5. the production process day 7

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Published on October 24, 2014

Author: rbdwyer001

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The three stages of the production process.

1. The Production Process Interactive Notebook Page 12 Assignment: Page 11 Production Process Foldable “To be a writer, you need a pen. To be a painter, a brush. To be a musician, an instrument. But to be a filmmaker, you need the collaboration of others to bring your vision to the canvas that is the movie screen.” – Martin Scorsese

2. The Production Process  There are three stages of the production process.  Pre-Production  Production  Post-Production

3. Step 1: Pre-Production  Pre-Production involves all the work necessary to plan the film.  The screenwriter needs to write or revise the script.  Production design involves researching and creating sets, costumes and makeup.  Storyboards are drawn.  Casting needs to be completed.

4. Step 2: Production  Production is the work completed “on the set”.  It is the actual filming of the video, television show, or film.

5. Step 3: Post-Production  Post-production is the work completed in the studio or edit.  The video or film is edited and sound, special effects, transitions, etc. are added.

6. Foldables Activity – Step 1  Fold your paper into three sections.  On the front section write “The Production Process”  On the first inside section write “Pre- Prodcution”  On the center section write “Production”  On the third section “Write Post- Production”.

7. Foldables Activity Cont.  On the “Pre-Production” section list ten things that you think need to be done during pre-production.

8. Foldables Activity Cont.  Write your own definition of each stage of the production process above the stage. Give examples of what must be done during that stage.

9. Foldable  Write your own definition for each step of the production process.  Give examples for each. You can discuss examples with your neighbor.  When you are done, attach your foldable to page 11 in your interactive notebook.

10. Interactive Notebooks  Make sure vocabulary words and key words in your notes are underlined or highlighted.  Tutorials M, Th, Fri 7:30 am  After school by appointment with parents permission

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