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Published on March 6, 2014

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7 Key Ingredienta for “Serving Up” Your Passion for Profit Copyright © 2011. Leta Russell International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. www.LetaRussell.com

The 7 Key Ingredients You Can Use Today to “Serve Up” YOUR Passion for Profit Written By: LETA RUSSELL © 2011 LETA RUSSELL INTERNATIONAL LLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This product is for your Personal Use Only, You may not reproduce, reuse, or distribute any part of this material in whole or in part without the written consent of Leta Russell International LLC. 7 Key Ingredienta for “Serving Up” Your Passion for Profit Copyright © 2011. Leta Russell International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. www.LetaRussell.com

Call it midlife transition or midlife crisis, but it seems many my age can’t avoid the feelings and musings that start in our 40’s and often point us in new directions and embarking on new adventures when we could be preparing for a more settled life in our second half. My mom said I needed estrogen.  I decided I needed something challenging and new in my life. Call it hormones, or call it crazy, after taking 11 years off from the entrepreneurial adventures of my twenties and early thirties to raise our 3 kids, I was itching to do something different, but meaningful. No more working just for the money or to make a living. I wanted to see lives changed and make a difference. So, I started a home business where I marketed health and wellness products that were specifically targeted to my peers...the “anti-agers” who wanted to strengthen their immune system and slow down the aging process. Within two years our team was generating over $100,000 in monthly revenue and I was now juggling motherhood, homeschooling, and a full time business from home. It was challenging, fun, and fulfilling. 12 years later, and a move to Australia with my husband for his career, opened the door to travel after years of putting family first. But, it also created a new challenge…how to support a business from abroad. I was beginning to see a trend of network marketers using the internet to attract new clients. The “merging” of two powerful marketing forces…the internet and network marketing created a new breed of marketers who realized people followed people, not just companies and products. Social media opened up a new way of attracting those people and building relationships, and even though there was a huge learning curve…especially for a “seasoned” woman like me… it gave me a new vision. As a Boomer Babe, with an insatiable desire to overcome challenges, I eagerly learned the DIY skills of Web 2.0 and social media and “reinvented” my life to accommodate the changing times and circumstances! And I rediscovered my passion! After seeing so many women looking for ways to make a career change…to become an entrepreneur, and create something profitable while making a difference in their world, I became a Business Launcher, with a passion to help them Define their Passion, Design their Plan, and Deliver more Profits. Now I live and work around the world as an international business launch mentor, coach and speaker. I share my time between two offices and homes, both in Portland, OR and Sydney, Australia What do you want to do with the rest of your life? Are you full of ideas and passions, but unsure of your next steps? Changing course to start a business…to serve up your passion for profit requires careful planning. If you’re ready to sift through your possibilities, I’ve created the recipe that will help you Define your Strengths, Passions, Purpose, and Values. I’d love to help you identify what it is that you want to do and Design your Plan to get there. 7 Key Ingredienta for “Serving Up” Your Passion for Profit Copyright © 2011. Leta Russell International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. www.LetaRussell.com

In 2010 Prime Time Women number nearly 50 million. Born from 1946-1964, Boomer women are a diverse group and one of the most amazing demographics alive today. We are healthier, wealthier, more educated, and have more possibilities as we hit midlife than women have ever had. Look at some of these statistics… If women between the ages of 50-70 owned their own country, their spending power would rank their economy as the sixth largest in the world, outstripping the GDPs of Spain, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland. ~ Marti Barletta, author of Prime Time Women Even in traditionally “male” product categories, women are responsible for more than half the purchases. Women head approximately 40 percent of the households with assets of more than $600,000, controlling 51 percent of the private wealth in this country. The ranks of affluent women will increase. By 2010, two-thirds of all private wealth in the United States will rest in their hands.~ from the Federal Reserve, U.S. Bureau of the Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics We’re the heads of corporations, politicians, teachers, and amazingly resilient multitaskers. Instead of continuing in jobs that have no fulfillment, or retiring, we are reinventing ourselves for a more vibrant life ahead. We’re at home moms who may also be home-schoolers, community volunteers, and social and political activists who’ve put our dreams on hold to raise families. But, in everything we do, we want to make a difference in our lives, the lives of others in our sphere of influence, and in the world we live in. To sum it up, we have influence! Women entrepreneurs of all ages are a different breed. We take pride in being independent, out of the box thinkers! Throughout our lives, we’re the paradigm shifters, often setting the standard that produces a new wave of marketing. And we have all the tools at hand to serve up our passions as entrepreneurs and pursue our dreams to create profitability, while still living life on our terms. When I made the decision to launch my passion and turn it into a profitable reality, I realized what a difference I could make in the lives of other women. I knew there must be those who needed support to make it happen for them. We’re not getting any younger, Gals. You can follow the recipe, reinvent yourself, and “cook up” the life of your dreams with these 7 Key Ingredients You Can Use Today to Serve Up YOUR Passion for Profit! I invite you to connect with me at http://letarussell.com and let me know how I can help you get started with your business launch. May God bless your transformational journey! 7 Key Ingredienta for “Serving Up” Your Passion for Profit Copyright © 2011. Leta Russell International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. www.LetaRussell.com

#1 D.E.C.I.D.E to Get Started NOW Successful people are self starters, quick decision makers, accelerated learners, and those willing to take risks. By requesting and downloading this report, you have already taken positive action, so it’s simply about moving forward from here. This step is like gathering all the necessary utensils and ingredients needed to start a recipe. If you want change in your life you must D.E.C.I.D.E. to take action now. Define your options. Write down all your crazy ideas, passions and life dreams, no matter how impossible or far-fetched. Ask yourself these questions. What did you love doing as a child? What did you want to be when you grew up? What do you do best or what attracts your attention or takes up your free time? What would you do if money were no object? Eliminate the self-sabotage and negative thinking. Ask yourself…What has stopped me from fulfilling my dreams? What distracts you or limits your thinking. Our thoughts can become the biggest barrier to success, so knowing that you control your thoughts can be empowering since you alone can change them! Create a list of all the specific things you want to do, see, and be in your life and see what you come up with. Mindset is part of preparation and can’t be ignored! Consider what it will take to transition from a career to entrepreneur. Do you currently have a job? Will you want/need to keep it for an income stream as you transition? Will you need funding or do you have money to get started? Do you have the support of family and friends? What sort of mentor or coach do you need? These are just some of the many questions to ask yourself, so you can make your transformation effortless. Again, make a list down the left side of a piece of paper so you can address it. You’ll probably add to it, so just get it started for now. After you’ve made your list draw a line down the center and go to the next step. 7 Key Ingredienta for “Serving Up” Your Passion for Profit Copyright © 2011. Leta Russell International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. www.LetaRussell.com

Identify the tools and solutions you’ll need. For example if you mentioned that you need money, what are some resources you could access? If you need a coach or mentor, what areas do you need the most support in and where can you go to get what’s needed? If you don’t have answers to everything, don’t worry. The main thing here is to be aware of what solutions you’ll need to find to move forward in your transition. Across from the list you started above, start listing the things you’ve identified that are solutions. Design an action plan. Obviously, you’ll go into more depth in planning as you move into implementation, but having an action plan will help you know what steps to take next and provide some accountability. If you’re a doer/driver personality, you’ve probably already started, but it you tend to strive for perfection, procrastinate, or simply have a lot on your plate right now, one of the best actions you can take is to declare your intention to the world…or at least your spouse or best friend. Just make sure it’s someone who will support you and not try to sabotage these first steps to a new business and future! There is magic in speaking your passion and ideas to those who care about you. Then follow the next steps in this report to get your action plan started. Expect Success Take your action plan and write some clear goals with specific dates. You can always make adjustments as you go, but it gives you a target to shoot for. You can’t hit your mark if it doesn’t exist, so this is an important step. Making a determination to take specific action, and then having a strong why to see it manifest from beginning to end, is probably the most important hurdle you’ll deal with…and there will be some as you go. A winning mindset must be in place for success, so D.E.C.I.D.E to start today and don’t quit until you achieve the dream! #2 Out With the Old, In With the New If there is any one thing that most of us women share it’s the accumulation of “junk”. It might be material junk and memorabilia left over from years of raising a family and living in one location for a period of time, or the stuffed closets from shopping trips with our girlfriends. We may look like a million when we step out into the world, but our homes, offices, and closets probably resemble the chaos and clutter of a retail store the day after the half yearly sale. Or, we might be carrying the emotional junk of unforgiveness, guilt, resentment, doubt, anger, overwhelm, and stress that carries over into the quiet spaces in our soul. These emotional triggers will show up in everything you attempt…and they will sabotage your future success. 7 Key Ingredienta for “Serving Up” Your Passion for Profit Copyright © 2011. Leta Russell International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. www.LetaRussell.com

Girlfriends, the junk has to go! It’s time to clear the space inside and out, clean and empty the pot so we can cook up a feast full of fresh ingredients and delicious spices that represent our new life! We can start today by taking inventory, then reorganizing, eliminating, and even selling the external junk we don’t need. If the external or internal house cleaning is too drastic to do on our own, let’s get some professional help or the help of a trusted friend to gently, but firmly, remove those unnecessary things that clutter our minds and work spaces. The space we empty now will be what’s filled with new prosperity and dreams fulfilled. If it’s kept filled with outdated and old “stuff” there will be no space for the “new” to enter. If we empty it, it will come back to us expanded and improved! We also might look at the expenses that could add extra financial stress as we transition into our new life. Look at our home, life, and leisure expenditures and how the money comes in and goes out. Consider what could be eliminated or replaced if necessary to free up resources and time to pursue our passions. Do we really need the 100 cable channels or even the TV? Could we get by with a smaller or older car that’s paid for, less clothes, fewer dinners out, and lower credit card debt? Now let’s pull it together by setting up a system for keeping things organized…especially the space where we’ll be “recreating and serving up” our future, the home office. Purchase file folders, stackables, and the tools needed to enhance productivity and decrease chaos. Make sure there is an established space in our homes, even if compact or limited, that allows quiet, creative energy to thrive. There should be a desk or something comfortable to work on for whatever dreams we aspire to. That may be an easel if an artist, or a studio for teaching, practicing, or producing music or photography. Separate the living space from the work space to maintain a healthy work life balance. Let’s make our home a refuge, and our work space a place of motivation and empowerment by making it beautiful and inspired! It should reflect our authentic character and may even represent the colors of what we envision our brand to be. We are worth taking the time to see the space in our minds and then make our environment everything we need to reach our full potential. 7 Key Ingredienta for “Serving Up” Your Passion for Profit Copyright © 2011. Leta Russell International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. www.LetaRussell.com

#3 The Magical Ingredients of Vision and Purpose We’ve gathered the utensils of D.E.C.I.D.E. and emptied the pot by creating a clean space that is organized and ready for the magical contents. What’s next? If we’re going to “serve up” our passion, the foundation starts with developing your purpose and vision statement. This will be the anchor ingredient of your master recipe. If you visit multiple websites or read business brochures, you will often see a mission or vision statement that represents that person or organization. That’s because successful individuals share this critical ingredient. They’ve outlined their vision which gives birth to their big ideas. Serving up your passion for profit isn’t simply about just making money…it’s about making a difference, creating a destiny, and doing what you love. Ask yourself these three questions. 1. What do I most enjoy doing in life or comes naturally to me when interacting with others? Come up with three action verbs that depict that. (an example might be “educate, empower, encourage” or “inspire, create, and implement”) 2. What values are the most important to me? Come up with nouns that depict those. (examples might be integrity, freedom, abundance, etc) 3. What legacy do I want to leave behind? What are the key things you want to be remembered by? People are not going to recall how rich or famous you were, but your character and how you impacted their lives will remain with them for life. Real achievement is centered in our belief system. Before we can enjoy the lifestyle we are striving for, we must refine our beliefs. Write down a statement that expresses your life mission and purpose. Now read it aloud. Is it clear in your mind? Does it spark emotion and motivate you to make a commitment to the work ahead of you? It’s difficult to develop a strategic plan for your future if you’re unsure of where you’re headed and why. Writing it down gives your belief shape and life to recreate and live out your passion and vision in a way that is congruent and authentic. Once you have this key ingredient in place, it can be the compass by which you make major life and business decisions. My Vision Statement I am (what are you trying to accomplish)_____________________ the lives of (how many) _______________ of (who)_______________ through my commitment to (3 verbs) _______________, _______________, and ________________ myself, and others, to (what results or benefits) _________________________. (it can be more than one result) This is probably just a first draft, but doing this will definitely help you as you start out. Give yourself permission to fine tune it as you go, but don’t skip this important step 7 Key Ingredienta for “Serving Up” Your Passion for Profit Copyright © 2011. Leta Russell International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. www.LetaRussell.com

#4 Spice it up with Values and Beliefs Now that we’re clearer on WHAT our vision is we’ll need to add the ingredient of WHY! This ingredient is what adds flavor to our recipe, because there is no right or wrong, no limitations…just big ideas, with big doses of faith to add spice. Seeing is believing, so what do you see yourself doing with your life? First, write down everything you want…want to achieve, want to experience, want to give, etc! You may have done this in step one under “eliminating self sabotage”, but try to go deeper by continuing to ask yourself “why” to everything you write. At the end, you’ll have core values that will stand out as the reasons that will drive your decisions and planning. Now, write down your big why statement, your core value, that gives steam to the dream. Just like a dish with no spice is bland and tasteless, leaving this ingredient out of our recipe leaves our vision bland…without inspiration and motivation. Our why is what will drive us to never quit, it’s the spark that fires our passion. These long term goals will give us focus, and the why helps us past the short term hurdles we’ll encounter. #5 Stir it up with Priorities We’ve got our list in the pot, and it’s time to stir it up with priorities. Take a piece of paper and create 3 columns identified by short term (1-2 years) mid- term (3-5 years) and long term (5 + years). We can shorten it to this month, this year, and next year, or lengthen it to 5, 10, and 15 years…it’s our call based on our list. We start by placing the things that were written in # 4 into one of the 3 columns in order of priority. Then, we realistically make it something that can actually be accomplished so self sabotage isn’t triggered from the start. If everything in column one is completed more quickly than we project, we can always move things over, or start on column 2 early. At the same time, it may take longer to accomplish some of the things than we anticipated. The keys to reaching our dreams are, first, to see it in our mind, then write it down and speak it in intention, then, do it by taking consistent action in order to achieve it in reality. For our ideas to have sustainability, it will take some time to put the detailed plan into place, but nothing happens until the action is taken, so get started now with the framework! 7 Key Ingredienta for “Serving Up” Your Passion for Profit Copyright © 2011. Leta Russell International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. www.LetaRussell.com

#6 Apply the Heat to Find the Perfect Niche Far too many people start a venture on a wing and a prayer and then wonder why they never make any money. It’s time to apply the heat of research in order to serve up our passion successfully. The heat tests whether or not our ideas have potential profitability in the marketplace. It’s necessary so we know what our next steps will be as we “cook up” our lifestyle business. Identifying Your Passion In step #1 we used D.E.F.I.N.E. to narrow our options, then we identified our vision and purpose, dreams and values, and prioritized them into a list. Based on that foundation, we should have a pretty good idea of what we’re jazzed about doing. Finding something that is exciting, that gives us energy and enthusiasm will make us more attractive. After all, who wants to do business with someone who is half-hearted about their offer? Women of all ages who follow their passion have an interest in creating a lifestyle business that is authentic, meaningful, and makes a difference to their clients. So write down the passion that stands out and let’s take the next practical steps to test it and narrow our focus. Research the Keywords We may have all the passion in the world, but without a viable market, it’s nothing more than an expensive hobby. Whether it’s information, a consumable product, a service, or in the arts, we must acquire as much information as we can on whatever it is we want to offer. We can use search engines, forums, social media interaction, surveys, or talk to friends and family to help us make informed decisions. But keyword/market research is going to be the critical step that determines a viable offer. What should we be looking for?     Determine if people are even looking for your big idea. Go to search engines and experiment with key words and key word phrases (called long tail keywords). We want to look for the additional phrases that come up in the drop down box, then click on those that are good matches to see how many searches there are. Begin a list of those words and phrases we can use later in purchasing domains, creating blog posts, articles, video, or advertising to attract clients. Find out if there is a genuine need for what we want to offer. Look for people’s frustrations, pains, problems or desires and questions around a related topic. Start a discussion of our own. Ask questions. Identify who is looking for what we offer so we know who our perfect client is, how to meet their need, and where they go for answers. Look at what others are providing for solutions. Is there anything missing in the marketplace that we could offer? Is there something unique we provide, or a skill or strength we have that could set us apart from the competition? 7 Key Ingredienta for “Serving Up” Your Passion for Profit Copyright © 2011. Leta Russell International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. www.LetaRussell.com

However we choose to do it, we must look for keywords that have a high enough search volume combined with low enough competition for us to succeed. In marketing jargon this is called the “sweet spot” and will be used as we go deeper in our planning. Taking the time to do this critical step will save time and money, so we can’t be in a hurry. We must be willing to adjust, make changes, and think “outside the box” as we go, so our passion fits for our target market. Monetize There are so many choices when it comes to products or services to pursue and offer. In this information economy, people are seeking transformational solutions to their problems and products that will provide a better quality of life. It’s really up to us to determine what our business is going to look like and to find ways to monetize that. We need to ask ourselves if we want to go online only or combine a brick and mortar or at home business with an online presence. Do we want to feature tangible products like wine, clothing, coffee, health products, etc. that may require warehousing and shipping, or finding someone to do it for us? Or, would we prefer to offer services like coaching, training, consulting, copywriting, and information based products that can be digitalized? Determining our products will then give us the direction we take next to set up a business plan and marketing funnel. If we decide on information based or service offers, what tools and free offers will we use to attract clients? What ways could we leverage and create multiple income options? • • • • • • • Does it contain an element of coaching or consulting? Can we create classes or courses? Will our training be live or recorded? Can we attract potential clients through online webinars, tele-seminars, or offline speaking? Is there a way to add a continuity or membership option for recurring monthly income? Are there 3rd party affiliate products that we can promote from a blog that are compatible with our own products for additional income streams? Is there a network marketing product or service that fits with our passion for additional leverage and income? Even before we start a more in depth marketing plan, it’s wise to consider how we will monetize our niche for maximum profits. 7 Key Ingredienta for “Serving Up” Your Passion for Profit Copyright © 2011. Leta Russell International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. www.LetaRussell.com

#7 Serve it Up with the Right Marketing Tools and Techniques How do we grab people's attention, attract them to our “buffet” of products, trigger their “hunger” or emotive response, and compel them to take “a bite” of our offer? Mastering the art of marketing to these four areas effectively means we've found the secret to “serving up” incredible sales and marketing success in our business or career. The marketing tools and techniques, however, are as diverse as the growing number of niche markets, products and services, technologies, and trends in our culture. To make it even more confusing, every marketing guru, especially those using the internet, will say their way is the best, the proven success system, the most cutting edge way to market. So, how do we determine what’s right for us? First, it’s important that we identify our personal style, strengths, and weaknesses and how we can use that as we begin marketing. Duplicating what others do will not work if, first, it doesn’t fit who we are, and, second, we do not have the skills to implement. • • • • • • • Are you a quick start doer/driver and have the budget, skills, and temperament for direct sale advertising to build quick lists and sales? Or are you the supportive teacher/educator who consistently delivers value and prefers to build relationships first before offering products? Do you prefer working by yourself or collaborating with others as a team? Do you like to be in charge and hands on in your planning and implementation or are you comfortable delegating the details to someone else? Do you feel comfortable using the internet or will you prefer outsourcing the technical parts of marketing online? Do you like to write, or do you prefer video to written copy? Do you feel comfortable speaking on stage or in front a video camera, or does that absolutely paralyze you? As we begin seriously planning our marketing funnels, it’s critical to know ourselves so we can be authentic in our marketing messages and clear about what we need to do. Think about what sets you apart from others who may be offering something similar. Those who brand themselves uniquely will create a better first impression, which may result in more conversions. There is no “one size fits all” since each of us will be defining our own products, brand, and message that stands out and attracts the perfect clients to our offer. “Serving it up” means we take all the ingredients, put them into a customized recipe and plan the event that showcases our passion, the business launch. Take all the ingredients acquired and organized in the seven steps above and start doing them, one at a time. If you get stuck on one of your steps, move on and get back to it later, or ask for help. You have friends, loved ones and social media friends who are there for you. Better yet, hire a coach or mentor who has experience doing what you would like to do in launching a business. Ultimately, we alone are responsible for making our dreams and vision happen in reality, but we never have to do it alone. Persevere, never give up, and you will eventually “serve up” your passion to profit! 7 Key Ingredienta for “Serving Up” Your Passion for Profit Copyright © 2011. Leta Russell International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. www.LetaRussell.com

Leta is the Business Launcher and a long-time successful business owner, coach, and entrepreneur. A Boomer Babe with Passion and Purpose, she is committed to empowering and liberating women by helping them launch wealthbuilding businesses, providing the educational and practical tools that will help them Define their Passion, Design their Plan, and Deliver more Profits. In her twenties, Leta started and sold two profitable businesses, one an import and wholesale distribution business related to fashion, and the other marketing services. In her thirties, she marketed art and interior design products, then took some time off to raise her three kids. At 44 Leta started a home business where she marketed health and wellness products that were specifically targeted to her peers...those who wanted to slow down the aging process. Within two years she had a successful business generating over $100,000 monthly in team sales. In 2007 she and her husband moved to Australia for his career and Leta began to explore the world of Internet Marketing in order to grow her business globally. As a result, she has become a savvy "online marketer," international speaker, and coach. In addition she developed her own line of Business Launch training products, to help other women create and build passion driven businesses of their own. Leta "recreated" her career in midlife and wants to help other women do the same so that they might have the freedom to pursue their dreams and start a business that fits around their life. Her Business Launch Mastery Part 1 will take you the next step in your business launch. Take that next step and join her at http://www.LetaRussell.com for support in your journey to entrepreneurship and lifestyle freedom! 7 Key Ingredienta for “Serving Up” Your Passion for Profit Copyright © 2011. Leta Russell International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. www.LetaRussell.com

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