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Information about 6.Technologies

Published on April 27, 2014

Author: ManaalSalah

Source: slideshare.net

I was new to using Photoshop, So the preliminary task to create a college magazine was very helpful to learn how to use all the different tools such as the magnetic lasso tool, the image filters and downloading fonts to fit in with my genre. When it came to making the actual music magazine I felt much more prepared and able to create a professional looking magazine through lots of practice. I had to use a digital camera for the photos I used in order to get the professional feel. Also I used iPhoto to crop and manipulate photos

Image filter: From the filter gallery I used the filters to manipulate the background image. I made it more purple as that is the colour of our college logo Drop Shadow: To emphasise my masthead Fonts: I downloaded many different font from the internet and uploaded them to Photoshop to use on my magazines Crop tool: I cropped images in order to get the correct size.

I spent a lot of time choosing which of the photos I had taken to use for each section of my music magazine. I had to crop and edit each photo I used. For the double page spread: I adjusted this photo by editing the exposure, contrast and saturation. The saturation helped increase the contact by making my image more powerful and bold than it initially was.

These are some of the images I took but decided to reject. I really like these images and almost used them all. However I couldn’t find a place to fit them. For example the top right photograph of a man in a hoodie doing graffiti was excellent for my genre but I couldn’t find anywhere that it would relevantly fit in. messy and unprofessional. Another reason I didn’t use these images is because I wasn’t able to successfully arrange text over the image and it was illegible. I also really like the rest of them however it wasn’t possible for me to use all of my favorite photos as it would look

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