5 Undeniable Truths of Successful Fundraising

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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: LauraWallerMiller

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Is your nonprofit fundraising and development effort feel "underdeveloped"? Geared to nonprofit development directors, board members, executive directors and volunteers. Learn 5 key insights to launch your charity into a new experience of fundraising success.

5 Undeniable Truths of Successful Fundraising Laura Waller-Miller


Top challenges  Has revenue been flat or down?  Has the demand for your services increased?  Demonstrating impact – How are marketing efforts going?  How well are you really connecting with new, prospective donors on any level? Lots of talk, little conversion?  How supportive and engaged is your Board in driving growth?  Have you been able to attract & retain skilled, experienced professional fundraisers?

 Spoke with 6 of the most successful fundraisers I know. All have received recognition from AFP and / or PPP.  Studied TED talks, articles, books and blogs of Top CEOs and fundraisers in the United States  My own experience over 28 years  Fundraising = success with individual donors

Truth #1 Capacity – Scarcity conflict  92% of Americans perceive a retirement crisis  61% fear outliving their money more than they fear death  54% of those in their mid40s – 50s believe they will outlive their assets  Even in good times, affluent don’t see themselves as  Successful – Significant – Secure  Nonprofit coming from a scarcity mindset as well  Need, give, want, help . . .  You attract what you are

Truth #1 Capacity – Scarcity conflict You see abundance and capacity Donor sees scarcity and constraint

Stories Community Truth # 2 Beliefs change ONLY through experience  Story SHARING:  Story of Me  Story of Us  Story of Now  Successful fundraisers are good at being vulnerable  They are also really good listeners  Connect emotion to action and commitment  Creating an opportunity to share more than just money  Connection with others  Can’t give what you don’t have  Donor = part of the story  Committed for the long- term

Truth #2 Beliefs change ONLY through experience Change the experience => change the emotions => change the decisions

Abundance Scarcity Truth #3 You are in control  Internal (the solution lies within)  Controllable circumstances  Proactive  Collaborative  New growth  External (the fault lies without)  Not controllable  Reactive  Competitive  Stagnation and decline

Truth #4 Invest more . . . Not less  Personal / professional development  Tools for community building  The “no budget” lie (scarcity)  Dan Pallotta - TED Talk  “Social Profit”  LinkedIn Success http://youtu.be/jm15S1QmOTw

Do you really want to stay where you are?  Tension between increased demand and stagnant income  Disconnect in demonstrating impact  Lack of connection with prospective donors Lots of talk, little conversion  Lack of support / engagement from Board  Even if you are achieving “success” – can you sustain it?

Truth #5 Become a philanthropist yourself  Relationships become peer-to-peer  Give first  Understand your value and your own abundance  Export the feelings of abundance to your donors

Are you surviving or thriving? Coaching Free ½ hour What is the most significant obstacle preventing you from experiencing even more success? www.liveninja.com/lauranne/ The Abundance of YOU  New tools that you can apply immediately to improve relationships with donors, family and friends  Process that leads to undeniable fundraising success.  Access to a members-only community of resources and on-going support www.philanthropy2.wordpress.com

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