5 Reasons To Build Brand Transparency with Shping App

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Information about 5 Reasons To Build Brand Transparency with Shping App

Published on December 14, 2019

Author: shping

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5 Reasons To Build Brand Transparency : 5 Reasons To Build Brand Transparency Slide 2: If You Want Loyal Consumers , You Need to Build a Transparent Brand. That's the takeaway from a comprehensive consumer study completed by Label Insight, a company that specializes in product data out of the US. The  Label Insight Transparency ROI Study  targeted more than 2,000 consumers about the impact transparency has on their trust in and loyalty to brands.  While the study focused on brands in the food industry, its key discoveries are relevant to any company that wishes to generate lifelong customers. Here are the five most relevant lessons about brand transparency the study can teach you. Slide 3: Consumers seek out this information in order to determine whether a company is trustworthy and  56 percent  of those surveyed said that additional product information inspires more trust in a given brand. While investing in ethical systems and materials may require more costs upfront, it can have a massive payoff. According to the study,  73 percent  of consumers say they're willing to pay more for a product that promises total transparency. Meanwhile,  39 percent  said they would switch to a new brand in the pursuit of product transparency. Consumers Want to Know   Everything   About a Product Slide 4: In recent years, the internet and social media have allowed brands to develop personalities, value systems, and relationships with other brands and consumers in ways never before seen. Consequently, this makes consumers more curious and they now expect to know more about the companies and brands they are purchasing products from. Consumers Want to Know More About Your Brand Contact Us: Contact Us Address : Suite 506, 434 St Kilda Road , Melbourne , VIC 3004, Australia Phn no: +613 99244405 Business Mail: info@shping.com https://www.shping.com

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