7. employability skills day 9

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Published on October 24, 2014

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Employability and leadership skills

1. Warm Up  What is netiquette? Give some examples. __________________________ Reminder: Copying other people’s work is cheating. Both people will a receive a zero for cheating. Do not let other people copy your work.

2. Progress Reports  Progress reports this week.  Parents will be called if you currently have a grade lower than 75.  You will not be able to participate in UIL if you have a grade lower than 70 in any of your classes.

3. Video Club  Thursday 2nd lunch period.

4. Employability Skills Interactive Notebook Page 16 TEKS (2e) Apply active listening skills. (7a) Employ leadership skills. (7b) Employ teamwork and conflict-management skills.

5. Employability Skills  Some of the skills that are important in the audio/video production workplace include:  Good collaboration skills.  Good leadership skills  Good communication skills: written, verbal, and non-verbal.  Good listening skills.  A Great personal reel.

6. Collaboration  Collaboration means working together.  Making a video/television/film project involves collaboration from people with a variety of knowledge and talents.

7. Leadership Skills  Leadership skills include the ability to motivate others, set group goals, delegate tasks, and think creatively.  Leaders are often chosen or elected.  Good leaders encourage tolerance and understanding of cultural diversity.  They help others in the group to accept and appreciate all who contribute.

8. Communication  Communication is the process of sending messages to, and receiving messages from others.  In the next video, write down each of Will Smith’s Secrets to Success as they are presented.

9. Speaking Skills  Includes the abilities to organize ideas and communicate oral messages to individuals, small groups, and large groups.  Much of the oral communication in the workplace takes place in person, in group meetings, and over the phone.

10. Verbal Communication  Verbal communication is speaking to communicate.

11. Non-Verbal Communication  Non-verbal communication is communicating without speaking. Your eyes, expressions, body positions, and gestures communicate how you are feeling.

12. Written Communication  Written communication includes letters, notes, cards, e-mail, texting, online chatting.

13. Listening Skills  Include the abilities to hear another person’s message, read body language, and understand the tone of voice of a speaker.

14. Active Listening  Active listening means listening and responding with full attention to what’s being said.  When you listen actively, you concentrate on what the speaker is saying, rather than on what you want to say.  Active listening involves giving both verbal and nonverbal feedback to the speaker.

15. Become a Better Listener  Listening. Tune in to what others are saying. Give the speaker your full attention.  Interpreting. When you understand what a speaker actually says and means, you interpret the message. Be alert for nonverbal messages, too.  Evaluating. Evaluate words, not the person speaking. Avoid letting preformed ideas or feelings get in the way of your evaluation.  Responding. Your response shows the speaker whether you understand the message. If you don’t understand the message, ask for an example. You may also try paraphrasing in your own words.

16. Practice Listening  Complete this activity with your group.  One person in your group will tell a story about something that happened to them.  The rest of the people in the group will practice active listening.  When you are done, discuss with your group how you practiced listening, interpreting, evaluating, and responding.

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