5 Reasons Your Indoor Cat Needs Pet Insurance

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Information about 5 Reasons Your Indoor Cat Needs Pet Insurance

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: PetsBest

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Many people do not believe that cats do not have many medical problems but this is a common misconception. Pets Best gives 5 reasons just why cat insurance is beneficial for you and your cat.

5 Reasons Your Indoor Cat Needs Pet Insurance Pets Best Insurance

It is a common misconception that cats, especially those indoors, do not experience as many medical problems as dogs and outdoor cats

Indoor cats do in fact still incur serious and expensive cat health care problems.

Cats Are Good at Hiding Symptoms Cats are more sedentary by nature, which mean that cat owners are not as likely to notice symptoms their kitties might be displaying.

Indoor Cats Are Still at Risk • Thousands of medical conditions can occur in indoor cats. • Common health problems for all cats include- cystitis, digestive upsets, cancer, diabetes, thyroid disease, leukemia, kidney failure and even heart disease.

The Cost of Treating Cats is Just as Expensive as Other Animals Cats tend to have fewer veterinary visits overall, but when they do have an illness or injury, the veterinarian costs can still be in the hundreds to thousands.

Pet Insurance Coverage is Cost Effective for Cats Cat insurance plans start at just $5 per month and offer the same coverage no matter the age of the cat.

Pet Insurance Increases Spending Power Pet owners who have insurance for indoor cats will be able to afford nearly 5 times the veterinary care than those who don’t.

Cat insurance allows pet owners to budget for their cats’ health care and provides peace of mind in the case of pet health emergencies and unexpected illnesses

3 Common Reasons Indoor Cats Commonly Have to be Rushed to the Veterinarian

Eating Objects Around The House Curious cats can get into trouble while playing with items found in your home. They may play with–and then eat–ribbons, yarn and string. These can cause internal blockages and often require surgery to remove.

Toxic Plants Dozens of indoor plants and even some floral arrangements are toxic to cats. If the cat ingests them, this can cause an upset stomach, heart collapse, kidney failure and even death.

Toxic Foods Many food items you have around the house can cause serious damage or be fatal to your cat. Some examples are raisins, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol and uncooked dough.

Consider Protecting Your Cat’s Health With Pet Insurance Visit Pets Best Insurance to learn about pet insurance plans for your cat. Pet Health Tips Facebook Twitter

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