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Published on March 20, 2014

Author: DanJackson

Source: authorstream.com

Hunger Games: Its starts with a slow fade in and out of two girls having a conversation. We see fade into other clips while the conversation is still going, this is called a sound bridge. The music is slow and a string instrument(violin) this is making the audience feel sympathy and emotional for the main character. They faced past cuts at the start let us know the storyline, the fact they are fighting in the hunger games again. When the conversation ends the music is more fast tempo and more fast paced cuts are involved, with various conversations ‘she’s not who you think she is’ this makes the audience want to know what he is talking about, it gives the trailer a sense of mystery. We see different people kissing to show that it is a romance film as well to gain the female audience. Lots of violence is shown whilst the elder man is talking to show he is the antagonist, also as he is describing the games he says ‘gone’ and the screen goes black, this is to highlight to the audience how dangerous the games are and make them relate to death. This trailer uses alot of important quotes that make the audience want to see the film as it is the same storyline to the first hunger games e.g. ‘I think these games are going to be different’ and ‘last year was childs play, this year dealing with all experienced killers. Near the end of the trailer the music builds up and more action is contained within the fast paced cuts. Hunger Games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FovFG3N_RSU The Impossible: Slow emotional music opens the trailer, straight away you know it is going to be a sad film. It has high key lighting to show it is a happy place, the long shot of the palm trees shows its exotic location. The start of the trailer shows they are just a family enjoying their holiday, so the audience are waiting to see what it is that happens due to the sad music. Then the music dramatically stops and the credits explain that it is based on the tsunami in 2004. Then the tsunami hits the swimming pool, it is silent then all we hear is the sea crashing over them. This highlights how bad the tsunami was, makes the audience understand what it would sound like so they can relate to what the characters must be feeling. The Dad calls for his son to add to the emotion. Then it explains it is a true story which makes us want to watch it. Then slow tempo music returns and the lighting is low, this makes the audience fear the worst. Then we hear the Dads experience of what happened with the cuts matching the part of the story he was telling. Then we see the Mum and son fighting to stay together but just as their hands are about to touch the cut changes. This makes the audience want to know if they made it. We see a birds eye view of the damage caused, this shows the vulnerability of the characters. Then we see clips of them trying to find each other this tells the audience what the main part of the film will be about. The Impossible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bgw394ZKsis End of Watch: It starts with one police officer recording himself introducing the character. This film is all about getting to know the characters really well e.g. Personal life. We are made to feel as if we know them personally and are scared for their life every time they have a mission. We have fast paced cuts we see the police man, a gun and then a police car. So straight away we know that the audience is male. We see police chases, fights and drinking again relating to the main audience. It also says from the producers of fast and furious, this is a well known film with lots of action. Therefore people that enjoyed that film will want to see end of watch. Then the music slows down and we start to watch key parts in the characters lives, such as getting married and having a baby. We start to see the relationship between the two of them. Then we start to see them in action arresting people, involved in gun fights, we then understand that it isn’t just a film full of action but a storyline aswell . Then end of the trailer features fast paced cuts of action. The last seen we see them getting shot at and running, we never know if they survived or lived, the audience will end the trailer wanting to find out. End of Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BqJACZyRUU Dark Knight: It opens with a loud sting to get our attention, it is an establishing shot of batman on a building. It sets the scene and straight away we know it is batman. We see low key lighting as it is at night, but we know there is danger due to the loud sting every time the camera angle changes. The Warner bros sign comes out of black smoke as they have edited to a batman theme. We then get different clips of past events and we can hear the joker speaking about how he needs to kill the batman, then the action starts. This affect makes the audience scared and excited. We start to see pyrotechnics as building explode, this is a key convention in an action adventure and will appeal to the right audience. The music starts to build up as the action starts and the plot begins to be revealed. We then see a bit of romance as the director is trying to gain female audience. The joker returns and all his sidemen are wearing masks, this costumes straight away shows us they are the antagonists, they threaten batman's girlfriend, so straight away we do not like the joker and people want to know what he did to her. With a speech about how batman will save gotham is on, we see fast paced cuts of action, explosions and chases to capture the audiences attention. Then we see the classic shot of batman flying over gotham to remind people that have seen the first batman and then the classic logo so people don't forget. Dark Knight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQ5U8suTUw0 2 Guns: Starts with the sound of a train and the camera is below the train, that gets the audience to look at their screens. We see the distributor company ‘ Univseral ’. The music is stringed instruments, almost like a rock song. We see the two well known actors talking about robbing a bank, we know the action is about to start. It goes silent, then we see him wink and then rob the bank this tells us a lot about the characters, they are experienced in what they are doing and they are not ready to get caught. As we see pyrotechnics the music starts getting faster. We then see how much they have and how then unexpectedly we see him shoot his partner. After the gunshot it goes dark and silent, to emphasise the shock. Now the plot of the story is revealed, the music starts to become more peaceful but still up tempo. We then see a car chase but with the music it becomes more calm and more humorous. Then again we see a shock happen when they had a car crash and held hostage by a gang, the camera went black and the music froze. Then we see alot of action, fast paced cuts of chases naked women and gun fights. They play watchtower by ed sheeran and devlin , which is an up tempo song to fit with the fast paced cuts. A lot of high key lighting is present as parts of comedy and in the trailer to to make the audience laugh and feel more calm. The music then halts and when it restarts he blows the helicopter up and all the money flys out ending with a money shot that will stay in everyones mind. 2 Guns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xj2urY2XXJ4

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