6 Key Principles They Should be Teaching You at Private Couples Retreats

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Information about 6 Key Principles They Should be Teaching You at Private Couples Retreats
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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: Mifunetune

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 A couples retreat is a three or four-day getaway designed to help partners in a marriage resolve issues that have been destroying the relationship.  Counselors or coaches at the retreat will help couples walk through their problems and learn how to communicate properly. They should also help engrain these six principles into the marriage:

 No relationship can survive without trust. Marriage coaches at a retreat should help couples learn how to regain trust and become trustworthy. This can be difficult due to past issues, but it’s possible.

 Each person in a marriage should be accountable for his or her actions. This means that if one person makes a choice to do something, she is responsible for the consequences of those actions.  Accepting accountability in a relationship helps maintain the integrity and respect necessary for a strong foundation.

  Helping two people in a marriage understand the importance of perspective is critical. Being nit-picky about annoying habits or letting small things get the better of you will destroy your chance at happiness. Coaches should help couples learn to not sweat the small stuff and to make goals for the future.

 Justifying your actions, even when you feel you were “in the right,” is damaging and dangerous. Satisfying your need for love and attention in places, people or things other than your spouse is never healthy for the relationship.  Couples must learn to communicate these feelings rather than keeping them in and then lashing out through inappropriate behavior.

 A marriage won’t survive without forgiveness. It’s that simple. Both partners will do things that will hurt the other’s feelings and if you’re both not willing to set aside your pride and forgive, the wedge between you will never stop growing.

 Committing yourself to something means dedicating your heart, mind and soul to the cause. In a marriage, nothing but the strongest of commitments will help you get through the tough times.  Being committed means doing whatever it takes to work things out and to not give up on each other.

 Without these six principles, a marriage isn’t going to be as strong as it could be. Attending private couples retreats can help you and your spouse develop these principles and implement them in your marriage.

 Don’t give up hope. Private couples retreats can help reunite you and your partner in love and harmony.  If you’ve been searching for a couples retreat and want to find one that emphasizes these principles, go to lifemarriagereats.com for more information.

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