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Published on March 14, 2008

Author: Demetrio

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Arizona 511 Model Deployment: Scope and Evaluation Activities Mark Hickman University of Arizona mhickman@engr.arizona.edu Collaborators in National Evaluation:  Collaborators in National Evaluation Matt Burt, Battelle Jeffrey Jenq, Battelle Carol Zimmerman, Battelle Jane Lappin, Volpe Center, USDOT Arizona 511 Basics:  Arizona 511 Basics Statewide traveler information services 511 (formerly 1-888-411-ROAD) www.az511.com (formerly www.azfms.com) Supporting Systems Highway Condition Reporting System (HCRS) ADOT, DPS, Municipalities Voice Response Activation System (VRAS) Text to speech software Other major systems AZTech Project in Maricopa County / Phoenix Transit information numbers in Phoenix and Tucson System Overview:  System Overview AZ 511 Menu Structure:  AZ 511 Menu Structure Model Deployment Activities:  Model Deployment Activities Project timetable: September 2002 - September 2004 Major System Elements HCRS upgrades and expansion Information content enhancements VRAS upgrades and voice recognition (?) Marketing experiments and research Premium service trials Information Content Improvements:  Information Content Improvements Data from other states - Utah, other CANAMEX states? RWIS and segment-based weather information Arterial incident data Urban arterial travel time trial Sky Harbor airport information National Park Service / Grand Canyon information Bus arrival time trial (?) Other transit content Phoenix downtown event parking Route reports to segment reports Arizona 511 Evaluation Themes:  Arizona 511 Evaluation Themes System Performance:  System Performance Information content changes HCRS logs Incremental improvements in information content Capacity and utilization of phone lines Dropped calls System outages Usage:  Usage Call volumes Tracking of source of call Landline / cellular Geographic area Caller ID for statistical purposes Tracking of individual calls by system logs Time of call, menu choices, duration of call Call hand-offs to transit or other locations Frequency of repeat visitors (with Caller ID) Data and correlation with roadway incidents, weather events, 511 system outages Customer Satisfaction:  Customer Satisfaction Call “intercept” surveys Focus groups: small teleconference groups Customer comments as a menu option in phone system Challenges Inability to “interrupt” calls Survey as a menu option, diversion to human interview Solicit focus group participation from current users? Technical and Institutional Issues:  Technical and Institutional Issues Costs Schedule Technical issues Cross-modal issues Interstate issues Phone companies Problems and solutions Lessons learned Evaluation Timetable:  Evaluation Timetable Currently developing evaluation plan Baseline Data: 9/2002 to 9/2003 System performance and usage logs Customer satisfaction in planning stages Ongoing documentation of institutional/technical issues “After” Data: 9/2003 to 9/2004 Likely phased implementation of new content

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