5 Startup PR Fails - And How to Avoid Them

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Information about 5 Startup PR Fails - And How to Avoid Them

Published on January 27, 2016

Author: FounderInstitute

Source: slideshare.net

1. http://fi.co | @founding 5 Startup PR Fails Jonathan Greechan, Co-Founder, Founder Institute

2. http://fi.co | @founding .. and how to fix them! Jonathan Greechan, Co-Founder, Founder Institute

3. http://fi.co | @founding Who am I? v.01: Intern --> Marketing Lead, Game Trust • 10mm+ players, Billboard Award Winning Game Producer • Raised $16mm, Acquired by RealNetworks (2007) v.02: Co-Led Product on Real’s Community Game Platform v.03: Launched TheFunded.com, Founder Showcase – < $1,000 paid marketing v.04: Co-Founder, Founder Institute

4. http://fi.co | @founding Before we get started… What is the most important thing for startup founders to focus on?

5. http://fi.co | @founding Avoid the “Product Fallacy” Product is not king. TRACTION IS.

6. http://fi.co | @founding Don’t be this guy

7. http://fi.co | @founding Try lots of different things

8. http://fi.co | @founding 5 Startup PR Fails 1. “I’ll just Outsource It” 2. Neglect the Basics 3. Start PR Too Late 4. No Story 5. No Strategy

9. http://fi.co | @founding Fail #1: “I’ll Outsource PR” • No seed-stage startup should ever outsource PR • >$5k/mo, 6/mo min • No reduction in the Founder’s

10. http://fi.co | @founding 1.1: “I’ll Do it Myself”* • Early PR needs to be Founder/ CEO driven • Early PR firms are only efficient when you have inbound/ need training

11. http://fi.co | @founding Fail #2: Neglect the Basics Stop making it so hard to promote you!

12. http://fi.co | @founding 2.1: Help Them Help You* Easily found on your site: 1.1 Sentence Description 2.Clear positioning in your competitive landscape Required Reading: FI.co/posts/504

13. http://fi.co | @founding Fail #3: Start Too Late “Hello, my name is… we launch on Monday.”

14. http://fi.co | @founding 3.1. PR is NOT a “One-Off” Get Started Today: 1.Find the storytellers 2.Learn the narrative 3. Contribute to the narrative

15. http://fi.co | @founding 3.2: Find the Storytellers • You don’t pitch publications - you pitch people • Who are the storytellers? • Learn about them on Twitter • Start engaging!

16. http://fi.co | @founding 3.3: Tools to Find Them

17. http://fi.co | @founding 3.4: Tools to Find Them (& Engage)

18. http://fi.co | @founding 3.5: Contribute to the Narrative

19. http://fi.co | @founding 3.5: No Niche is Too Small! • Devote a few hours a week to documenting your learnings • Be opinionative • Every subject has an expert

20. http://fi.co | @founding 3.6: Share Data

21. http://fi.co | @founding 3.7: Curate

22. http://fi.co | @founding 3.8: Be Opportunistic*

23. http://fi.co | @founding Fail #4: No Basic Planning • Launching in the press is not a rite of passage • Press is not a tool for idea validation, MVP testing, or product feedback

24. http://fi.co | @founding 4. Basic Planning* • What is your goal? – “Announcing our X”, “Spreading the word” are NOT GOALS. – Goals: Early adopters? Investment? Recruitment? Mainstream adoption? • Who is your target? • What is your story?

25. http://fi.co | @founding Fail #5: No Story • You launching is not a story • ANAS (Advertisement, Not a Story)

26. http://fi.co | @founding Don’t Drink Your Own Kool Aid • Your baby is not special • How do you make other people care? • Build a story.

27. http://fi.co | @founding 5.1. Build a Meaningful Story Build a (1)meaningful story where your company (2)plays an important role.

28. http://fi.co | @founding 5.1. Build a Meaningful Story Build a (1)meaningful story where your company (2)plays an important role.

29. http://fi.co | @founding Six Story Types 1. Drama 2. A Trend 3. People 4. Purpose 5. Traction 6. Unique Insight

30. http://fi.co | @founding Story Type 1: Drama We like Drama 1. Good vs. Evil 2. David vs. Goliath 3. Evolution (X for Y) 4. Controversy

31. http://fi.co | @founding Story Type 2: A Trend Pitch a trend, not a company – Don’t start with “I”, “my”, “we”, “our” – Start with “the”, “today”, “there”

32. http://fi.co | @founding Story Type 3: People People (the “who”) are more interesting than companies (the “what”) – Your story – Your customer’s

33. http://fi.co | @founding Story Type 4: Purpose The mission (the “why”) is more interesting than the company (the “what”) – The motivation – The societal benefit

34. http://fi.co | @founding Story Type 5: Validation/ Traction Enough Said…

35. http://fi.co | @founding Story Type 6: Unique Insight Create Relevancy – Data, Data, Data – Counterpoint – Controversy wins EM

36. http://fi.co | @founding But Wait! Gut Check • Journalists wade through BS all day • Don’t get caught manufacturing news

37. http://fi.co | @founding Appendix: The Pitch REQUIRED READING: FI.co/guides/93 • Keep it simple - just a few sentences • Offer an exclusive • Take it step by step • Get them on the phone

38. http://fi.co | @founding “If I leave you with ONE thing…” Advertising is bought. PR IS EARNED. You need to start EARNING it NOW.

39. http://fi.co | @founding Jonathan Greechan Co-Founder, Founder Institute Producer, Founder Showcase Twitter/ Insta: @jonnystartup FB/ Linked: jonathan.greechan Thanks!

40. http://fi.co | @founding PR 101 Workshop Everyone has an angle, let’s find yours! 1. Define Your Goal 2. Identify Your Targets 3. Craft a Story

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