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Published on November 30, 2007

Author: Noormahl

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Industrial Applications of CIM Technology:  Industrial Applications of CIM Technology Spring 2005 edition Week 3 Announcements…:  Announcements… Be sure to bring your questions to class! Special Guests :  Special Guests Dave Hotler Production Manager – Dynamic Corp. Author: DYNAMIC Leans this Way Contributor: The Elephant in the Room Shirl Donaldson President, Precision Components Manufacturing, Inc. Alum of TECH 546 The Elephant in the Room :  The Elephant in the Room Don’t be afraid to use the “M” word Why have we lost so many jobs Is mfg. following the Ag. Model? Need to learn to compete in the global marketplace The question of jobs… Mfg. in the lean world… Slide5:  From “ The Elephant in the Room…” The Parable… :  The Parable… How can this story relate to a manufacturing company? What are the “lessons learned”? Functional areas of the enterprise…:  Functional areas of the enterprise… Marketing/Sales Engineering R & D Quality Assurance Warehousing & Distribution Shipping and Receiving Finance & Accounting Information Systems Human Resources Customer Service Manufacturing Material Management How will “CIM” decisions impact each of these areas? Slide8:  Separate technologies now coming together… From Rehg & Kraebber page 103 The evolution of CIM systems lean Slide9:  Now that’s Integration !!! During our plant visits…:  During our plant visits… What questions should we ask? Operational Technical Managerial Another edition for your personal library…:  Another edition for your personal library… (1992) Formerly used in TECH 546 CRITICAL STEPS IN THE CIM PROCESS... :  CRITICAL STEPS IN THE CIM PROCESS...   FOCUS SIMPLIFY INTEGRATE AUTOMATE (last!) CAUTION: Typical technical response is to try to automate first… This is a HIGH RISK approach! Building blocks of CIM…:  Building blocks of CIM… Computers Robots Programmable Controllers CAD systems CAM and CNC Rapid Prototyping Quality Management Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems Work cell designs J-I-T manufacturing Lean Production THE SEVEN WASTES from Shigeo Shingo in Robert W. Halls book Attaining Manufacturing Excellence, 1987:  THE SEVEN WASTES from Shigeo Shingo in Robert W. Halls book Attaining Manufacturing Excellence, 1987 Waste of over production Waste of waiting Waste of transportation   Waste of processing itself Waste of stocks Waste of motion Waste of making defective products Slide16:  Adapted from: Black, J T. and S. L. Hunter (2003). Lean Manufacturing Systems and Cell Design. Dearborn, MI, Society of Manufacturing Engineers. 23 Principles…:  23 Principles… General Guiding Principles Prerequisite Principles Operating Principles System Principles From Melnyk and Narasimhan… Principle Based Learning…:  Principle Based Learning… Why Worry about these principles…? Software, hardware and systems will continue to change. Having a “principles” based knowledge will help you deal with these changes in the future! Think of how these come in to play in the cases you read and at the companies we visit… Think Critically…:  Think Critically… Think of the significance of each point... Be able to give your own examples and explanations for these key points. The 23 Principles address a lot of good common sense... remember how many companies have forgotten to tend to the basics before implementing CIM, and had a miserable failure to deal with! General Guiding Principles: :  General Guiding Principles: 1. Computer-based technology should be regarded as a magnifying glass. It makes the good system much better; it makes the poor system much worse! 23 Principles of Effective CIM General Guiding Principles: :  General Guiding Principles: CIM and its associated computer-based technology should be used to enhance the capability of people in the system rather than to replace the human. 3. CIM should be seen as people systems. 23 Principles of Effective CIM General Guiding Principles cont.::  General Guiding Principles cont.: 3. CIM should be seen as people systems. 4. Recognize that there will be resistance to the implementation of CIM and be prepared to cope with the "four lags" as they appear. (People, organizational, information and strategic... any place where the people and the system can not keep up with the pace of the change.)  Prerequisite principles::  Prerequisite principles: 5. A good understanding of the current system and its strengths and weaknesses is a required starting point for the move to CIM. 6. Sound CIM systems are built on a foundation of an effective business and strategic planning process. 7. When looking for solutions to strategic problems, don't look for the CIM solution alone.  Prerequisite principles cont.::  Prerequisite principles cont.: 8. Never buy more technology than is needed to attain the firm's manufacturing and strategic objectives  9. Obsolescence is a CIM system is defined by corporate and strategic considerations. 10. Simplify the current system before introducing any form of automation. 11. Before introducing change, first standardize on the "best" practices available. Prerequisite principles cont.::  Prerequisite principles cont.: 12. A successful CIM system is built upon an integrated corporate database.  13. Use automation as a means of breaking weaknesses and bottlenecks.  14. Always target and attack those bottlenecks that are most critical from a corporate or strategic perspective. Operating Principles::  Operating Principles: 15. Select standard hardware, technology and software whenever possible. 16. CIM should be planned from the top down and implemented from the bottom up. 17. The successful implementation of CIM is dependent on top management and the role that it takes. 18. Keep the number of "fires" that have to be put out down to a manageable limit.  Operating Principles cont.::  Operating Principles cont.: 19. The implementation of CIM should be done incrementally. 20. Systems integration cannot be purchased from a vendor or supplier. System Principles::  System Principles: 21. A successful CIM system will affect all functions in the firm.  22. CIM will affect the labor requirements of the firm. 23. CIM is dynamic.   The Elephant in the Room:  The Elephant in the Room Next time… :  Next time…

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