50+ Features and its Benefits which comes with VoIP Service

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Information about 50+ Features and its Benefits which comes with VoIP Service

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: RingtoIndia

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Know 50+ features which comes along with VoIP service.

Not only that, find out the benefits of it.

50+ Features which comes with VoIP service www.RingtoIndia.com Benefits of 50+ Features

#1 Cheap International Calling Rates We use VoIP service to be an alternative for cheaper calling solution. Benefits Cheap International Calling Rates  Saves 95% on international calls  One stop solution for international calls Save tons with VoIP calls

#2 Direct Dial Direct Dial feature facilitates the user to call any contacts without dialling the access number. This makes the calling process really simple for users. Benefits Direct Dial  Fast & Easy International calling facility Making international calls using local number Direct Dial Simplifies your international calling needs

#3 Speed Dial Direct Dial feature facilitates the user to call any contacts without dialling the access number. This makes the calling process really simple for users. Benefits Speed Dial  Fast & Easy International calling facility Making international calls using local number Speed Dial allows faster calls

#4 Pin Less Dialling With this feature customer need not have to worry about dialling long PIN numbers to make international calls. Benefits PIN less Dialling  No more long PIN number dialling for making international calls No more dialling long PIN numbers

#5 PC Application The customer can download the application to their computer and start making international calls after installing it. Benefits PC Application  PC to Phone Calls  International Calls at a mouse click distance PC to Phone Calls at ease

#6 Mobile VoIP Now download the VoIP app to your Smartphone or similar device and start using the VoIP service whenever you’re on the move. Benefits of Mobile VoIP  Use VoIP service on the move Mobility With VoIP

#7 Call Back Service Make the calls using Call Back service. With this option, when you call the VoIP company, they will first make call to your phone and then the call will be made to the number you desired to call. Benefits of Call Back Service  Making the calling process real simple Call Back Feature

#8 Video Calls Now with VoIP service, you can make video calls. With this feature, now you can see the person with whom you’re talking to. Enhance your communication to new dimension with Video calls. Benefits of Video Calls  Personalized effect on your calls Video Calls

#9 Conferencing Talk with more people rather than talking with just 2. This feature enhances the business environment. Benefits of Call Conferencing  Trims the cost on travelling  Enhances the scope of any business Conference

#10 Call Waiting With Call Waiting feature, you will know who is calling you whenever you’re on another call. Now you won’t be missing any important calls, while conversing with others using VoIP service Benefits of Call Waiting  Know who is calling you  Never miss important calls whenever conversing with others Call Waiting

#11 Wi-Fi Calling Using VoIP service, you can now make calls whenever you have Wi-Fi access. When travelling it’s the most excellent way to save a lot on your international calling expenses. Benefits of Wi-Fi Calling  Save your bundle minutes  Works perfectly fine from anywhere  Stay connected whenever you have Wi-Fi access Wi-Fi

#12 3G Calling Using VoIP service, you can now make calls whenever you have 3G access. When travelling it’s the most excellent way to save a lot on your international calling expenses. Benefits of 3G Calling  Save your bundle minutes  Works perfectly fine from anywhere  Stay connected whenever you have 3G access 3G

#13 Portability VoIP service is highly portable and owing to this reason it has gained a lot of popularity not only in residential users but also among business users. Benefits of Portability  Can be used wherever there is internet access  Is a perfect choice when you travel Portability

#14 Free VoIP Calls Make free calls to anywhere in the world using VoIP service. Several VoIP companies provides Free VoIP calls to their customers. Benefits of Free VoIP Calls  Free calls within the network Free VoIP Calls

#15 Free Email Support Every VoIP companies provide email support to their customers at free of cost. If you’re using service from any VoIP company who doesn’t provide it, then you should start looking for any other VoIP service provider. Benefits of Free Email Support  All your queries and complaints are noticed by the service provider and necessary action would be taken with respect to it. Free e-mail support

#16 Free Live Chat Support Not every company provides live chat support. It is highly recommended that you find a company who provides free live chat support to their customers. Benefits of Free Live Chat Support  Facilitates you to contact the company at anytime  Facilitates you to analyze about the company before hiring Free Live Chat Support

#17 0844 Number 0844 number, 0845 number comes with a fixed rate. A low cost is applied to you when you make calls using these numbers. Benefits of 0844 Number  Cheap rates are applied to you per minute 0844 Number

#18 Local Number With Local number, your business will have local presence. For residential users, with the help of local access number, they can make international calls at most affordable price. Benefits of Local Number  Brings local presence for your business  Stay connected with everyone at affordable rates. Local Number

#19 National Number Get national number and enhance your business presence to national level. With local number and national number from a VoIP company, you can boost your business to new levels beyond your competitors reach. Benefits of Local Number  Brings national presence for your business National Number

#20 112, 901, 999 Calls Now make calls to emergency number using VoIP service. No more worries regarding, getting connected to emergency number when using VoIP service. However, only a few companies provides emergency number service. Benefits of Emergency Numbers  Calling emergency numbers from the VoIP service. 112, 901, 999 Calls

#21 3 Party Calling Using VoIP service, you can make 3 party calling or call conferencing. Now say connected to more than 2 phones. Benefits of 3 Party Calling  Facilitates Call Conferencing 3 Party Calling

#22 Caller ID Display Hire a VoIP company which provides features such as Caller ID Display. This will allow you to know who is calling you and can make decision on which call to select with respect to it. Benefits of Caller ID Display  Allow you to know who is calling you Caller ID Display

#23 Caller ID Control With the Caller ID Control feature, you can select which number of yours should be shown to the person whom you’re calling. Benefits of Caller ID Control  You can select which number you want to display for the recipient. Caller ID Control

#24 Call Transfer In a business environment with many VoIP lines, its effective to transfer the calls to the person in the group. Benefits of Call Transfer  Can transfer the call to another member in the group Call Transfer

#25 Call Forward Now no more worries regarding missing any important calls if you’re busy, away or offline. The call will be forwarded to the number to which you can be reached. Benefits of Call Forwarding  No more missing any important phone calls Call Forwarding

#26 Voicemail With Voicemail feature, which comes with VoIP service, you can get all the messages whenever you didn’t attend the call. Benefits of Voicemail  Know all the messages for the calls you couldn’t attend. Voicemail

#27 Simultaneous Calls Make any number of calls with simultaneous calling feature. The only limit it can bring is the broadband capacity you have. Benefits of Simultaneous Calls  Now make several calls at the same time.  Perfect solution for call centers. Simultaneous Calls

#28 Online Control Panel With the full control of your phone line with online control panel. Now you can set your password, check your status online, configure your details of the lines. Benefits of Online Control Panel  Complete access to your phone line via online Online Control Panel

#29 SMS Sending Now with VoIP service, send SMS from your computer or PC. Benefits of SMS Sending  Send SMS from your PC using VoIP service SMS Sending

#30 Call History Every VoIP company offers online account management and you can check your call history through it. The call history provides every calls you made at any time. Benefits of Call History  Check your call history at anytime Call History

#31 Phone Book Now you can save and store all your contacts in the phone book and make instant calls at anytime. Benefits of Phone Book  Simple and instant call making facility Phone Book

#32 Click to Dial Now call your phone book contacts from your PC. Its just a mouse click distance away. Benefits of Click to Dial  Just click on the number on the phone book to make the call Click to Dial

#33 Missed Call Handler With Missed Call Handler feature, you can have higher control over all the calls you’re going to miss. You can set it to an alarm, voicemail or to another phone. Benefits of Missed Call Handler  Never miss any important calls, as now you can set it to your requirements. Missed Call Handler

#34 Missed Call Alerts Now you will know all the calls you have missed via email. With the missed call alerts feature, you will get an email every time you get a miss call. Benefits of Missed Call Alerts  Get an email every time you miss a call Missed Call Alerts

#35 Multiple Numbers If your business have multiple numbers with the same phone. The customer will call any one of the numbers and get the phone number and the same number will ring. Benefits of Multiple Numbers  Enhance the User experience and your business equally. Multiple Numbers

#36 Multiple Lines Now get multiple VoIP lines and separate numbers and that too billed to one account. Benefits of Multiple Lines  Assists you to be connected with your business round the clock Multiple Lines

#37 Multiple Phones Get support for multiple phones with a single VoIP line. Benefits of Multiple Phones  Perfect for all the call centers and customer support teams. Multiple Phones

#38 Support Center Get the complete support from your VoIP company Benefits of Support Center  A-Z support when you register a complaint or an issue regarding the service. Support Center

#39 IP PBX Compatible Get the VoIP service which is easily compatible with IP PBX and offers comprehensive support of a VoIP trunk with a minimum hardware. Benefits of IP PBX Compatibility  Simple and easy to install and compatible with IP PBX Support Center

#40 SIP Compliant Find a VoIP company who provides SIP compliant service so that you will get an higher level of choice and better flexibility. Now with SIP compliant you can add any phone to it. Benefits of SIP Compliant  Future proof investment in hardware  Higher Flexibility and Better Choice SIP Compliant

#41 No Contract With No contracts, you can use the service without worrying about paying the compensation amount when you terminate the service. Benefits of No Contracts  No fear of violating the T&C of the contract  Boost the customer trust on the product No Contracts

#42 Unlimited Calling Plan Sign up for unlimited calling plan and make unlimited calls to any international destination within the fair usage policy. Benefits of Unlimited Calling Plan  Stay connected with your loved ones for longer duration  You know what your bills would be Unlimited Calling Plan

#43 Bonus Minutes When a customer sign up for VoIP service, few service provides offers free minutes to their customers. Benefits of Bonus Minutes  Make free calls  Can check the QoS without paying Bonus Minutes

#44 Real Time Billing System Now with real time billing system you can access your online account at real time. Benefits of Real Time Billing System  Find your online status of your bills at real-time. Real Time Billing System

#45 Compatibility VoIP service is highly compatible. It can be used from traditional landlines, softphone, VoIP phones, Wi-Fi phones, cordless phones, mobile phones and of course with PBX Benefits of Compatibility  Can be used with any phone of your choice Compatibility

#46 Mobility Download mobile caller apps and make your VoIP service mobile by using it from your Smartphone. Benefits of Mobility  Stay connected even on the move with Mobile VoIP service Mobility

#47 Money Back Guarantee Actually Money Back Guarantee is not a feature, but an add on which comes along with VoIP service among with service VoIP service providers Benefits of Money Back Guarantee  Use the service without risking your hard earned money Money Back Guarantee

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