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Published on July 6, 2016

Author: dustinwayneca

Source: authorstream.com

5 Reasons to Recycle : 5 Reasons to Recycle Slide 2: In a society that’s become increasingly concerned about the health of the environment in recent decades, recycling is oftentimes one of the biggest issues which people choose to discuss. Hardly anyone will dispute that recycling is beneficial to the environment, but there are many who are unaware of the specific benefits which this course of action offers. In fact, there are many reasons why you should recycle your various materials, all of which make a huge difference for the world as a whole.   Recycling materials general uses far less energy than excavating raw materials and then forming new products from them. Slide 3: Recycling your materials keeps them out of landfills and out of areas where they could potentially be harmful to various types of wildlife. Reduces the amount of trash created on a daily basis, meaning less junk ending up in landfills and taking up valuable space . Recycling can actually help to create jobs by facilitating the opening of recycling centers, which will need employees and management systems in order to commence operations . Offer the economy a boost by providing companies with recycling programs a boost and a way to more efficiently produce their goods and services. Slide 4: While these are just some of the benefits associated with recycling, they mean a great deal to the environment overall. Visit this website to learn more about your local recycling buyback center in Mountain View.  

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