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Published on February 12, 2014

Author: gauravkanghain



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In the times, when most of the economies are reeling under the debt pressure and the governments are taking measures to cut down on public expenditure, the employment opportunities for the Skilled Workers are diminishing rapidly. This trend is not limited to some economies because every country has been adversely affected by the prevalent economic slowdown. The market sentiments in the business scenario have weakened over a past few years. The investors are no more interested in infusing money into once high yielding business venues, and they are quite happy with meager returns in the safe low yielding deposits. The weakening investment and business sentiments have delivered a major blow to the influential economies. This weakening scenario has further proliferated to the developing countries, as the developing economies heavily rely on the exports to the bigger countries. The reducing business orders from the developed countries have forced closure of several manufacturing units in the developing countries like India.

Even a fast expanding economy like China has been in problems now. This trend has generated huge unemployment in the developing countries and many left many people jobless. To escape the perils of unemployment and earn a deserving return for their skills, the qualified and trained Skilled Workers are seeking overseas venues which can promise good returns. In the current scenario, where the situation is quite grim, and where many countries like UK and USA are resorting to banning entry of new immigrants, the sun is shining brighter in certain locations, i.e. Australia and Canada. These two locations have appeared as the brightest destinations on global scenario and are offering many attractive sops to the new entrants, Permanent Residence Visa For Skilled Workers being one of them. The Aussie and Canadian governments have established multiple routes to attract and accommodate overseas expertise, and these schemes are also being followed very closely by the immigrants in waiting.

Talking of the Australia as a destination offering Permanent Residence Visa to qualified people, the Aussie authorities have established a comprehensive immigration policy. The new policy has gone a long way in easing up the immigration process. Now the applicants can access the complete skills migration program quite easily, and they do to need to run around from pillar to post to locate the class and the category they would fit in. The new Australian Skill Select immigration platform has been able to offer unprecedented freedom to the applicants, as they enjoy the freedom of being able to select an appropriate PR entry program as per their qualifications and requirements. In Australia Skilled Workers Get Permanent Residence Visa through several different skilled migration initiatives. The schemes are classified under the federal independent (subsection 189), provincial nomination (subsection 190) and employer sponsorship (subsection 186 ENS, subsection 187 RSMS) classes.

Discussing about the opportunities in Canada for Permanent Residence Visa For Skilled Workers, several attractive schemes are available for the highly qualified immigrants. These initiatives are either controlled by the federal government (FSW and FSTP) or are dependent on the state authorities (PNP). Certain factors which can be commonly associated with skills migration programs of Australia and Canada are the elementary requirements, i.e. age, linguistic skills substantiation and credential evaluation, etc., i.e. the governments of both countries prefer immigrants who are young

and who have appropriate academic skills and linguistic compatibility. It is worthwhile to mention here for the benefit of Skilled Workers Who Want To Become Permanent Residents of any of these countries to prepare accordingly satisfy all the requirements well before placing their requests for migration. Approaching and seeking expert advice would prove beneficial in this case. In the gloomy scenario where most of the economies are reeling under the pressure of economic slowdown, certain destinations like Australia and Canada have emerged as prominent locations. These countries have installed certain essential parameters for selecting people. It has thus become important to the Skilled Workers Who Want To Become Permanent Residents to satisfy all the requirements before moving their requests.

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