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Published on June 28, 2014

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600% in 6 Days How to make Fantastic returns on your Money at the Casino playing Roulette By Alan Lee © 2006 - 2013

Page 2 Preface to Version 3 .......................................................... 3 Foreword............................................................................ 4 Risk Disclaimer ................................................................. 4 Rules of Roulette............................................................... 5 Roulette Extras.................................................................. 7 Finding a place to play...................................................... 7 A note on matched bonuses............................................. 9 The Strategy .................................................................... 10 Some important notes, hints and observations: ........... 15 Some statistics................................................................ 17 Conclusion....................................................................... 18 Appendix.......................................................................... 19 TABLE OF CONTENTS

Page 3 I have updated this version of 600% in 6 Days for a couple of reasons. The body of the system remains the same and I am now distributing this product for FREE as opposed to charging £20 ($40 USD) for it. 600% in 6 Days has been my flagship product for a good couple of years and has served me well. Over time, there have been many people who have copied my system and sold it off as their own… this has been rather difficult to control (if not impossible) so rather than stress about it, I give this to you FREE in the hope that you will see that my product is geniune, obtain your trust and that you will not mind me sending you details of any of my new products in future and updates to this report.. There is absolutely no catch, you can remove yourself from my subscription list whenever you want and still keep this product and use it. However, of course I hope that you will be interested in my future products and find that they do work. I am only interested in providing you with the very best methods, things which I have personally tested and happy with. The Internet gambling scene is also changing and they are making it more difficult to take money from them. I also discuss this in this report and also will provide an up to date list of casinos which still work with my methods. By remaining on my list, I will be able to send you any new additions to the report as the Internet gambling scene evolves. In addition, I provide you with the system that most other people sell.. This is much higher risk but the rewards also are higher. In contrast, my system is for the more risk averse (like myself) who prefer a more conservative system… however, it can still generate a 600% on your money in less than a week as I have. With this, I hope that I am able to provide you with a complete and simple system to playing roulette successfully. As always, if you have any comments/queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me at info@600percentin6days.com Regards Alan Preface to Version 3

Page 4 Foreword Firstly, thank you for the purchase of this report. What I am about to reveal to you has taken me many months of testing and spending money buying systems. This is the easiest and quickest way I’ve found to make some money and it involves playing Roulette online. You could also probably take this to a actual casino but I’ve never tried it.. the concepts should be the same and I find playing online is so much easier and it works for me! First of all, as with all these things, please read the disclaimer below. Risk Disclaimer The follow report details an idea which has been tested and tried by myself and the results which I advertise are genuine. However, what I am about to detail does involve an element of risk as with all things of this nature and it is possible to lose your initial investment. However, by exercising strict money management and discipline as explained in the report, you should be able to minimise losses and capitalise on gains. However, this report is provided on an educational basis and I accept no liability for any loss in which you may incur.

Page 5 Rules of Roulette For those who are familiar with Roulette, you can skip to the next section should you wish. However, do read the Roulette Extras section as this will help with getting that extra edge in helping you win. Roulette is very simple in context so I am going to give a very rudimentary introduction to it. If you require further information, please do a search for “roulette rules” on the Internet. Roulette is a game played between the players and the casino. The European roulette wheel is separated into 37 slots of which 36 are numbers and one is zero. The American roulette wheel has 38 slots, 36 which are numbers and there are two zero slots.

Page 6 Players would place bets on numbers, a group of numbers or in special areas on the roulette table. The croupier would then spin the roulette wheel and release the ball. Wherever the ball lands determines the wins or losses. The below diagram shows the American roulette table (note the two zeros) with the different types of bet that you can put on each spin. Each letter represents an example bet. Exam- ple Bet Pay off Ameri- can Odds Euro- pean Odds Note A 30 35: 1 38:1 37:1 B 11 or 14 17: 1 38:2 37:2 C 19, 20, 21 11: 1 38:3 37:3 D 25, 26, 28, 29 8:1 38:4 37:4 E 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 6:1 38:5 37:4 European has 1 zero F 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 5:1 38:6 37:6 G Vertical column from 2 to 35 2:1 38:12 37:12 H 25 to 36 2:1 38:12 37:12 I Red 2:1 38:18 37:18 J Odd numbers 1:1 38:18 37:18 K 19 through 36 1:1 38:18 37:18

Page 7 Roulette Extras For the best odds, European Roulette is the best. There is only one zero as opposed to the two in American roulette. This automatically cuts the casino odds in half. In addition, in some casinos, there are special rules called ‘en prison’ and ‘la partage’. Both these rules benefit the player should they land on the zero. In the usual case, landing on zero will cause you to lose your bet completely. The en prison rule allows the player to lose only half of his bet for that spin or leave the bet in for another spin. La partage is similar to that of en prison except that you can’t leave the bet in for another spin. Finding a place to play The first step is to find a decent reputable online casino in order to start playing. There are many that you can sign up to but I only look at those which have a good track record and seem legit.

Page 8 I usually look to see if they have been audited by a top tier accountancy firm. To ensure that you’re only playing at the recommended Casinos, please visit the following casinos: This will ensure that you always find the casinos which are working with this strategy.

Page 9 A note on matched bonuses Casinos quite often offer you matched bonuses on the amount you deposit initially to entice you to sign up with them. It would be nice if you could deposit £50, get your matched £50 and then close the account, taking home £100. However, it rarely (if never) works like this… you can only take out the bonus cash if you bet a certain amount… casinos know that over time, the average Joe will not only lose his or her bonus money but also their initial deposit. 2013 update - I do not bother with bonuses anymore. If you need to test the strategy, use a demo account. The matched bonuses conditions are too strict to allow you to profit from them.

Page 10 The Strategy The strategy for playing roulette is known as the rule of the thirds and involves betting on a third (from the diagram of the roulette table, these are the boxes marked 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12) of the roulette table at any one time. First select your starting stake (see bet table in appendix, it lists entries for £2, £5, £10 and £20 stakes but of course you can choose your own). Look at the three boxes that you can select, 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36… if you look at past spins, are there any numbers which appear more often than the others? If so, select the third in which the numbers reside. If you win, use the same starting stake you chose initially and put it on your chosen third again. However, if lose, look down vertically down the bet table and select the next stake to bet according to the column in which your starting stake resides. If you lose again, look down at the next number and bet on the same third again and so on and so forth. If you have 5 losing spins in a row, abandon the third that you have selected and chose another. If you’re unfortunate to lose 10 spins in a row then select another third etc.

Page 11 Each time you spin the roulette wheel, you have approximately a 33% chance of winning. If you lose, you increase your bet by a third (which covers your previous losses) and every time you win, you put your bet back to the original stake.

Page 12 If this makes no sense, hopefully the flowchart makes more sense: Just to elaborate  You bet only on a particular third until you win. The thirds you can bet on are 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36.  If you have 5 losing bets in a row, look to see if there have been any third which has been appearing more often than the others, select this third for your subsequent bets. If you lose the next 5 then choose another third and so on.  Stick with a predefined win and loss for each gaming session. On £ 5 stakes, I look to take £100 each session and will give up if I rack up losses o f £200. Scale up and d o w n according to y o u r starting stake.

Page 13  If the ball lands on white, this is effectively a loss so take the next bet as the next spin according to the bet table. Example 1: You put on £5 on the first third (1-to-12) and on the first spin of Select starting stake Select the third to bet on Did you win? Have you reached your target? Reached maximum loss? Finish gambling for the day YES YES YES NO NO 5 losing spins in a row? NO Choose next stake as per betting table NO Select new third to bet on YES SPIN SPIN

Page 14 the wheel, the ball lands on 24. You lose this spin but the turn round you would put on £7 (look down the bet table) on the first third again. Again you lose as the ball lands on 16. The third spin of the wheel you then put on £9 on the first third once again. This time, the ball lands on 4 and you win… you take the £27 profit. You now reset your stake back to £5 and continue to bet. Example 2: You are betting on the second third (13-24) this time and you are using the bet table as before. You have made 5 bets and still no winners. Our rules state that we should move to the most popular third every 5 bets. It looks like the ball has been landing mostly on numbers in the first third so we decide to bet on the first third. This is the 6th turn and we look on the bet table to see that the stake this time is £21.

Page 15 Some important notes, hints and observations:  Find out what the maximum bet size per turn is. If it were unlimited and you had unlimited funds, then this strategy will win 100% of the time (unless the Casino is cheating!). However, by adopting the strategy, the only way you can lose is if you’re very unlucky and you reach the maximum pot limit and lose.  The reason why I’ve set a target limit per session is that I have found it more difficult to win if you are on a winning streak. Sometimes it seems that the odds of winning a hand are less than 33% particularly if you have been winning a lot. However, saying that, there have been occasions where I have won £400 on a £5 stake on one session.  After you have won back the initial amount you put into your Casino account, transfer that money back out into your bank account. It’s better for the psychology to know that you’ve not ‘lost’ any money by banking that initial amount you put in.  Play on European Roulette tables as opposed to the

Page 16 American ones. There are two zero slots on the Roulette table of the American system which means your chances of losing are double. In addition, there are also European Roulette tables known as en prison which gives you half your bet back if the ball does fall on the zero.

Page 17 Some statistics If you’re a fan of probability and statistics like myself, and like to work out the chances of winning or losing then here are some calculations. I like to take worst case scenarios in each case.. The chance of winning each round is the chance of landing on 12 of 37 slots which works out to be 32.4%. Lets take that to be 32% as the worst case scenario. If we take the example that we’re staking £5 and that the maximum you can bet each turn is £500. If you look at the betting table, this means that you have 17 tries on the roulette table before you reach the table limit. Now look at these probabilities: Chances of losing each turn = 100% - 32% = 68% Chance of losing 17 times in a row = (0.68)17 = 0.00142 which is approximately 1/1000 chance Note: My rules state that on £5 stakes, the cut off is £200.. I would never recommend that you play until you are betting £500 stakes.. the above serves as just an example.

Page 18 Conclusion Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this document. The system is indeed simple but yet it is the most consistent way to make a profit playing roulette over the long term. The good thing is that you can log into an internet casino site 24/7 as it never closes. However, do note the rules carefully. Human greed and emotion may cause you to stray outside of the rules so please take note. Have fun and go make some money!

Page 19 Appendix Figure 1. The bet table below will help you with planning your bets. Choose the stakes you want to play with and stick with that column during play. If you lose a spin, take the your next bet as the number below your previous bet amount etc. If you manage to lose 5 spins in a row, select another third to bet on. Turn £2 stake £5 stake £10 stake £20 stake 1 2 5 10 20 2 3 7 13 27 3 4 9 18 36 4 5 12 24 47 5 6 16 32 63 6 8 21 42 84 7 11 28 56 112 8 15 37 75 150 9 20 50 100 200 10 27 67 133 266 11 36 89 178 355 12 47 118 237 474 13 63 158 316 631 14 84 210 421 842 15 112 281 561 1122 16 150 374 748 1497 17 200 499 998 1995 18 266 665 1330 2661 19 355 887 1774 3548 20 473 1183 2365 4730

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