7 01 Measurement Pauley UAV MET Presentation

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Information about 7 01 Measurement Pauley UAV MET Presentation

Published on January 1, 2008

Author: Charlo

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  ATMOSPHERIC OBSERVATIONS FROM TACTICAL UNMANNED AERONATICAL VEHICLES Patricia Pauley, Larry Phegley, Gerard Vogel Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey, California CAPT Barry Hunte, USAF USAF 57 Operations Support Squadron Predator Weather Nellis AFB, Nevada Slide2:  PREDATOR http://www.airforce-technology.com/projects/predator/specs.html Slide3:  http://fas.org/irp/doddir/usaf/conops_uav/part06.htm Predator Flow of Meteorological Data GCS AMDAR PC NRL & FNMOC Slide4:  Predator AMDAR Data encoded using WMO FM-42 (AMDAR) format Messages include: Aircraft identifier Observation time (to the nearest minute) Pressure altitude (to the nearest 100 ft) Latitude and longitude (to the nearest minute) Air temperature (to the nearest 0.1°C) Wind direction and speed (to the nearest degree/knot) Flight phase Roll and pitch angles (non-standard) Slide5:  Predator AMDAR Sampling rates: Approximately 1000 ft (300 m) in ascents and descents (can have more than one report per minute) Approximately 5 min in level flight Slide7:  Evaluating Predator AMDAR Data from Predator training flights out of Creech AFB Approximately 20 flights available 9 June to 5 Aug 2005 Start time typically between 1430 and 1800 UTC Duration typically 1.5 to 4 hr Predator data compared with: Desert Rock (72387) rawinsonde observations Commercial aircraft data from McCarran Int’l Model background (“innovations”) Analysis (“residuals”) Slide8:  Case 1: PR091 First flight processed through FNMOC decoders and NAVDAS pre-processor From 1632 to 2119 UTC 13 June 2005 Series of touch-and-go’s in the middle of the flight Slide12:  Case 2: PR102 Flight cruised near 450 mb and landed near rawinsonde launch time From 1801 to 2200 UTC 23 June 2005 High-resolution rawinsonde temperatures obtained Slide18:  Case 3: PR102 First flight processed through the FNMOC beta run First flight processed through all of NAVDAS residuals as well as innovations available From 1618 to 1820 UTC 23 June 2005 Slide20:  Summary Predator AMDAR data received at NRL / FNMOC from approximately 20 flights from 9 June to 5 Aug 2005 Temperatures warmer than NOGAPS background field by 2-4°C Temperature innovations in ascents warmer than in descents Winds reasonable for small roll angles Slide21:  Future Plans Obtain collocated rawinsonde data for comparison Implement a correction scheme for the apparent temperature sensor lag Determine whether the airspeed correction is applied to the temperatures and correct if necessary As sufficient data become available, determine a reasonable roll angle threshold for wind data Utilize UAV data in operational NAVDAS runs at FNMOC

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