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Published on October 24, 2014

Author: rbdwyer001

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1. Warm Up  Describe the three stages of the production process.

2. Netiquette Page 14

3. Netiquette  Netiquette is the code of proper behavior for communicating on the internet.

4. Netiquette  It is extremely important to know how to properly communicate on the internet because communication is almost instantaneous.  The ability to quickly respond in a semi-anonymous fashion can cause problems.

5. Netiquette  When communicating on the internet, take time to think about how your message will be received by others.

6. Expressions  The receiver of you message cannot hear the tone of your voice or see you facial expressions so it is important to be careful with friendly joking and gentle sarcasm.  People you do not know well may not be familiar with your quirky sense of humor.

7. Netiquette  By following the rules of netiquette you can avoid misunderstandings.

8. Netiquette  By following the rules of netiquette you can avoid misunderstandings.

9. Rule #1  Never communicate in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. On the Net this is shouting and considered very rude.

10. Rule #2  Always fill in the subject line in your correspondence to others.

11. Rule #3  Do not type anything that you would not say to a person face to face.

12. Rule #4  In casual e-mail use emoticons to show expression.   Basic happy smiley  ;-) Wink smiley  :-D Laugh out loud smiley

13. Rule #5  Keep professional e-mail professional.  Business e-mail should be written like a business letter with a salutation, complete sentences, correct grammar and spelling.

14. Professional E-mail Dear Mrs. Jones, My name is Jill White and we met last week at the ABC Conference. I have attached the information you requested. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further clarification. Sincerely, Jill White ABC Conference Coordinator

15. Rule #6  Be careful what you send to others. • Be careful not to spread viruses (keep virus protection updated on your computer) • Do not spam. Do not forward e-mail to everyone on your address list.

16. Rule #7  Do not forward e-mail from other people. Do not send e-mail that you do not want forwarded to other people.

17. Rule #8  Do not send huge attachments.

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