6 worst drinks for your health

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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: jennyjrobert

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6 Worst Drinks for Your Health: 6 Worst Drinks for Your Health Worst drinks to avoid These worst drinks should be avoided. We take drinks for recreation and refreshment. Drinks are supposed to do this job, but that's not what always happen. 6 worst drinks: 6 worst drinks Here are the 6 worst drinks. Check their ingredients and then decide whether you should include them into you life or not! Decision is yours. Liquor Flavored drinks Energy drinks Lemonade Diet soda Juice drinks Liquor: Liquor Liquor Alcohol is not good at all. If you do take alcohol with moderation may be it's okay for you to drink. If you exceed the moderation limit (Drinking 3 or more drinks in a day) results are more harmful than you thought. Taking 2 drinks a day can't be much harmful but 3 or more drinks will raise the risk of your premature death. In March 2011 American cancer society found that risk of cancer death was high among people who drank vs. who don't. If you are taking Liquor heavily risk of cancer, heart disease, raise in cholesterol and sugar metabolism is really high. Avoid Liquor drinking for a long life! Energy Drinks: Energy Drinks Energy drinks I am referring to energy drinks, you might think of caffeine made products. That's not the reality. Energy drinks are just overloaded with sugar and caffeine. They will give you burst of energy in seconds but you will ultimately crash. Researchers found that 50% of the US adults and young people are drinking energy drinks on daily basis. That's awful. I was shocked when I heard that. Most teenagers, will mix energy drinks with alcohol and they will drink this heavy mixture. In thrill and adventure they are doing unimaginable harm to their bodies. It is the foremost duty of parents to take a look at their teenagers. In that age, if they will do harm to their bodies they will have to suffer for a long time. Lemonade: Lemonade Lemonade Home made lime juice is a great refreshment but same cannot be said about lemonade available in markets. It's just a sugar dissolved drink with artificial additives added into it. 1 cup of lemonade will provide you 100 calories, 6 tea spoon of sugar and 0 nutrients. Just like taking a liquid candy with no benefits at all! Flavored Drinks: Flavored Drinks Flavored drinks Flavored water is nothing more than drinking sugar dissolved into colored water. It has fewer vitamins and more calories. Check the label and it's ingredients before you buy a flavored drink. Diet Soda: Diet Soda Diet soda What a soft drink can provide you? 150 to 200 extra calories. Diabetes patient take diet soda.It's okay! Diet soda is a calorie free drink. But it has caffeine in it to provide you taste. Soda never do a good to your teeth. Harmful to your teeth enamel. So why should we take diet soda? Obviously! not a healthy drink at all! Juice Drinks: Juice Drinks Juice drinks Juice drinks are similar to flavored drinks. Just few vitamins, artificial additives, color and water with sugar. For a healthy life, don't look for any drink then a pure fruit juice. Home made juices are the best. Thanks!: Thanks! Last of all! Include water into your life. I know this sounds awkward, but water is the most healthy drink on this planet. Drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water daily, for a healthy and glowing life. Thanks. Article courtesy: http://www.slimca.com/blog/

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