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Published on June 18, 2007

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Slide1:  Recent Advances and Applications to Screening and Selection Robert E. Schlegel Kirby Gilliland DoD HFE TAG Meeting 56 November 8, 2006 Monterey, California Who Are We?:  Who Are We? Center for the Study of Human Operator Performance (C-SHOP) Multi-disciplinary research center that focuses on the development and application of computer-based tests for assessing human performance across a broad range of military, industrial, educational, and medical applications Mission Premier national research center and clearinghouse for technology to assess and enhance human operator performance, especially in the areas of neuro-psychological, cognitive, and sensorimotor performance What Do We Do?:  What Do We Do? Serve as a 'Resource Center' for computer-based Test/Battery Randamp;D Build and/or customize Tests/Batteries and conduct quality assurance assessment Enhance and leverage greater value from DoD and other Tests/Batteries Serve as a Research Community 'Clearinghouse' Conduct data extraction, conversion, and analysis Hold the exclusive license for ANAM technology ANAM4 Introduction:  ANAM4 Introduction Genealogy of ANAM:Selective Historical Overview:  Genealogy of ANAM: Selective Historical Overview ANAM:  ANAM The Foundation of ANAM Traditional human performance assessment tests well known and well validated in the literature Traditional neuropsychological tests well established in clinical practice and clearly linked to standards in clinical diagnosis and cognitive domain processing/localization Characteristics of ANAM Tests:  Characteristics of ANAM Tests Test relatively unitary cognitive or performance domains Well established in the laboratory or in clinical practice Cover a wide range of cognitive or neuropsychological function Tests are easy to learn, have minimal learning curves, can be used effectively in repeated measures designs, and have demonstrated pragmatic value Can be easily configured to construct 'custom-fit' batteries for assessing specific skills or abilities Can construct multi-task 'synthetic work' configurations Cognitive/Performance Domains Tested :  Cognitive/Performance Domains Tested Attention Sustained / focused Divided Selective Directed Memory Working Long-term Declarative Procedural Visuomotor Control Time/Velocity Estim. Speed of Processing Language Semantics Decision Making Planning / Problem Solving Task Multiplexing Spatial Visualization Math Functioning Cognitive Flexibility ANAM Test Library:  ANAM Test Library 2-Choice Reaction Time 4-Choice Reaction Time Code Substitution Demographics Digit RT Dual Task (Track / Memory) Grammatical Reasoning Logical Relations Manikin Matching to Sample Matching Grids Mathematical Processing Mood Scale 2-Revised Mood Affect Score Mental State Exam Procedural Reaction Time Pursuit Tracking Reaction Time Relative Judgment Running Memory CPT Simple Reaction Time Stanford Sleepiness Scale Spatial Processing Standard CPT Memory Search (Sternberg) Stroop Test Switching Symbolic Reaction Time Tap Left Tap Right Tower Puzzle Tracking Examples:  Examples Manikin Test Mathematical Processing Tower Puzzle Switching Task Test/Battery Delivery Systems:  Test/Battery Delivery Systems or Laptop… or Handheld Desktop… ANAM Already in Use!:  Fatigue PTSD ANAM Already in Use! Academy Sports Concussion Training Combat Care Triage Chemical Defense— Care Outside Theater Toxin Exposure Status of ANAM4:  Status of ANAM4 Completed Macro-Level Quality Assurance (QA) Assessment Developed Module Priority List Identifying Issues and Deficiencies Development of specific QA procedures Continuous solicitation of customer feedback Completed QA Assessment of Level 1 Modules Release A Available for Use Features / Support Modules:  Features / Support Modules Enhanced User Interface Improved setup to reduce file labeling user errors Improved Data Management Module Rapid selection of files/dependent variables Experimenter selectable identification of outliers Rapid file compilation and migration to Excel, SAS, SPSS, etc. 'Clinical Status' Performance Report ANAM4 Release A:  ANAM4 Release A Alt-F2 andgt; ANAM4 Release A:  ANAM4 Release A ANAM Data Extraction and Presentation Tool (ADEPT):  ANAM Data Extraction and Presentation Tool (ADEPT) ANAM Data Extraction and Presentation Tool (ADEPT):  ANAM Data Extraction and Presentation Tool (ADEPT) ANAM Performance Report (APR):  ANAM Performance Report (APR) Slide20:  ANAM User Manuals:  ANAM User Manuals Hyperlinked PDF Files:  Hyperlinked PDF Files HTML Help Files:  HTML Help Files ANAM Reference Databases:  ANAM Reference Databases C-SHOP is Conducting a Large-Scale Effort to Identify Normative Databases and Rapidly Move Findings to Users Examples: College student normative database development Norms from over 7,000 Army recruits compiled by age and gender Comparative samples for elderly and those with neurodegenerative diseases from two locations High school and college sports teams ANAM Bibliography:  ANAM Bibliography Bibliography Project Involving Review of Over 1000 References Approximately 500 Articles Identified as Directly Related to ANAM Searchable Database in EndNote® Increasing Interest in ANAM for Screening and Selection:  Increasing Interest in ANAM for Screening and Selection Increasing awareness of the value of performance and neuropsychological tests in screening and selection Improvements in computer technology and neuroscience Readily available testing systems that are cost-effective and user friendly Who is Seeking this Technology for Selection and Classification:  Who is Seeking this Technology for Selection and Classification Government agencies (DoD, FAA, NASA) Business and Industry Schools Health Care Industry Research Communities (Human Performance and Clinical) A Look Forward:  A Look Forward Need for additional construct and criterion validity studies Need for easier transition from laboratory to application arenas We need creative 'partnerships' to advance the effectiveness of these emerging systems—not just end users! Slide29:  ?? Assessment Experience:  Assessment Experience Test and Battery Psychometrics Reliability, validity, and parameter studies Risk Factor Assessment Sleep restriction, alcohol, antihistamines Readiness to Perform Cognitive tests, work simulations Assessment at the Individual Level Fighter pilots, astronauts, military personnel, air traffic controllers, commercial pilots, athletes Definitions:  Definitions Performance Assessment The measurement of operator functional state or performance capability across a variety of cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains Computer-Based The use of microprocessor technology to perform the assessment functions of presenting stimuli, recording responses, scoring performance, and controlling tests Cognitive Performance Test An individual software program to assess one or more cognitive functions or performance capabilities Definitions:  Definitions Performance Assessment Battery (PAB) A collection of individual tests designed to assess a specific range or aspect of cognitive functioning or performance capabilities A flexible system capable of diverse application from operator functional state assessment to risk factor assessment to neurological disease/injury assessment Operator Functional State (OFS) Multidimensional pattern of the human psycho-physiological condition that mediates performance in relation to physiological and psychological costs Neuropsychological Assessment:  Neuropsychological Assessment Tests of well-defined neuropsychological domains Tests with relevance to human performance Tests with reliable ability to assess risk factors Tests that are automated and easily transported Tests that provide accurate and objective data Tests with any relationship to valid clinical measures are of added benefit Common Uses of Neuropsychological Tests:  Common Uses of Neuropsychological Tests Basic Human Performance Assessment Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment Expanded Industrial Applications RTP, fatigue modeling, training and selection Expanded Neuropsychological Applications Brain injury evaluation, neurocognitive triage Special Purpose Applications WinSCAT, sustained ops, 'countermeasures' Overview:  Overview Historical Origins of ANAM ANAM4 Test Library and Release A ANAM Current Activities Quality assurance assessment Ancillary support modules Comprehensive user’s manual ANAM normative database Bibliographic index of ANAM literature Web-based delivery system ANAM Future Enhancements ANAM Battery Construction Objectives:  ANAM Battery Construction Objectives Test relatively unitary cognitive or performance domains that are well established in the laboratory or in clinical practice Cover a wide range of cognitive and/or neuropsychological functioning Select tests with demonstrated heuristic value Ability to construct custom-fit batteries to assess specific skills or abilities Ability to construct 'synthetic work' Quality Assurance (QA):  Quality Assurance (QA) Definition A planned and systematic pattern of all actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that the product optimally fulfills customer expectations (© 1993-2004 Denis Howe) Purpose of the QA Process Accurate assessment, confidence in data Accurate diagnosis, screening, and discrimination Fundamental component of a good performance assessment battery Steps for QA:  Steps for QA Understand Origin and Intent of Battery Theory-based vs. problem-based Acquire and Install the Battery Intellectual property rights, disclosure agreements CD-ROM, diskette, FTP transfer, pre-installed Installation process, documentation Define Scope of QA Assessment Quick and dirty, macro-level, preliminary Detailed, micro-level, extensive Steps for QA:  Steps for QA Document / Intuit Test Specifications Test authors, industry standards, good practice Create QA Test Procedures Execute Multiple Test Runs Document Test Results Spreadsheet matrix by test and QA element Convert Test Results to Reportable Form Provide Detailed and Summary Reports QA Categories:  QA Categories Module Information-Versions Initial Title Screens User Instructions Settable Parameters (flags) Help Screen / Menu Display Configuration Response Configuration Data File Specification Warmup Trials Configuration Trials and Feedback Event Timing Test-Specific Parameters Experimenter Instructions Stimulus Generation Event Recording (data check) Data Accuracy Abort Handling Unattended Test Timeout Intentional Aborts Supporting Modules PC Support Software Occasional Anomalous Behavior Interface Usability and Supporting Documentation Already in Use!:  Already in Use! Examples of field-deployed laptop and hand-held evaluation systems

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