5 Steps To Successfully Employing Technical Candidates

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Information about 5 Steps To Successfully Employing Technical Candidates
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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: iCobusLtd

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Provided is a presentation for all hiring managers and recruitment agencies in the technical sector. Help and advice on hiring telecommunications & data cabling candidates. Here at iCobus we like to provide our candidates and clients information to help them get the most out of our recruitment services.

5 Steps To Successfully Employing Technical Candidates

Step 1: Be Proactive When Searching A high volume of applicants doesn’t necessarily ensure high quality candidates. As is the case when hiring for most positions. Those perfect hires get even rarer when you’re seeking out specific technical skills. Instead of simply posting to job boards, get proactive. Incorporate a combination of various hiring tactics, for instance: online advertising & social media, attend local and national job fairs, regional university recruitment, implement a employee referral program, and sometimes, direct headhunting.

Step 2: Structured Interviews One of the biggest challenges when hiring for tech positions is making sure the interviewers are as well informed about the skills required for the role as the applicant. In the interview phase, make sure you have your top engineers and managers evaluate the candidate with knowledge and behavioural based questions.

Step 3: Office Culture Counts While recruiters do, of course, need to focus on finding candidates with the technical skills required for the job, cultural fit is also important to ensure a successful, long-term hire. Research has found a high correlation between cultural fit, job satisfaction and low employee turnover, so vet candidates based on your company’s core values.

Step 4: Know What You Want Recruiters are sometimes eager to start searching for candidates as soon as a hiring manager gives them a job order. But, before you go in search of candidates, make sure you and your team of recruiters fully understand the job requirements. Ask the hiring manager questions before jumping into the talent pool, like “What kind of technology is the engineer working with?” and “How does it interact with other technology in this business?”

Step 5: Increase Your Scope Because tech talent is in high demand, don’t limit yourself to traditional recruiting techniques. Always consider new options for finding candidates, not just the ones that are tried and true. And don’t limit yourself to sourcing local talent either. Have a big vision, because quite often, the best technical hire will not be located in your backyard.

Website: www.icobus.com Telephone: 0208 544 0944 Email: admin@icobus.com iCobus is an ICT, Telecoms & Data Cabling Recruitment & data cabling contracting company based in London, offering labour solutions across the UK. We specialise in providing temporary, contract & permanent staff to the telecoms & data cabling industry. We offer a cost effective labour solution, by providing staff on a project specific basis and allowing our clients to grow their business and take on more projects, whilst eliminating staff overheads during quiet times.

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