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Published on October 16, 2007

Author: Natalia

Source: authorstream.com

Unit 17:  Unit 17 Slide3:  1)Who are the women? 2)What do you know about them? 3)Why are they famous? Song Qingling:  Song Qingling born into a rich Christian family in Shanghai in 1893 married with Sun Yatsen in 1915 play an active role in politics after 1937,did medical relief and child welfare work 1951,Stalin Peace Prize 1981,named honorary Chairman of the People’s Republic of China on May 29 1981,died in Beijing Madame Curie:  Madame Curie born in Warsaw,Poland in 1867 got master’s degree both in physics and mathematics on December 26,1898,she and her husband declared they had discovered radium 1903,received the Nobel Prize for for physics 1911,received the Nobel Prize for for chemistry on July 4,1934,died in Paris Pearl s.Buck:  Pearl s.Buck Chinese name Sai Zhenzhu spent her younth in China,countained her education in the USA novel: EAST WIND,WEST WIND THE GOOD EARTH won the Pulitzer Prize for Literature in 1932 received Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938 died in March ,1937 《孽海花》 Mother Teresa :  Mother Teresa Born in Skopje,Yugoslavia on Aug 27,1910 Went to work in poor parts of India from 1928 In 1950,started the Missionaries of Charity In 1971,awarded the Pope John ⅩⅩⅢ Peace Prize In 1979,awarded Nobel Prize Died on September 5,1997 Slide8:  Chinese 1893 S H Received high education in the USA 1915 SunYatsen 1981 Polish 1867 War -saw 1895 Pierre Curie 1934 West Virgin -ia 1973 Yugoslavian 1910 Skopje Received me -dical traini -ng in Paris No any information 1997 Received High Education In France American 1892 Received High Education In the USA 1917 John Lossing Buck Slide9:  Song Qingling: 1925____________;1951______________ Madame Curie: 1903____________;1911______________ Pearl S. Buck: 1930____________;1938______________ Mother Teresa: 1928____________;1979______________ DISCUSSION:  DISCUSSION (1)Is there a woman who really inspires you? (2)Who is she? (3)Why do you admire her? DISCUSSION:  DISCUSSION (1) Is life more difficult for women if they want to keep a balance between their life and their careers? (2) Do you think there’s prejudice upon women in society,esp.in the job field? Slide12:  Positive: traditional , white-collar , fashionable , casual , honest , friendly , kind , generous , cheerful , popular , hard-working , strong , smart…… Negative: Conservative , dishonest , stupid , weak , lazy , mean , tense , cold , unkind , unfriendly , miserable…… SPEAKING: Pre-reading:  Pre-reading the North Pole the South Pole Equator Slide14:  The South Pole Slide15:  1.take with: 2.the three countries: 3:animals: 4.why polar bears never eat penguins? Helen Thayer:  Helen Thayer A cross country ski racer and instructor,a kayak racer,high altitude mountain climber and climbing instructor. the first woman to solo the North Pole Skimming:  Skimming 1.What’s the passage about? (Difficulty she met with while traveling in Antarctice.) 2.What difficulty did the author meet with while traveling in the South Pole and the North Pole? (Too strong wind,falling into a hole and a bad accident with the sled.) Scanning:  Scanning 1.How far was the journey? 2.How did she travel? 3.What was the weather like in Antarctica? 4.How did she celebrate her 60th birthday? 5.What happended a few days after her birthday while she was climbing over a slope? 6.How did she get out of the hole? 7.What happened to her on her 22nd day of the expedition? 8.How did she prevent herself from being frozen to death after the accident? What can we learn from Helen Thayer:  What can we learn from Helen Thayer cheerful mean miserable threaten inspire optimistic shelter solo slope value generous challenge Slide20:  Beginning of the story: Development of the story: Alone in Antarctica struggled through strong wind celebrated her 60th birthday fell into a hole and managed to get out had a bad accident and hurt her leg End of the story: Integrating Skills: Oprah Winfrey:  Integrating Skills: Oprah Winfrey A black woman Come from a small village in US launched The Oprah Winfrey Show 1996,Book Club NO.1 TV personality Slide22:  1.What kind of family was Oprah Winfrey born in? 2.What made her life difficult? 3.How did her father influence her? 4.Which program made her famous? Slide23:  The End Thank You!

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