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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: zorapharmacy

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60secondcashapp.net http://www.60secondcashapp.net/60-second-cash-app/60-second-cash-app-review/ 60 Second Cash App Review by admin Welcome to my 60 Second Cash App review . I’ve just been taking a look at this new software app to see whether it’s really worth using and now I’m ready to share my no hype, no BS review! Before I get started if you want to see how I use this course to make full time income online click here to see my no.1 recommendation! So first things first I want to address the video testimonials you see on the sales page for 60 Second Cash App. These are surely actors right? (Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think). I am certain they are actors and bad ones at that too, probably purchased from a fiverr gig. I could be wrong though so don’t take my word for that, that’s just my opinion! Anyway, potential actors aside, what I’m sure you really want to know is whether the 60 Second Cash App software app can really make you any money and what it’s all about. What is 60 Second Cash App? 60 Second Cash App is a software app that will help you trade binary options. The software will give you signals on what options to trade. Encase you are new to binary options they are essentially gambling on the direction of a stock or currency pair. For example: if you think that APPLE will be higher 15 minutes from now you could place a trade. If you are correct you will make around 70-80% profit on the money you placed into the trade (bet). Do 60 Second Cash App – Binary Options work? Some people say that binary options offer an easy way to start trading. However I think that they are nothing more than a casino with the whole “trading/stock market theme” put in place to make you feel like it’s more legitimate and sophisticated than just gambling. You only have to look at the payouts they offer and the definition of binary options to understand why I hold these views and why many other people to too. The definition of binary options: “Binary options are a type of option where the payoff is a fixed amount or nothing” That means if you were to place a trade of $100 you would risk losing your entire $100 on that trade yet you would only stand to gain on average 70-90% return. When you do the maths it means that you need to win considerably more than 50% of your trades just to break even! If you want to make a profit you need to win around 80% of your trades. Fun fact for you: did you know that professional currency traders only win around 50% of their trades, yet they can make millions from something called risk/reward? Risk/reward is something traders use to determine risk vs what their reward (payoff) will be. A good trade will always have a reward far bigger than the risk. With binary options it is impossible to have a reward bigger than your risk, that is the reason why binary options brokers make so much money because they stack the odds in their favour and they act like a casino! 60 Second Cash App - Can this software turn the odds in your favour? I personally don’t think it can! I’ve tested these software apps and the results have always been negative. Just yesterday I was speaking to somebody about another binary options software that recently launched and they told me how they had lost $1000 using it.

While I won’t recommend the 60 Second Cash App. I can give you some tips to use the software “risk free” if you do want to test it for yourself. Here are my tips: • Opening your account- When you open your binary options account don’t accept any matching deposit bonuses. If you accept it will make it hard for you to withdraw your money. • Ask for a demo – Once your account is opened speak to your account manager and ask for a demo account, this will allow you to practice trading. • Trade your demo – After your demo is open you should make a minimum of 50 trades using the 60 Second Cash App. If you follow my 3 tips above you will be using the app risk free and will be able to make a decision after your 50 trades on whether to continue with real money or whether to quit and withdraw your initial deposit. Trading is not as simple as saying yes a software or system works so go and use it. It’s a mind game and you need to be able to control your emotions! You might find that you hate it! Alternatively if you’re like me and don’t like the sound of binary options then I recommend you start a real online business. After all that’s what myself and many other members of this forum do! If you have any questions about 60 Second Cash App please feel free to leave them below in this thread or send me a private message and I’ll get back to you ASAP! Before you go if you are interested in seeing how I make a full time income online click here to see my no.1 recommendation!

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