6 Bad Sales Habits to Stop in 2014

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Information about 6 Bad Sales Habits to Stop in 2014
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Published on December 26, 2013

Author: AAyuja

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This presentation highlights six bad sales habits to stop in 2014 for successful sales.

6 Bad Sales Habits to Stop in 2014 us at www.aayuja.com *Via  Salesforce  Disclaimer: This presentation and the information provided here is indicative in nature and should not be treated as views of the organization. Meet Goals, Beat Competition, Exceed Expectations AAyuja © 2013

1 Avoiding difficult challenges to win clients The prospective clients that have the greatest ability to help you make your 2014 number are the most difficult clients to win. They already have a partner who provides them with what you sell. They already have deep relationships. And everyone and their brother is calling on them. But because these difficult-to-win clients can totally change your results, you have to focus your effort and energy on winning them.

2 Chasing receptive, opportunities non- Much of what is in your pipeline isn’t really an opportunity. It’s a zombie. Just because someone is receptive and will take your call doesn’t mean you really have an opportunity. The best thing that you can do is dispatch the zombie opportunities and move on to the more difficult to win, but higher value prospective clients.

3 Waiting for marketing to generate leads Any lead that you receive from marketing is a gift. In 2014, you need to forget to rely on anyone else when it comes to making your numbers. Don’t wait for marketing to generate leads. Instead, do the prospecting work and build your own pipeline. Waiting isn’t a strategy. Marketing efforts are often long term rather than looking at day to day numbers.

4 Living in your inbox Email is a place for other people to share their priorities for you. Nothing will kill your results faster and with more certainty than living with your inbox open. Waiting for a new email notification trains you to be reactive instead of proactive. It kills your initiative. Close your inbox. Do your real work.

5 Skipping steps in the sales process Often sales reps want to accelerate the process and they tend to skip the steps to arrive at the outcome sooner by offering solution. Opportunities are lost in discovery when the salesperson doesn’t spend enough time understanding and developing needs. Opportunities are lost in the mushy stage between discovery and presentation where consensus is built. Skipping past these stages ensures a loss. Spending time here greatly improves your chances of winning AAyuja Internal and Confidential © 2012

6 Believing customers buy on price. Don’t win opportunities on price, win them on the value that you create. There are some prospective clients that will challenge you with their inability to understand the difference between price and cost. They refuse to believe that there is a difference, It is your job to change their mind and show them the difference between price and cost AAyuja Internal and Confidential © 2012

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