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Published on January 6, 2014

Author: Connorevansmedia


3. What kind of institution might distribute your media product and why? The magazine institution I have chosen to try and sell my magazine with is “Development Hell Limited”. Development Hell Ltd isa magazine institution who hasbeen around since 2003. When they first started up, they planned to publish three magazines in 6 years. This is to gain a basic, but comfortable level of success with their company. Currently, the only music magazine that Development Hell Ltd publishes is “Mixmag”. Despite being a music magazine, the genre and content is completely to my magazine, meaning that it is a new business venture for the institution. This could potentially entice and persuade the institution to publish my magazine because it means that they will be opening up into a brand new market. In addition, if the magazine is a success in an already busy market, then it means that Development Hell Ltd would have made a good choice because their magazine would be competing well with others of its kind. Another reason that I think Development Hell would want to publish my magazine is because they are already confident in their own abilities. Mixmag is the leading dance music magazine across the entire world. Development Hell has the pedigree of successful magazines which is why I’m confident that they would want to find another. If they have worked with a magazine that has become the most successful of its kind, then they may be willing to fund and publish another one in the hope that they can produce the same sort of results with that. There are a few ways in which I will advertise my magazine. I will now state my choices and explain why I have chosen them. First of all, is the use of social/new media. Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are teaming with rumours, news and updates from across the world. For anyone who wants to be recognised by others, Twitter and Facebook are probably the two bets options to gain recognition from. Both are free of charge and offer fantastic opportunities for my magazine. With the use of Facebook, I am able to create a Facebook page or group that people can gain updates and news from. I can also link the official page of the magazine onto the Facebook page, which means that fans or people who want to be in sync with the magazine can visit two official pages of the magazine, becoming part of the community in the process. With Twitter, I can start to get the magazine trending across the world, which means that the word will be spread for my magazine. The second option I have is creating posters. Posters are fairly cheap to produce and catch people’s attention. If someone is sitting at a bus stop or waiting for a train, then they will be bored. If a poster

for a brand new magazine is next to them, they are more likely to read it. But creating posters needs to be tactical. I would put up posters in places where they are more likely to be read, such as Train stations, bus stops and airport terminal buildings. The idea of a tangible item is also a good idea. Giving out flyers at festivals which are based on the Indie/Alternative genre will be successful because it will get the message across quicker. Plus, people can take the flyer with them and read it or show others what they have just learnt. My last method would be to create an advertising banner to be shown at a festival such as Glastonbury. If I advertise my brand new Indie/Alternative Rock magazine at a festival which is based on those two genres, then people are more likely to buy the magazine or pay attention to the message that is being shown to everyone.

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