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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: fyjordan9

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Basic Scientific Programming The Write and General Read Statements

The Write Statement  The write statement has a more complicated syntax than the print statement. Form: Write (control list) output list output list has the same syntax as in the print statement.

Control List  May include items selected form the following:     A unit specifier indicating the output device. A format specifier. An ADVANCE = clause Other items that are useful in file processing.

Control List   Unit specifier: is an integer expression whose value designates the output device, or it may be asterisk indicating the standard output device. Form: UNIT= unit_specifier or simply unit_specifier If the second form is used, the unit specifier must be the first item in the control list.

Control List   Format specifier FMT = format_specifier or simply format_specifier If the second form is used, the unit specifier must be the second item in the control list.

Ex:  We wish to display gravity and weight on an output device having unit number 6. Write (6,*) gravity,weight Write (6, FMT=*) gravity,weight Write (UNIT= 6, FMT= *) gravity,weight Write (out_unit,*) gravity,weight Write (UNIT= out_unit,*) gravity,weight ! Where out_unit =6 Write (*,*) gravity,weight !if 6 is the standard input device

Formatted Output  Write (6, ‘(1x,2f10.2)’) gravity,weight Write (6,FMT= ‘(1x,2f10.2)’) gravity,weight Write (6,30 ) gravity,weight 30 format (1x,2f10.2) Write (unit=6,FMT =30) gravity,weight 30 format (1x,2f10.2)

Advance  The advance clause is used to specify whether output should advance to a new line after the current output has been completed. Advance=“NO” causes nonadvancing output Advance=“yes” causes an advance to a new line of output after the write statement has been executed.

Ex:  Print*, “enter last name:” read*, last_name write(*,’(1x,A)’,advance= “no”) & “enter last name:” read *, last_name  Advance = clause may not be used with list_directed output.

The General READ Statement  Form: Read (control-list) input list input list is a variable or a list of variables separated by commas.

The General READ Statement  Control list my include items selected from the following:     A unit specifier indicating the input device. A format specifier. An Advance=clause An IOSTAT or an End=clause to detect an input error or and end-of-file condition.

Ex:  We wish to read the values of code and time using the input device 5. Read (5,*) code, time Read (5, FMT = *) code, time Read (UNIT = 5, FMT = *) code, time Read (IN,*) code, time Read (UNIT = IN,*) code, time ! IN =5 Read (*,*) code, time ! If device 5 is the standard input device.

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