6 01 T P Analog Systems

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Information about 6 01 T P Analog Systems

Published on January 3, 2008

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Slide1:  ANALOG SYSTEMS Slide2:  ANALOG TELEPHONES Slide3:  TA-312/TT Ruggedized Outside Desk or Wall Mounted Manual or Automatic Switchboards Slide5:  Modes of Operation Common Battery Local Battery Common Battery Signaling Slide6:  Power Requirements 3V DC 2 BA- 3030’s Slide7:  Signaling 20 Hz, RDL Slide8:  TA-838/TT Ruggedized Solid State Outside Desk or Wall Mounted Automatic Switchboards Slide10:  Modes Of Operation Has 7 Modes of Operation 2 Modes are TWO Wire 5 Modes are FOUR Wire Slide11:  When in the Four Wire Mode of Operation, the TA-838/TT is capable of accepting AC or DC Incoming Ringing Signaling Modes Of Operation Slide12:  = 4 Wire AC/LB AC/CB DC/LB DC/CB PT/PT Modes Of Operation Slide13:  Modes Of Operation of TA-838/TT = 2 Wire DC/LB DC/CB Slide14:  Power Sources Requires Four BA-3042s when mode of operation is set in 2 Wire DC/LB or 4 Wire DC/LB, AC/LB and PT-PT Slide15:  2 UP - BA-3042s 2 DOWN - BA-3042s Slide16:  TA-938/G Is a black desk style, pushbutton telephone intended for use in sheltered areas Slide17:  TA-938/G Mode of Operation 2 Wire CB Power Requirements 24 volts DC Slide18:  TA-236 Identical to the TA-938 - Except - It is a ROTARY Phone (DP) Slide19:  STU III Terminal Provides Voice and Data Encryption with compatible STU III Terminals Provides Encryption Capabilities necessary to protect Commercial or Military Telecommunications Slide21:  Small size, Fits easily on any Desk Worldwide Operation Clear Mode of Operation as a Plain old Telephone during a loss of Power STU III Terminal Slide22:  STU III Terminal Accessible Emergency Zeroize Button Internal Two-Wire/Four-Wire Modem Easy Programming Slide23:  STU III Terminal Message Display to show status and User Information Tone and Pulse Dialing Speed Dialing Slide24:  STU III Terminal Interoperable CIK, Allowing the Use of 7 different Terminals with 1 CIK Slide25:  STU III Terminal Dual Keysets allowing the Terminal to Communicate securely at Two Classification Levels Compatible with DSN Slide26:  STU III Terminal Last, but not least, Intercom & Hold Slide27:  STU III Terminal STU III Terminals are UNCLASSIFIED Controlled Cryptographic Items (CCI) Slide28:  STU III Power AC/DC Converter Requires atleast 115V/50-60 Hz from a Commercial Outlet USMC has a variety of STU IIIs in stock Slide29:  ANALOG SWITCHBOARD SB-3614(V)/TT Slide30:  SB-3614(V)/TT Tactical, Ruggedized, 30 terminal Automatic Switchboard and provides service for _____________! Slide31:  2-wire CBS 2-wire 20Hz RDL and RDT 2-wire COMMON BATTERY DP and DTMF 4-wire PABX and CONV 2-wire DC CLOSURE TRUNKS DP and DTMF Slide32:  Can be connected with Additional Switchboards to form 60 or 90 lines system Maximum Number of 3 Switchboards can be stacked Slide33:  When stacking 3 Switchboards and forming up to a 90 line system, ONLY ONE Switchboard can be the MASTER and the remaining Switchboards must be SLAVE Slide34:  Power Requirements Requires an External Power Source of 24 volts DC 5 amps max. Can have 3 power sources connected to the SB-3614(V)/TT at one time Slide35:  Only TWO Power Cables are Supplied Power Connections - One Prime Power and Two External Batteries Slide36:  Garrison - DC Prime Power & Two External Batteries Field - Connect both Batteries NEVER connect batteries to DC Prime Power connection!!!!!! Slide37:  Operational Capabilities Provides for 2 conference links with 10 subscribers each Slide38:  TERMINATIONS TERMINALS 1 - 12 2W TERMINALS 13 - 30 2W/4W Slide39:  Circuit Card Assemblies Slide40:  Type I - 2W, 20 Hz Top 2 Odd, Bottom 2 Even Upper - Precedence L: Priority C: Unassigned R: Routine Lower - Service L: CBS Line C: RDL R: RDT Slide41:  Type II - 2W, CB L: CB/DP C: Unassigned R: CB/DTMF ODD EVEN Slide42:  Type III - 4W Trunks L: 4 Wire PABX C: Unassigned R: 4 Wire Converter TERMINALS 13 - 30 ODD EVEN Slide43:  Type IV - Army ODD - 2W CB EVEN - 6 Wire E&M TERMINALS 13 - 30 ODD EVEN EVEN Slide44:  Type V - 2W DC CLOSURE L: DC Closure DP C: Unassigned R: DC Closure DTMF ODD EVEN Slide45:  Interface Capabilities Slide46:  TYPE I TA-312/PT CBS/RDL SB-22/PT RDL/RDT SB-22A/PT CBS/RDL/RDT Slide47:  TYPE II CB/DTMF TA-938/G STU III TA-838/TT TA-312/PT W/TA-955/PT CB/DP TA-236/G Slide48:  TYPE III CONV SB-3614 PABX SB-3865 AN/TTC-42 Slide49:  TYPE V DCO/DP DCO/DTMF Slide50:  Programming Information Slide51:  Program/Call Process Switch must be in the PROGRAM (UP) position Programming uses a 6 digit format and will be entered into the SB-3614(V)/TT by using the 4X4 Key Pad on the Switch Slide52:  FO - As First Digit Memory Data Entry FO - As Second Digit Trunk Group/Trunk Terminal Slide53:  F - As the First Digit Memory Data Verify F - As the Second Digit Precedence Classmarking Slide54:  I - As the First Digit Memory Data Delete I - As the Second Digit Operator Intercept Classmarking Slide55:  P - As the First Digit Memory Data Erase P - As the Second Digit Special Classmarking Slide56:  When using P as the First and Second Digit in the same Program it means !!!!!!! ERASE ALL DATA Slide57:  Special Classmarks What, Why Do I Need These! Slide58:  Special Classmarks for Trunking None: Manual in, Manual out 01: Manual in, Automatic out 02: Automatic in, Manual out 03: Automatic in, Automatic out Slide59:  TYPE I Type 1 cards are Classmarked 02 when designating a DTMF automatic RDT and classmarked 03 when designating a 20 Hz/DTMF applique trunk. SB-3614(V)/TT RDT (02) SB-22/PT OR SB-22A/PT W/TA-977/PT RDT (03) AN/UIQ-10(V) RDT (03) Slide60:  TYPE III Type III cards with mode switch set to converter are classmarked 01 when designating a manual 4-wire converter trunk. C-6709/G (RWI) CONV (01) Slide61:  TYPE V Type V cards are classmarked 01 when designating a manual in, automatic out trunk. Slide62:  Numbering Plan Slide63:  Uses a 5 Digit Numbering Plan Format A Switch Locator = (SL) A 3 Digit Subscriber Number = IXX Slide64:  SL = Any number 00-99 Consult your 6231.02A Escape Code = 9 Subscriber Number = IXX I =1-6, X = 0-9, X = 0-9 Slide65:  When dialing External to your Switch Do the Following 9SL-DT-KXX 920-DT-101 Slide66:  Terminal Assignment Sheet Before Programming the SB-3614(V)/TT You Must Have Completed a Terminal Assignment Sheet Slide67:  QUESTIONS?

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