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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: marygracecagay

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EVALUATION REPORT: 2nd FISH IS LIFE FESTIVAL (2013) AQUA TRADE FAIR & EXHIBIT SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City October 15-17, 2013 Prepared by: MARY GRACE S. CAGAY Aquaculturist I (COS) WENNIL ANGELA MEDRANO Administrative Aide (COS)

FISH is LIFE FESTIVAL 50th Fish Conservation Week Celebration October 15-17, 2013, SM Megatrade Hall 3 “Pangisdaang Pinagyaman Ngayon, Henerasyong Sagana sa Panghabang Panahon” * OUR MESSAGE: FISH is . . . LIVELIHOOD The capture, farming and processing of fish and other aquatic products generate jobs and livelihoods that improve the lives of coastal families and other stakeholders; INCOME Fisheries contribute significantly to the country’s Gross Domestic Products, and therefore strengthen our economy;

FUTURE GENERATION As an archipelagic country, the lives of our future generation depend on how well our present generation protects and conserves our fisheries and aquatic resources; ECOLOGICAL BALANCE Fish and other aquatic lives are intricately interlinked with every creature on earth including men. Like a web of life – take away one strand and the balance is destroyed.   * FISH IS LIFE is a 3-in-1 show featuring: KAUGNAY AKO Agency Exhibition KABALIKAT KAMI Producers Show KAYA NATIN Technical Symposia

CHART OF OPERATIONS TEAM Bureau of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources National Technical Working Group Other Sub-Committees Communication & Promotion Registration & Clientele Services Sub-Committee/ Exhibit Organizer Logistics & Service Providers’ Relation

LIST OF EXHIBITORS Booth # Exhibitor Booth # Exhibitor 1 Bulacan Aquarist Club 18 Land Bank of the Philippines 2 Guppy Club Philippines 19 DA-ACPC 3 Phil. Betta All Stars 20 Bank of the Philippine Islands 4 & 13 FISHTAH 22 & 23 Calbayog City LGU 5 Bluebay Aquaculture Inc. 24 RG Food Products 6 FINFISH 25 Marietta Native Foods 7 Concord Fishing & Canning 26 Wonder Country Bluefin Seafoods Export 27 Bilma’s Herbal Products 10 FRI Seafoods Trading 28 Michael Concepts Int’l. 11 Jess Aqua Marine Traders 29 DTG Pearl Royale 12 Sulu MPC 30 Fenor Foods Corp. 14 SPAMAST 31 Philippine Seawealth (Seakid) 15 KIV Marketing Co. 32 Navarro Foods Int’l. 16 Bayang Pinoy Org. 33 & 34 17 NGOs for Fisheries Reform 8&9 35 Mega Sardines Food Corp. RAMC Food Industry

Booth # Exhibitor Booth # Exhibitor 36 Trans Ocean Food Products 53 BFAR Regional Office 10 37 Permex Producer & Exporter 54 BFAR Regional Office 7 38 BFAR Regional Office 5 55 BFAR Regional Office 9 39 APAMI 56 BFAR Regional Office 8 40 La Familia Foods 57 BFAR Regional Office ARMM 41 Carmela’s Tahong Crackers 58 San Isidro MPC 42 Getzon Int’l. Legacy 59 Calbiga Food Processors, Inc. 43 BFAR Regional Office 13 60 MCPI 44 BFAR Regional Office 11 61 & 68 45 BFAR Regional Office 12 62 BFAR Regional Office 4-b 46 BFAR Regional Office 6 63 BFAR Regional Office 4-a 47 BFAR Regional Office 2 64 D & L Seafoods 48 Citra Mina 65 Technology Resource Center (TRC 49 Frabelle Market Corp. 66 PFDA 50 RDEX 67 NFRDI 51 John Peter Fishing & Trading 69 Alch Food Express 52 BFAR Regional Office 1 70 Kat Rosario’s Kitchen BFAR FRQD/ Manila Ocean Park

SALES REPORT OF 45 EHIBITORS (based on submitted Daily Sales Report) Booth # Exhibitor Total Sales per Exhibitor Mega Fishing Corp 46,000.00 Marietta Native Food Products 26,000.00 Permex Producer & Exporter Corp. 21,953.00 Bilma’s Herbal Products Marketing 20,500.00 BFAR Regional Office ARMM 20,290.00 Filipinas Inventors 19,720.00 BFAR Regional Office 9 14,034.00 BFAR Regional Office 2 13,628.00 Namnama’s Food Products 11,000.00 BFAR Regional Office 7 9,780.00 Philippine Seawealth (Seakid) 9,030.00 La Familia Foods 8,000.00 DTG Pearl Royale 7,800.00 Technology Resource Center (TRC) 7,720.00 BFAR Regional Office 11 7,616.78

Booth # Exhibitor Total Sales per Exhibitor RG Foods 7,000.00 Mo. Bonifacia Rodriguez FDN/ BFAR 4-a 6,600.00 Getzon’s Legacy 5,720.00 Concord Fishing & Canning Corporation 5,624.00 Michael Concepts Int’l. 5,050.00 Navarro Foods 4,910.00 BFAR Regional Office 10 4,609.00 RAMC Food Industry 4,590.00 BFAR Regional Office 13 4,485.00 Frabelle Market Corporation 4,420.00 BFAR Regional Office 12 4,256.00 Wonder Country 4,150.00 Calbiga Food Processors 3,850.00 RDEX 3,800.50 BFAR Regional Office 7 3,700.00 Island Marketing 3,700.00 NFRDI 3,625.00

Booth # Exhibitor Total Sales per Exhibitor Mc Grill Industries 3,600.00 BFAR Regional Office 8 3,424.00 Kat Rosario’s Kitchen 3,185.00 APAMI 3,000.00 Jess Aqua Marine Traders, Inc. 3,000.00 Calbayog City, LGU 2,860.00 Trans Ocean Food Products 2,621.00 D & L Seafoods 2,190.00 Alch Food Express 1,835.00 BFAR Regional Office 4-b 1,560.00 BFAR Regional Office 5 1,100.00 SULU MPC 1,025.00 Bluebay Aquaculture TOTAL SALES: AVERAGE DAILY SALES: AVERAGE DAILY SALES PER EXHIBITOR: 550.00 353,111.28 117,703.76 7,846.92

EXHIBITOR’S QUESTIONNAIRE (RESULTS SUMMARY) 45 RESPONDENTS (70%) OUT OF 64 EXHIBITORS ANSWERED THE EXHIBITOR’S QUESTIONNAIRE WHICH POSED 16 SURVEY QUESTIONS 1. Objective of Participation (Pls. rank according to prioritized concerns, with #1 as the lowest and #5 the highest): TO PROMOTE PRODUCTS 2. In view of your objectives, how would you judge your participation at this Trade Show? GOOD 3. How would you assess your company/product’s promotional exposure in this event? GOOD 4. How successful was the Trade Show for you? AS EXPECTED 5. Were you able to generate actual sales in the event? YES 6-7 SEE SALES REPORT SUMMARY

8. How would you assess the support and services of the Organizer? EXCELLENT 9. How would you assess the support and services of RUBERT JAMES, the official stand contractor? GOOD 10. How would you assess the choice of venue, SM MEGATRADE HALL 1? GOOD 11. How would you assess the quality of the visitors? GOOD 12. How would you assess the publicity made for the Show? GOOD 13. How would you assess the management of the show during ingress/egress procedures? GOOD

14. Would you be interested to exhibit in FISHCON (FISH IS LIFE FESTIVAL) 2011? YES 15. What is the ideal number of days for FISHCON (FISH IS LIFE FESTIVAL)? 3 DAYS 16. Any other comments and suggestions? (see last slide)


OTHER REASONS FOR PARTICIPATION: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Market-Matching; To promote technologies derived from R & D; Public Awareness; IEC Distribution; To promote programs and projects of BFAR To promote programs and projects of other government institutions; Attend to inquiries and disseminate information; Negotiate offers which may result in actual orders; Meet potential partners that can lead to business alliances;

7% 14% 41% 38%

OTHER COMMENTS & SUGGESTIONS FROM EXHIBITORS, VISITORS, ORGANIZERS, SECRETARIAT, USHERS, USHERETTES 1. Additional and improved advertisements and promotions for event 2. Schedule weekends for trade fairs: Friday, Saturday, Sunday (3 days) 3. Improve event publicity and maximize stage events/promos and shows (i.e., cooking demonstrations and company presentations) 4. Organize more activities simultaneously to encourage customers and visitors to come in 5. It has been observed that some exhibitors leave the venue premises earlier than allowed closing time. I strongly suggest that we- exhibitors should strictly follow trade fair rules and guidelines 6. Ever since BFAR started organizing trade fairs, it is the clamor of the exhibitors (stakeholders) to have it held in more strategic venues for them to be able to target vast market (which means not only for direct sales but for bulk orders and investors) 7. The NTWG should decide early on the current year for the sub-committees to work on their assigned duties and tasks 8. Promotions should be at least 6 months prior to event (and should be intensified after 3 months) 9. Additional budget.


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