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Information about 6 months Cloud Computing training Institute In Noida

Published on November 22, 2017

Author: shivang97

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Slide 1: CLOUD COMPUTING TRAINING IN NOIDA Slide 2: Cloud computing is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet. Cloud computing enables companies to consume a compute resource, such as a virtual machine ,  storage or an application, as a utility -- just like electricity -- rather than having to build and maintain computing infrastructures in house. Slide 3: Cloud computing benefits Cloud computing benefits Self-service provisioning Elasticity: Pay per use: Workload resilience Migration flexibility Slide 4: COURSE DESCRIPTION SESSION 1-8: INTRODUCING CLOUD COMPUTING SESSION 9-20: USING PLATFORMS SESSION 21-30: MANAGING THE CLOUD SESSION 31-40: UNDERSTANDING SERVICES AND APPLICATIONS Slide 5: KVCH institute has come up with more innovative and more interesting hands-on Industrial training program .In 6 months of industrial training , the trainee will get to know about all aspects of cloud computing Industrial training . KVCH is one of the fastest growing industrial training institute in Noida .Get your bright future by learning from global industrial experts. Slide 6: Six months industrial training in Noida allows you to take experience by practicing what he had learnt earlier. Our trainers ensures that there should be development of skills for each individual. We provide world class education to students . KVCH provides you the best assistance regarding placements for your course . Slide 7: KVCH Course duration for Cloud Computing training in Noida Fast Track Training Program  (6+ hours daily) Regular Classes  (Morning, Day time & Evening) Weekend Training Classes  (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays) Slide 8: VISIT - https://kvch.in/cloud-computing-project-6-months-industrial-training-noida.html For Further Information OR Contact us – 9510860860 Thank You

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