5th Grade FCAT Review

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Published on March 14, 2008

Author: Susann

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Slide1:  Pinellas County Schools: Science Office Created by Julie Poth 2006 Slide2:  A. Mixture B. Solution C. Compound D. Pure Substance Slide4:  F. Electrical G. Heat H. Light I. Mechanical Benchmarks: SC.B.1.2.2, SC.B.1.2.3, SC.B.1.2.4, SC.B.1.2.5 and SC.B.1.2.6 Slide6:  A. Earth’s Shape B. Earth’s Gravity C. Earth’s Mountains D. Earth’s Atmosphere Slide8:  F. Ice Block G. Sponge Block H. Sand Block I. Plastic Block Benchmarks: SC.C.2.2.4, SC.C.2.2.2, SC.C.2.2.3 Slide10:  B. Offshore islands A. Sandy flatlands C. Underground caves D. Mangrove swamps Slide13:  Which of the following did NOT cause the formation of the Grand Canyon; F. Weathering G. Lava H. Water I. Wind Erosion Slide15:  F The shape of the orbit G The closeness of Mars H The presence of a moon I The distance from the Sun Slide17:  A bones B ears D lungs C heart Slide19:  F Alligators destroy sawgrass. G Alligators feed on sawgrass. H Sawgrass helps the alligator travel. I Sawgrass and alligators depend on each other. Slide21:  A carbon dioxide B chloroplast D sunlight C sugar Slide23:  F grasshopper G hawk H mouse I rabbit Slide25:  A Record when the seeds sprout and begin to grow. B Make sure the seeds have enough sunlight. C Predict which seeds will sprout D Plant more seeds. Slide27:  F H G I Slide29:  B Mealworms prefer apples A Mealworms prefer pears. C Mealworms do not prefer apples or pears D Mealworms do not go near apples or pears.

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