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Published on February 28, 2008

Author: worm

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A Rose Is a Rose:  A Rose Is a Rose Beatles---- Can’t Buy Me Love:  Beatles---- Can’t Buy Me Love Love cannot be bought 1.Do you think gifts of devotion mean more to that special someone if they are more expensive? Slide3:  2. Have you ever or received flowers for a special occasion? How do you feel when you receive flowers? Discuss the occasions that are traditional for sending flowers in general or roses in particular. Slide4:  love is clothed not so much in money Real story: *mother/ two gifts/ birthday itch scratcher (from daughter at home) & a parrot which can speak sth.(from son abroad) *2 yuan vs. 200 $ Remind her of love & affection Nothing but noise * it is the true love behind the gift and not the gift itself that matters most to gift giving. Slide5:  a bunch of beautiful flowers a cry of joy/ excited/ thrilled/ sweet, etc. holding them tightly in hands & enjoying their fragrance Very popular in the West/ not a tradition in China To the people ill in hospital/ host or hostess/ newly-weds Valentine’s Day and Its Influence:  Valentine’s Day and Its Influence Valentine was a priest (牧师)in Rome at the time Christianity was a new religion. The Emperor at that time, Claudius II, ordered the Roman soldiers not to marry or become engaged. Claudius believed that as married men, his soldiers would want to stay home with their families rather than fight his wars. Valentine defied(违抗) the Emperor’s decree(政令) and secretly married the young couples. He was eventually arrested, imprisoned, and put to death. Valentine was beheaded(斩首) on February 14th, the eve of the Roman holiday Lupercalia (牧神节). After his death, Valentine was named a saint. As Rome became more Christian, the priests moved the spring holiday from the 15th of February to the 14th—Valentine’s Day. Slide7:  When the calendar turns to February, we start to think of love. February has for centuries been designated(指定) the month for lovers, with the primary celebration being on February 14, St. Valentine‘s Day. We send cards, flowers, and candy and our children give out Valentine’s in school. Valentine‘s Day reminds us to tell our loved ones just how much we care about them. *Core Vocabulary:  *Core Vocabulary executive discount circulate counter index delivery soar formula spray via bloom bankrupt margin launch release unload rival executive: :  executive: 1. adj. having power to carry out decisions, laws, etc. 执行的,行政的 e.g. The executive branch carries out the laws which have been made by the politicians. 行政部门执行由政治家制定的法律。 His executive skills will be very useful to the company. 他的管理技能对公司将非常有用。 Slide10:  2. n. [C] a person in a high position, esp. in business, who makes decisions and acts according to them 主管,高级行政人员,行政官 She is now a senior executive having worked her way up through the company. 她在公司里逐渐升到现在的高级业务主管。 It is not unusual for a woman executive to have a man as her assistant. 女行政长官用一名男子做助手并不少见。 discount::  discount: 1. n. [C] a cutting-down in the usual price 折扣 He sold the goods to her at a special discount. 他以特别优惠的价格把货卖给了她。 2. vt. A)make a discount 打折 That store discounted all its unsold merchandise. 那家商店把所有没卖出的商品打折出售。 B) regard (a story, piece of news, suggestion, etc.) as unimportant or unlikely to be true or valuable 不(全)信, 漠视,低估 Experts have discounted the possibility of a second earthquake in the area. 专家们认为这个地区不大可能发生第二次地震。 circulate::  circulate: 1. (cause to) move round or through (使)移动,(使)循环,(使)流通 e.g. Don't stay talking to one person all evening — circulate among your guests. 不要整晚上和一个人谈话 —— 在客人中多转转。 The heart circulates blood round the body. 心脏使血液在全身循环。 Slide13:  2. (cause to) spread widely (使)流传,散布,传播 Rumors began to circulate among the local people that the capital city had been conquered. 在当地人中开始流传这样的谣言,说是首都城市被攻陷了。 Circulate the news of victory as widely as possible. (你们要)尽可能广泛地传播胜利的消息。 over counter::  counter: 1. n. [C] a flat narrow surface or table in a shop, bank, restaurant, etc. at which people are served 柜台 The shopkeeper put my things on the counter. 店主把我的东西放在柜台上。 2. v. respond to sb./sth. with a different view, a return attack, etc. 反对,反击,对抗,反驳 Something has to be done to counter the recent rise in crime. 必须采取措施来对付最近增多的犯罪。 I countered by asking whether she actually knew this man. 我反问她究竟认识不认识这个男人。 index::  index: 1. n. (pl. indexes or indices) A)[C] a system of numbers used for comparing values of things which vary against each other or against a fixed standard 指数 We must carefully watch economic indices. 我们必须密切注视经济指数。 B) [C] a list of names or topics referred to in a book, etc. 索引 Indexes are available in the library for tracing any books or articles. 图书馆里有索引,可查找任何书籍或文章。 Slide16:  2. vt. make an index for sth. or enter sth. in an index 为... ...编索引,将... ...编入索引 It'll take days to index the report. 为该报告编索引要花好几天时间。 Our computer indexes several thousand new records every second. 我们的计算机每秒钟就可把几千个新记录编入索引。 over delivery: n. :  delivery: n. 1. [U, C] the act of taking or giving sth. to sb., or the things taken or given 投递,送交;投递的邮件,发送的货物 We get two deliveries of mail a day. 我们每天接收两次邮件。 2. [C, U] the process of giving birth 分娩 She has easy deliveries. 她是顺产。 Husbands are encouraged to be present at delivery and see the baby being born. 鼓励丈夫在妻子分娩时在场,看着婴儿出生。 over soar: vi. :  soar: vi. 1. rise very quickly to a high level 升高,高涨 Housing prices had soared a further twenty percent. 房屋价格又上升了20%。 Temperatures will soar into the 30 degrees centigrade over the weekend. 周末气温会飚升到30多度。 2. (of a bird or airplane) rise high in the air while flying without moving the wings or using power 翱翔 The eagles soared high above the valleys. 鹰在山谷的上空翱翔。 formula::  formula: (pl. formulas or formulae) 1. [C] a method, plan, or set of principles worked out to achieve a desired result 方法,计划,准则 The film star talked about her formula for success. 那位影星谈了她的成功。 2. [C] a mathematical rule expressed in a set of numbers and letters 公式,方程式 The chemical formula for water is H2O. 3. [C] a list of the chemical substances used in making a medicine, a drink, etc., sometimes also including a description of how they are to be mixed 配方,处方 the secret formula for the new drink. 这种新饮料的秘密配方。 spray::  spray: 1.vt. send out (liquid) onto sb./sth. in tiny drops; (of a liquid) be sent out in tiny drops 喷,喷射,溅 He opened a bottle of champagne and it sprayed all over my dress. 他开了瓶香槟,喷了我一身的酒。 2. n. [U] a mass of very small drops of liquid carried in the air 浪花,水花 Can you feel the spray from the sea? 你能感觉到大海的浪花吗? back via: prep.:  via: prep. using; through 通过,经由,经过 It is thought that he was paid via a Swiss bank account. 据说他是通过一家瑞士银行的账户接受酬金的。 The message was broadcast all over the world via radio. 这条消息通过无线电向全世界播放。 back bloom::  bloom: 1. vi. A) develop very good, attractive, or successful qualities 发展良好 The friendship between them bloomed when they found out how many interests they shared. 当他们发现他俩有那么多共同的兴趣时,他们之间的友谊迅速发展。 B) produce flowers, come into flower, or be in flower 开花,绽放 These flowers will bloom all through the summer. 这些花整个夏天都会绽放。 Slide23:  2.n. A) [C] a flower on a plant 花 Their garden was full of wonderful blooms. 他们的花园里开满了美丽的花朵。 The apple trees are in full bloom at the moment. 目前苹果树开满了花。 B) the best or most favorable time of sb./sth. 最佳时期,繁盛时期 The young movie star was in the bloom of youth. 这位年轻的电影明星青春焕发。 back bankrupt:  bankrupt 1. adj. a) unable to pay what one owes 破产的 He went bankrupt after only a year in business. 他仅做了一年生意就破产了。 B) lacking in some good quality 彻底缺乏(某种良好事物)的 In this movie, you can see such a society that is morally bankrupt and politically unstable. 在这部影片当中,你可以看到的是一个道德沦丧、政治动乱的社会。 Slide25:  2. n. [C] a person who is bankrupt 破产者 He was declared a bankrupt in 1991. 他在1991年被宣告破产。 margin: n.:  margin: n. 1. [C] the difference between the amount of money that a company receives and the amount that it spends 差额,利润 Our profit margin is very low. 我们的利润率很低。 2. [C] an amount by which one thing is greater than another 差数,余地,余裕 It is shown that the government is leading by the narrowest of margins. 据显示,政府以最微弱的优势领先。 He left home early and caught the train by a comfortable margin. 他早早出门,很从容地坐上了火车。 3. [U, C] the empty space round the written or printed matter on a page 页边,页边的空白 If I have any comments to make, I'll write them in the margin. 我如果写评语的话,就会写在页边的空白处。 back launch::  launch: 1. vt. A) begin (sth. such as a plan) or introduce (sth. new such as a product) 发起(运动),推出(产品) They launched a special party for the new book. 他们特地为这本新书的发行举行了一次聚会。 B) send (a new ship, etc.) into the water or send (a rocket, satellite, etc.) into the sky or space 使(船)下水;发射(火箭、卫星等) As soon as the alarm was given, the lifeboat was launched. 警报声一响,救生艇立即被放下了水。 Our nuclear missiles can be launched at a moment's notice. 我们的核导弹一接到通知就可以随时发射。 Slide28:  2. n. (sing.) the act of launching 发起;发射 All the pilot can do is to signal if the launch is too fast or abandon the launch if it is too slow. 飞行员所能做的就是,假如起飞太快就发出信号,假如太慢就放弃起飞。 The rocket had a minor problem during its first launch last October. 去年十月,当火箭第一次发射时出现了一个小问题。 back release::  release: 1. vt. A) allow (news, film, etc.) to be made known or to be shown 发布,发表,发行 The latest developments have just been released to the public. 刚刚向公众公开了最新的进展情况。 The police have released a picture of the man they want to question. 警方公布了他们要审问的人的照片。 B) give freedom or free movement to 释放,放开,放松 He was released from prison after serving two years of a five-year sentence. 他被判五年徒刑,服刑两年后就被释放。 The zoo keepers released the lions from their cage. 动物饲养员把狮子从笼子里放出来。 Slide30:  2) n. a) [U] the act of setting free or being set free 解脱,释放 Death was a merciful release for him as he had been through unbearable suffering all this time. 对于他来说,死亡是一种仁慈的解脱, 因为他一直在遭受令人难以忍受的痛苦。 B) [C] a book, film, record, piece of news, etc. that has been made available to the public 发行的新书、电影、唱片等;发布的新闻 a press release 新闻稿 The band played their latest release. 乐队演奏了他们最新发行的唱片歌曲。 unload::  unload: vt. 1. remove a load from sth. 卸(货);从……卸下货物 Have you unloaded the parcels from the car? 你把包裹从汽车上卸下来了吗? Their business is to load and unload aircraft. 他们的任务是装卸空运货物。 2. remove the charge from (a gun, etc.) or the film from (a camera) 从(枪、炮)中退出子弹;从(相机)中取出胶卷 I'm just unloading my camera. 我正在从照相机里取出胶卷。 They showed pictures of the army unloading their guns. 他们展示了许多士兵退子弹的照片。 back rival::  rival: 1. n. [C] a person, group, etc. competing with others for the same thing or in the same area 竞争对手,敌手 We were rivals in business. 我们曾经是商业上的竞争对手。 This collection of paintings has no rivals in the world. 这批藏画在世界上无与伦比。 2. vt. seem or be as good as 与……相匹敌,比得上 I think table tennis cannot rival football in excitement. 我认为乒乓球运动不如足球那样激动人心。 The beauty of the country is only rivaled by the violence of its politics. 这个国家的美丽只有其政治斗争之剧烈可以与之相比拟。

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