5 Things You're Probably Doing Wrong Working With Bloggers

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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: EricaEhm

Source: slideshare.net


Spending seven years working with PR agencies, marketers, brands direct and bloggers provided the basis of 5 things consistently done wrong when trying to get bloggers to work for you. Try implementing some of these inexpensive and practical strategies instead.


I’mthepublisherandcreator ofYMC—THEonline destinationforCanadian womenwithkids. IstartedYMC8yearsago. TheYMCnetworkof bloggersandinfluencers reaches5millionpeople everymonth. Iknowbloggers.

Iwenttoour #YMCCommunityof influencersandasked THEMwhatyou'redoing wrong.


1. Know your blogger and their content. • What’s their blog about? • What is their background? Are they married? Where do they live? Do they have kids? Do they have pets? Nut allergies? Hardcore likes or dislikes? Bottom-line beliefs? • Um… what’s their name?

1. • Stop with the “hey there” and “dear <insert name>” • Stop sending the wrong people the wrong releases • Understand how your brand fits with the voice, content, and audience of your chosen blogger(s)


Influencers with large followings may look good for reach, but… • Can they write a proper sentence? • Is their content original? • Are their posts helpful? Relatable? Shareable? • Are they actually the best fit for your brand? • Are they really engaging with their audience? 2.

3. Blogging is an actual profession. True story. • If you book a blogger you better have a budget • Bloggers are your copywriters, freelance writers and journalists, speakers, hosts, and brand ambassadors • Value your bloggers and pay for every part of their involvement – from pitch to reporting

• Compensation should also include accommodations, transportation, and other – if not all related expenses. 3.

Campaigns don’t manage themselves • Did you discuss reporting? • What kind? Click thru’s? Page views? Retweets? Repins? Likes? Shares? Impressions? • Does the blogger have a reporting template? • Will they be providing you with screenshots? • Do they have vetted ‘rules and regs’ for contests? • Do you? 4.

4. Not going to do your job? You’ll attract bloggers who... • Share and RT without ever having clicking a link or vetting an article • Fake stats • Copy and paste your press release with out really engaging with brand

Trade love’em and leave’em one-off campaigns for long term engagement. • Don't just use bloggers for quick one off campaigns • Develop a strategy for how you want to leverage their skills, their unique voice, klout and reach • Create long term initiatives and develop working relationships 5. #PGMoms #streamteam #YMCBabyandMe

What you SHOULD be doing with bloggers: • Research your bloggers • Quality over quantity • Pay your bloggers • Outline your KPIs • Get post-program reports • Build long term relationships 5.

Erica Ehm Publisher, Yummymummyclub.ca erica@yummymummyclub.ca @yummymummyclub

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