5 quick tips of dog training

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Information about 5 quick tips of dog training

Published on March 12, 2014

Author: brickboy

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If you are a new dog owner, here are 5 quick and easy tips of dog training! Presentation by http://www.flashdog.co.nz

5 quick tips of dog training

1. Teaching the dog its name is easy and can be done with clicker and treats. Click and utter the name loudly every time and offer the treat. Continue it several times until the dog responds correctly when you utter its name.

2.Teaching the dog to sit is easy and is performed with the clicker and treats. Pass the command loudly to sit. When the dog complies perfectly, click and offer the treat. Repeat it several times and do not forget to use the clicker and treats.

3.Get help of the clicker and treats to teach the dog to stand. Let the dog lie down and then use the command to stand. When the dog complies, use the clicker followed by treats. Repeat the process so that the dog understands the value of the command.

4. You need the clicker, treats and dog toy to teach the dog to take it. Put the favorite toy on the ground and ask the dog to take it. When the dog picks it up in its mouth, click and offer the treat. Repeat it several times. The dog gets the habit without the treat.

5.Use the clicker, treats and dog toy to teach the dog to bring it. Use the “Take it” command to pick up the dog toy and come to you. When the dog reaches you, use the clicker and give the treat. Change the command to “Bring it” after several times to see the dog comply.

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