6 Twitter Tips to Rank Out Better in Search

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Information about 6 Twitter Tips to Rank Out Better in Search

Published on October 24, 2016

Author: anthonyscoble

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: 6 Twitter Tips to Rank Out Better in Search As we know 2016 is around the corner and the countdown has already begun. But wait are you well prepared to welcome 2017 We all know that the New Year will bring the whole new set of changes in the way businesses sells and marketed their products and services marketers try to improve their page ranking using search engine optimization SEO the way people search and surf the web. Twitter SEO can help you to take one more step towards owning your online reputation and branding. When people think of Twitter they don’t usually know that it is a great SEO or reputation management tool. If optimized correctly a Twitter profile is a yet one great URL that anyone can want to get to rank for their business. 6 Twitter Tips to Rank Better in Search are given below:  Use Your Real Name Wisely: It’s also important to note that your Twitter “Real Name” doesn’t have a necessary condition that it has to be your actual name unlike with Facebook. Instead it can be anything having a limit of 20 characters. slide 2:  Make Your Username Count: It can be anything you want as long as it comes in under 15-character limit. The best way to use this space wisely is to put a Twitter username having your keyword that will get the attention of several visitors searching for the related keywords.  Focus on Your Bio Next: After your real name and username on Twitter your bio is the next most important thing that you can edit. Having 160 characters it’s longer than a tweet and it can be very crucial to your SEO Company as it is a highly index-able content.  Link to Your Real URL: Using short URLs on your Twitter profile URL section is a huge mistake as it may arouse negativity for your business. So always use your real site/blog URL as it will boost the trust of your profile visitors towards your brand and also give them a good reason to visit your site.  Get Followers Build Recognition: In Twitter every follower you get is more than just a person reading your tweets. It is basically a link to your Twitter profile on their “Following” page and try to retweets and share data with your followers of your profile as it also includes a link to you.  Use Hashtags: As we know that Twitter is all about hashtags. The more you use them in your Tweets the better it is for your marketing campaigns. However you can’t use it be totally blindly. iMedia designs | is a Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto. That offers cost effective seo service in Toronto.

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