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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: professornguyen

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GROWTH: Post WW II: economic expansion Auto industry Govt. spending Infrastructure, military GROWTH INTERSTATE HIGHWAY ACT: 41,000 miles Highways $$$ billions INTERSTATE HIGHWAY ACT The Thriving Peacetime Economy: Post WW II: economic expansion Auto industry Govt. spending Infrastructure, military Population The Thriving Peacetime Economy PowerPoint Presentation: Great Depression War Post-War: +++people Baby boomers GROWTH: Post WW II: economic expansion Auto industry Govt. spending Infrastructure, military Population Housing GROWTH PowerPoint Presentation: An aerial view of 1950s tract houses in the suburban development of Levittown, New York. Mass production techniques were key to providing affordable housing in the new postwar suburbs—but they required a “cookie cutter” approach to architecture, with little or no variation among the houses. SOURCE:Getty Images,Inc/Hulton Archive Photos. SUBURBAN LIFE: Conformity: Housing Levittown, N.Y. Homes, appliances, autos, vacations Disneyland, Vegas, McDonalds, Holiday Inn SUBURBAN LIFE PowerPoint Presentation: A 1950s family watching “I Love Lucy,” one of the most popular situation comedies in the early days of television. Manufacturers designed and marketed TV sets as living room furniture and emphasized their role in fostering family togetherness. PowerPoint Presentation: A crowded commuter train in Philadelphia, ca. 1955. The rapid growth of suburbs in the postwar era made commuting to work, either by mass transit or auto, a routine part of life for millions of Americans. SOURCE:Getty Images Inc./Hulton Archive. GROWTH: Post WW II: economic expansion Auto industry Govt. spending Infrastructure, military Population Housing Consumers $$$ GROWTH CONSUMER CULTURE: Credit: 1950, Diner’s club Visa, American Express $8.4 billion – 1946 $45 billion – 1958 CONSUMER CULTURE T.V. CULTURE: Like radio Advertising $$$ T.V. dinner: 1954 Good life=endless spending T.V. CULTURE PowerPoint Presentation: FIGURE 27.1 The Growth of the Suburbs, 1950–70 Suburban growth, at the expense of older inner cities, was one of the key social trends in the twenty-five years following World War II. By 1970, more Americans lived in suburbs than in either inner cities or rural areas. SOURCE:Adapted from U.S.Bureau of the Census, Current Censuses, 1930 –1970 (Washington DC:U.S.Government Printing Office,1975). PowerPoint Presentation: FIGURE 27.2 L. A. County Population 1920–80 CLASS AND RACE: Suburbs off limits to minorities VA, FHA encouraged segregation “Red Lining” Private banks Refused to lend Home builders: Whites only CLASS AND RACE Cultural Rebels: Cultural Rebels MUSIC: Rock and Roll Black R&B Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis Diverse Jewish songwriters, Black/White performers Ritchie Valens Rosie and the Originals MUSIC PowerPoint Presentation: This photo of Elvis Presley singing at a 1956 state fair in Memphis captured his dramatic stage presence. Performing with only a trio, his sound was spare but hard driving. Both the music and Presley’s stage moves owed a great deal to African American rhythm and blues artists. SOURCE:Getty Images,Inc.(C422). MUSIC: Erotic power Little Richard James Brown Elvis MUSIC PowerPoint Presentation: Rock pioneer Chuck Berry and one of his many younger disciples, Bruce Springsteen, played together at the grand opening of the Hall in September 1995. Berry was among the inaugural class of inductees in 1986. Terry Knerem/Corbis/Sygma. MEN: Boring, dull, middle-class male Alternatives MEN PLAYBOY: Hugh Hefner Playboy magazine “good life” with no attachments Sexual pleasures, consumerism “bachelor flats” PLAYBOY BEAT: Writers, artists, poets Conformity, eccentric art, jazz, drugs BEAT PowerPoint Presentation: Jack Kerouac, founding voice of the Beat literary movement, in front of a neon lit bar, ca. 1950. Kerouac’s public readings, often to the accompaniment of live jazz music, created a performance atmosphere underlining the connections between his writing style and the rhythms and sensibility of contemporary jazz musicians. SOURCE:Globe Photos,Inc.(YULSMAN). MEN: Most did not rebel Lived vicariously MEN PowerPoint Presentation: Signs designating “White” and “Colored” rest rooms, waiting rooms, entrances, benches, and even water fountains were a common sight in the segregated South. They were a constant reminder that legal separation of the races in public spaces was the law of the land. SOURCE:(left)Photo by Dan McCoy.Black Star;(right)Segregation Trailways.CORBIS. ORIGINS OF CIVIL RIGHTS: ORIGINS OF CIVIL RIGHTS WWII experiences Double V Harlem Renaissance Mendez vs. westminster: Mendez vs. westminster Orange County 1947 Felicitas and Gonzalo BROWN VS. BOARD (1954): BROWN VS. BOARD (1954) 1954 Plessy v. Ferguson Segregation in schools “separate but inherently unequal” Hernandez vs. texas (1954): Hernandez vs. texas (1954) Texas, Southwest Law: Mexicans=White Reality: discrimination, racism Hernandez vs. texas: Hernandez vs. texas Significance Mexican-American civil rights Expansion of equal protection Beyond Black/White EMMETT TILL: EMMETT TILL 14 year old from north Visiting Mississippi Whistled at White woman in store Brutally murdered At least 15 people involved Open casket funeral Shocked nation CIVIL RIGHTS: CIVIL RIGHTS Dr. King non-violence, agitation PowerPoint Presentation: Voting rights demonstrators on the historic four-day, fifty-four mile trek from Selma to Montgomery Alabama, March 1965. Intensive media coverage helped swell the original 3,000 marchers to over 30,000 supporters at a climactic rally in front of the Alabama state capitol in Montgomery.

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