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Published on November 21, 2007

Author: smith

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Slide1:  Advantages of Outsourcing to Ukraine Serhiy Loboyko, Chairman of the Board, United Software Corporation Silicon Forest Conference, November 4, 2005 USC Overview:  USC Overview United Software Corporation (USC, Inc.) Global IT technologies and services provider USC’s competitive advantages based on Ukrainian IT talents and untapped innovation potential USC Inc. builds its presence in Ukraine, USA and EU Portfolio company of Ukrainian Venture Capital Firm TECHINVEST (www.techinvest.com.ua) Serhiy Loboyko: Co-founder and Managing Director of TECHINVEST Chairman of the USC, Inc. Board of Directors USC Overview:  USC Overview First IT company in Ukraine, which received IBM Approved Vendor status The only IT company from CIS, which conducts R&D for IBM (T.J. Watson Research Center) Won contract from ex-vice-president of Microsoft to build 100+ programmers DDC, focused on new mobile technologies Among USC Customers: «CEVA» (Israel) – global leader in licensable DSP cores for mobile devices «MSI» (USA) – top-3 American vendor of mortgage-oriented IT solutions Competence in disaster management area was highly evaluated by U.S. Homeland Security supplies Algorithmic trading solutions got big interest from Wall Street sharks Tim Draper (VC firm DFJ): “USC is a tremendous company” USC Overview:  USC Overview USC Competences: Establishing and managing Dedicated Development Centers – DDC (R&D and IT-services) - for international clients Mainframe Technologies (i.e. legacy applications services) Financial solutions Telecom solutions Microsystems (embedded programming) GIS-based and Disaster Management solutions Applied Algorithmics (recognition, forecasting, semantic analysis, etc.) Climbing up the value-chain: Resource-based IT-services Competence-based / R&D Outsourcing IP- based product-oriented business USC History:  USC History US-Ukraine IT Forum in DC Road show to US «USC Inc.» (US - Ukraine) Ukrainian Software Consortium (association of over 30 Ukrainian IT export companies) 2003 2004 2005 2006 M&A Deals Pre-selected IT companies Ukrainian IT-export industry Research (with Market-Visio / Gartner Group) Road show to US Established by local VC through M&A DFJ Nexus Fund:  DFJ Nexus Fund DFJ Nexus will apply DFJ's proven methods, resources and industry relationships to technology investments across a range of sectors DFJ Nexus Fund:  DFJ Nexus Fund Ukrainian High-Tech Potential:  Ukrainian High-Tech Potential Ukrainian High-Tech Potential:  Ukrainian High-Tech Potential Ukrainian High-Tech Potential:  Ukrainian High-Tech Potential FACTS: 1951 – the first computer (“МЕСМ”) in continental Europe was developed in Kiev (the third one after USA (1945) and United Kingdom (1948) 1957 – leading Cybernetic Centre in USSR was founded in Kiev 1967 - At the exibition in London ІВМ bought a computer called “MIR” which was developed in Kiev 1975 – The control centre of the “Apollo-Soyuz” space flight was developed at the Cybernetic Centre in Kiev 1989 – The control system of the pilotless, fully automated spaceshuttle “Buran” was developed in Kyiv 2002-4 - Ukraine wins the 4th and the 5th places in the world as per the number of internationally certified programmers (surveys by “BrainBench”) 2003-5 – Ukrainian students are among the first 3 winners of different international competitions in mathematics, cybernetics, etc. Ukrainian High-Tech Potential:  Ukrainian High-Tech Potential Ukrainian Difference:  Ukrainian Difference Ukrainian Difference:  Ukrainian Difference Ukrainian Difference:  Ukrainian Difference Government Support :  Government Support At the meeting with Tim Draper, President Yushenko has backed the idea to launch the process of building a Silicon Valley in Ukraine and establish a venture investment ecosystem. "President Yuschenko gets it! The Yuschenko Administration is making all the right moves and has the right intentions in an extremely challenging environment. I think Ukraine has the opportunity now to become a free market-driven economy and a solid growth engine for Europe. If President Yushchenko gets the support he deserves, Ukraine could even become freer market than America!», said Mr. Draper Slide16:  THANK YOU! www.uscglobal.com

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