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Published on January 9, 2009

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TAC ReportBangkok January 2003 : TAC ReportBangkok January 2003 TAC Chairman Richard Stretch BT exact Technologies TAC meeting Results : TAC meeting Results What happens and why? What were the results and how does it effect my membership? (list of Questions) Timelines, Rlse dates, Spec production Parlay 5.0 completion date - targeted December ‘03 3GPPR6 completion - Dec03 - March 04. Statement about JAVA (see JWG report) Complete report to be placed on Parlay WEB site in February! Joint Working GroupResults : Joint Working GroupResults Bangkok January 2003 Chelo Abarca Alcatel Ard-Jan Moerdijk Ericsson Joint Working Group : Joint Working Group JWG covers the following Parlay Work Groups Call Control (Mobility, GUI, Data Session Control, Terminal Capabilities, Connectivity Management, Messaging) Framework Content Based Charging PAM Policy Management Account Management Representation from Parlay, ETSI, 3GPP and JAIN Joint effort. No JWG, NO API ! JWG results : JWG results New Chairman elected Good bye Ard-Jan Moerdijk Hello Chelo Abarca JWG Results : JWG Results Parlay 4.0 already completed and agreed by ETSI (see Parlay Web site for details) Parlay 5.0/3GPP-R6 Requirements document and new Requirements considered. Contributions to existing Parlay 4.0/3.2 (around 100 - 4 Days of work) 3GPP2 (Pacific ring) set to adopt all the 3GPP- OSA API R6 specs (No CAMEL/CAP but CDMA2000) JWG results : JWG results Error corrections to Parlay 3.2/4.0 resulting in Parlay 3.2/4.1 (Maintaining BC) - around 2nd week of march. JAVA work to be absorbed within JWG Mapping existing I/Fs (UML - JAVA). (Annex) What and How - tbd. May 19th - 23rd Emergency TelecommunicationsService WG Results : Emergency TelecommunicationsService WG Results Bangkok January 2003 John-Luc Bakker Telcordia Technologies ETS Results : ETS Results Emergency Telecommunications Services (ETS) enable effective communications during network congestion Basic services include: priority access & completion subscriber authentication enhanced routing exemption from Network Management Controls ETS Results : ETS Results ETS this week Joint ETS/Policy Management WG discussion of ETS policy use-cases ü Identification of axes for comparing policies (e.g., resource usage, state management, level of action/condition abstraction) Initial discussions of priority data services ü ETS going forward Definition of specific priority data service examples Continued engagement with Policy Management WG Parlay X WG : Parlay X WG Bangkok January 2003 Martin Yates BT exact Technologies John-Luc Bakker Telcordia Technologies Parlay X Results : Parlay X Results PX v.1.0 wrap up IPR review end 18 Feb 03 draft 0.91 List of minor issues following testing of wsdl most issues due to tool maturity New version for member voting Release 1.0 Member votes following this up to 30days But sooner is better Parlay X Results : Parlay X Results Update of PX charter Discussed to be submitted to board PX v1.x (only if necessary to fix errors) plan this for completion before the 19 May meeting PX v2.0 (new capabilities) Requirement submission by 12 May 03 Approve requirements at May meeting Contributions matching requirements July 02 Plan PX 2.0 review IPR at autumn meeting Discuss with Marketing how to present PX versions Web Services WGResults : Web Services WGResults Bangkok January 2003 Joe McIntyre IBM Slide 15: Web Services Results OMA Parlay Task Force report Limited scope activity, to produce deliverables based on public Parlay information as input to OMA Framework is a key element of this activity Discussion of OMA relationship OMA Parlay Task Force activity supported by Parlay Board Liaison activity underway Requirements Security requirements identified Service Access requirements identified Same Web Services Framework for Parlay and Parlay X Slide 16: Web Services Results Updated work plan in charter Identified new deliverables Web Services Framework specification White papers – Web Services Framework, Operator Deployment and Enterprise Deployment Updates to phase 1 work Charter was approved by Work Group Slide 17: Web Services Results Action Items Submission of charter for Parlay Group approval Email, conference call and meeting activity Completion and validation of requirements Initiation of deliverables production Scheduling of Conference Calls starting in February Scheduling of Face to Face follow up in March Work plan for May deliverables and Fall deliverables Policy Management WG : Policy Management WG Bangkok January 2003 Guda Venkatesh Policy Management Results : Policy Management Results Motivation and Requirements for policy enforcement discussed Main motivation is policy-enabling SCFs Possible architectures for access to interfaces for policy enforcement discussed Action items: Requirements will be refined based on discussion and circulated for WG and Parlay approval Interfaces to be identified based on requirements to aid architecture discussion Goal: Interface proposals to be discussed in San Diego Meeting JAVA Realization WGResults : JAVA Realization WGResults Bangkok January 2003 Gary Bruce SUN Microsystems Java Realisation WG Progress : Java Realisation WG Progress White paper, J2SE and J2EE Rulebook contributions reviewed 3 contributions on rulebooks approved (1xTeltier; 1xSun; 1xAePONA) 4 outstanding contributions on rulebooks to be resolved by Feb, 7th (2xAePONA; 1xSun; 1xIncomit) 1 new contribution (volunteered by IBM) committed on white paper due on Feb, 10th to make the current “WG” white paper into a “public” white paper. This contribution is to be resolved by Feb, 24th JAVA Realisation (J2EE/J2SE) APIs vs. JAVA “Foundation” (distributed) APIs discussed JAVA “Foundation) APIs are potentially a new item for Parlay/JWG (not the JAVA WG) No new JAVA WG work items identified Java Realisation WGNext Steps (1) : Java Realisation WGNext Steps (1) J2SE and J2EE Rulebooks to be approved by WG by email following closure on the 4 outstanding rulebook contributions (see previous slide) White paper to be approved by WG by email following closure on the 1 new white paper contribution (see previous slide) Publish white paper and J2SE/J2EE rulebooks together To be submitted to Parlay BoD/TAC end Feb To be approved by Parlay BoD/TAC mid March To be published on the Parlay website late March Java Realisation WGNext Steps (2) : Java Realisation WGNext Steps (2) Java Work Group will monitor the generation of CRs for Parlay/OSA specifications CRs will effectively transition the Rulebooks to the JWG Submit technical content into the JWG San Diego (May) meeting (volunteers are IBM and AePONA) Java Work Group will monitor the transition Java Work Group will cease to exist after the transition is complete (this is the last WG ?2? meeting). Email list will remain for the time being The production of the Java code, jar files, Javadoc and automation tool artefacts as CRs into the JWG is the responsibility of member companies (volunteers to look into this are TBD) Submit technical content into the JWG San Diego (May) meeting OperatorsSeminar : OperatorsSeminar Bangkok January 2003 Martin Cookson BT Exact Technologies POIG Plenary Report : POIG Plenary Report Presentation of the charter Stimulating presentations on operator challenges, architecture and business model analysis Thanks to IBM, jNetx and Marconi How to specify the capacity of an app server? How to deal with multiple frameworks Why operators need to charge an API access fee! Recommended reading! Formation of plan to progress the working group Contributors and deliverable leads required – contact:martin.d.cookson@bt.com POIG Plenary Report : POIG Plenary Report Way Forward Update and progress charter (BT) Production of white paper (BT, SBC): “Parlay’s role in the challenges of the transformation of the telecom business” Production of library of business models (Marconi, Appium, IBM) Operator and ISV Point of view; mobile and fixed networks Validation of models with sample data Q&A on operator challenges in implementing Parlay (FOKUS) Solution Architecture for Parlay (?) RFI with insight (Telenor?) Attempt to use output from Eurescom P1109 & Opium Email reflector, conf call, future track at member meeting Parlay 5.0The Future : Parlay 5.0The Future Richard Stretch BT Exact Technologies Current Parlay 4 SCFs : Current Parlay 4 SCFs Key: OSA applications Current 3GPP Release 5 SCFs : Current 3GPP Release 5 SCFs Key: No CCC OSA applications Slide 30: Parlay 5.0 3GPP R6.0 IP Session information : IP Session information The IP session function enables applications to access information (read only) about IP sessions in progress between a UE and IP networks (i.e., the MSISDN and Session Correlation identifier) using the IP address of the UE. Policy Management Extensions : Policy Management Extensions This Requirement proposes a functional enhancement to the OSA Policy Management capabilities. The proposed extensions is to allow Policy Management Clients to request the evaluation of policies (rules). i.e. northbound analysis Visited Network Capabilities : Visited Network Capabilities To enable an application to obtain information about the network capabilities of the visited network serving a subscriber. I.e the visited network maybe Camel Phase 2 whilst home network is Camel phase 3 Network Function for MMS : Network Function for MMS The Multimedia Messaging function enables applications to receive and send multi-media messages User data Management(User Profile Management) : User data Management(User Profile Management) UPM check application’s rights to make actions regarding each separate part of the user profile. Depending on the authorisation, the User Profile Management functions may permit the VAS to read from and/or to add to and/or to modify the User Profile or parts of it. This decision is based on: ·         Subscriber identity ·         Access information in the User Profile of the subscriber ·         Application identity ·         Access type (read, add or modify) Access information shall contain the user specific access rights per application. These may be given either for individual parts of the User Profile or for a group of data or even all data in the User Profile. Security Requirements on User Data Management : Security Requirements on User Data Management The User Profile Management functions shall ensure that all operations on parts of User Profile data are authorized. The User Profile Management functions shall be able to grant or deny access to individual parts of the subscriber’s User Profile. The control of access rights is in principle on the user's discretion. The user shall have the possibility to allow or restrict the retrieval and presentation of her user related data. Information Services : Information Services This enables applications to supply information that is available for later retrieval from applications as determined by the Home Environment. There is some problem in understanding this: Who wants it Will it be realised Generic Network Interface (GNIF) : Generic Network Interface (GNIF) The Generic Network Interface Function (GNIF) shall enable an application to communicate with non-framework service capability features (standardised or non-standardised) whereby the OSA interface does not necessarily understand the application-specific messages exchanged between the client application and the service capability feature. The Generic Network Interface Function enables applications to dynamically negotiate communication means with the SCF. The benefit of this approach is to grant access to new service capability features on the OSA interface without additional OSA specification effort. GNIF Example : GNIF Example Application FW SCFs Proprietary Solution Parlay Federation of Frameworks : Federation of Frameworks The federation function allows SCFs registered on one framework to be accessed by the applications authenticated by federated frameworks, so that an application could use SCFs registered on different federated frameworks. LOC FW FW CC Mob Application User interaction enhancements : User interaction enhancements Support for ‘Text to Speech and Speech recognition’ Slide 42: Joint Work Synchronization 2001 2002 1Q 1Q 2Q 3Q 4Q 2Q 3Q 4Q Parlay ETSI 3GPP Release 4 Release 5 2.1 4.0 4.1 4.2 1.0 3.0 3.1 4.3 4.0 2.0 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 1.1 = point of alignment between specifications 2003 1Q 2Q’ish 6.0 5.0 3.0 Release 6 Freeze June/Sept 03 or maybe march04 Capture of Requirements : Capture of Requirements Parlay member ‘Requirements’ brought into the JWG if part of their remit brought into Parlay WG if specific As my children always said at the end of a happy story…. : As my children always said at the end of a happy story…. This is THE END

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