grow our own food Interested in why Rooftop Farming is positively changing the world

The Reasons Why I Did This Webinar?     Rooftop Farming is a way to positively change the world & it's food supply I'm saddened to know that in my lifetime millions of children have died from lack of healthy food & still are Technology has allowed us to come so far & encourages a positive impact The populations reliance on processed foods is impacting our health & that of future generations

The Presenter- Scott Gregory  The Founder & CEO Sprouting Good www.sproutinggood.com  2yrs caring for mental health indiviuals  3yrs Volunteer Charity Work  2yrs online dating business  13yrs retail experience

7 Major Impacts Rooftop Farming is Having On You Sproutinggood.com

1- Provides Fresh Fruit & Vegetables    Supermarket fresh produce may be picked up to 12 months before hitting shelves Allows for immediate shipping to local businesses & consumers Gives you an opportunity to see the farm

2- Local Rooftop Farming Allows the Farm to be positioned in the CBD sometimes above the actual supermarket which ensures that you as a customer receives the freshest produce.   Helps minimise waste as traditional food waste ranges between 25% & 75% depending on type

An Example: Whole Foods & Gotham Farms in New York

3- Environment   Early studies have found that it can reduce a buildings temperature by up to 6% Has an impact on the Carbon Footprint of the building by recylcling rain water & harnessing renewable energy  Helps to Filter the air of Major cities  Encourages an Ecosystem

4- Education    Can provide a local centre for the education of the community around sustainable food production Teaches the community where & how they receive fresh produce Helps the community to understand healthy eating habits

5- Benefits To Traditional Farmers     Helps to supplement the fresh produce market which a variety of types Can contribute to the food supply during times of natural disasters such as floods Encourages sustainable methods & advancement in technologies Provides Traditional Farmers a way to farm in the City

6- Economy     Opens a new industry to those in major cities Allows cities that do not have suitable farming land or climates to produce their own fresh produce locally Introduces new exotic ranges of produce to the local market Increases the revenue potential of buildings

Lufa Farms Montreal

7- Building Owners     Studies have found that Rooftop Farms protect the Roof from UV damage therefore extending the lifespan A 3-6% reduction in temperature of the building amounts to savings of climate control Social Responsibilities & Community acknowledgement Allows for tenants to access fresh produce for their business

Sprouting Good     A Registered Charity dedicated to assisting Homeless Youth through Rooftop Farming We invite Youth to take part in a 12 week paid work placement & life skills program Homeless Youth Volunteers are also welcome to assist on the Farm & take part in the lifes skills program Provides fresh organic produce to local businesses helping to fund our ongoing projects

Sprouting Good To Learn more about Rooftop Farming & Sprouting Good take a look at our website www.sproutinggood.com To Support the cause head to www.sproutinggood.com/donate-today

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