62.water level control in reservoiers

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Information about 62.water level control in reservoiers

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: padmakarmangrule

Source: slideshare.net

Mikro C Project Abstract PROJECT DEFINITION / SPECIFICATION For WATER LEVEL CONTROL IN DAMS Ph: 9948832456, 9701707234, 0891 – 3062869 Mail: mikroc@yahoo.in 1 2009

Mikro C Project Abstract SECTION 1: PROJECT TYPE Micro controller ( AT89C51) hardwar e design with sof tware development (Device Driver) . SECTION 2: PROJECT DESCRIPTION For automation of water level monitoring system in dams, this project makes a small model, which we can implement in real time work. In this a mechanical arrangement is made at minimum and maximum levels of water level, which has a sensor circuit for sending signals to the microcontroller. The microcontroller is programmed in such a way that if the water level is below a minimum water level it keeps doors of dam closed. If the water exceeds the maximum value the controller opens the door in order to control the water level, it is kept opened until the level falls to minimum level and the door is kept closed. We also provide a type of Traffic security on the dam by placing a door and Display with alarm, when the water level reaches the maximum level the doors on the dam closes automatically and a warning message with alarm is also be there. When the water level comes to normal the crossing way on dam comes normal automatically. SECTION 3: BLOCK DIAGRAM Ph: 9948832456, 9701707234, 0891 – 3062869 Mail: mikroc@yahoo.in 2 2009

Mikro C Project Abstract Display unit Reset Circuit Sensor unit 1 Sensor unit 2 ATMEL 89C51 Controller Motor unit 1 Motor unit 2 Oscillatory Circuit Door SECTION 4: PROJECT OUTLINE  A brief introduction to internal architecture of microcontroller.  An over view of programming of microcontroller.  An overview on assembly language.  An overview on mechanical arrangement.  Stepper motor interfacing with microcontroller. SECTION 5: INTERFACES USED  Serial communication used for downloading the hex code.  Stepper motor Interfacing.  Sensor circuit interface.  16x2 LCD interfacing  DC motor interface  Buzzer interface SECTION 6: SOFTWARES USED Ph: 9948832456, 9701707234, 0891 – 3062869 Mail: mikroc@yahoo.in 3 2009

Mikro C Project Abstract  A Cross compiler for compiling and linking the code written for AT89C51.  Serial communication software for downloading code to AT89C51.  Operating system: Windows XP. Ph: 9948832456, 9701707234, 0891 – 3062869 Mail: mikroc@yahoo.in 4 2009

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