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Published on February 24, 2014

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The topics SSON covers may vary region to region, but one thing that never changes is our dedication to working with the highest quality of industry experts and practitioner leaders.

Speakers at our events are leaders in their organization’s campaigns for change; overcoming challenges and making mistakes along the way, and coming out the other side armed with insight and knowledge on what has worked, and what hasn’t.

We asked our 2014 North American Speaker Faculty 5 questions ahead of their sessions at the 18th Annual North American Shared Services & Outsourcing Week next month in Orlando, to give a glimpse on their important career achievements, as well as offering insights into impressive metrics, innovative business strategies and what the future may hold for themselves and their organization's in the SS&O world.

18th Annual North American Shared Services & Outsourcing Week March 11-14, 2014 • Disney Contemporary Resort • Lake Buena Vista, FL 5 Questions with 35 SS&O Practitioners and Experts: A Q&A with a Selection of SSON’s 2014 North American Speaker Faculty Read on to learn more about our speakers, including: Lee Coulter CEO, Ascension Health Shared Services, & Senior VP Ascension Health John Transier Jackie O’Connor Cleo Whipple Michael Cullen Assistant Corporate Controller Director Exelon Corporation Vice President of Consolidated Financial Operations Caesars Entertainment Senior Vice President of Shared Services Marriott Business Services Becton Dickinson www.sharedservicesweek.com

Background One thing that never changes is our dedication to working with industry experts. Featured Answers from these 2014 Speakers: Bill Parker VP Shared Services AECOM Dear Colleague, Cindy Gallagher As an events and conference business, the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) annually hosts over 5,000 shared services, outsourcing and transformation professionals from across the world onsite at our regional shows. Vice President & Deputy Controller AOL Although the topics we discuss onsite vary from region to region, one thing that never changes is our dedication to working with the highest quality of industry experts and practitioner leaders. Michelle Arndt Senior Director APEX Analytix SSON speakers are more than just representatives of world-renowned brands – they are people who have led their organization’s campaigns for change, overcome challenges and made mistakes along the way, and have come out of the experience armed with the insight of what’s worked, what hasn’t, what they would do if they could start all over again. Lee Coulter CEO, Ascension Health Shared Services, & Senior VP Ascension Health Most importantly, our speakers are open to not only sharing this personal insight to SSON audiences around the world, but also to engaging in a conversation with them. John Transier With that, we asked our 2014 North American Speaker Faculty 5 questions ahead of their sessions at the 18th Annual North American Shared Services & Outsourcing Week next month in Orlando. Assistant Corporate Controller Becton Dickinson This piece is designed to give you a glimpse of their most important achievements throughout their careers – and for you to get to know a little bit more about them before the show. Read on to learn about their accomplishments, most proud metrics and innovative business strategies, as well as what the future may look like. Robbin Meyers Global Director of HR Shared Services and Technology Brady Corporation We hope you enjoy it! Christin Spigai Senior Director Human Resources Technology Solutions Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc Best regards, The SSON Team Have you booked on to our North American SS&O Week yet? Email us for details at events@ssonetwork.com. Continues on next page... www.sharedservicesweek.com 2

Featured Answers from these 2014 Speakers (continued) Cleo Whipple Peggy Wood Vice President of Consolidated Financial Operations Caesars Entertainment Director ISG Phil Searle Partner ISG Founder & CEO Chazey Partners Jay Purnell HR Manager Covidien Erin Champlin Vice President, Global Business Services EMC Todd Hintze Managing Partner Everest Group Jackie O’Connor Manager Exelon Corporation Chris Pascuzzi Director of Financial Shared Services GNC Secret Holland Senior HR Consultant, and former VP, HR GreyStone Power Corporation Debbie Rich-Walker Doug Utley Partner ScottMadden Tina Krebs Susan Danino Partner ScottMadden Inc. Todd Blevins Director, Enterprise Services Federal Aviation Administration Robert Cecil Principal KPMG Scott Burns Keith Mattioli VP Thomson Reuters Principal KPMG LLP Todd Hall Michael Cullen Senior Vice President of Shared Services Marriott Business Services Lori Allen AVP Shared Services Nationwide Insurance Director, Sourcing UBS Eddie Northen VP Of Finance Global Shared Serivce UPS Mary Rumley Director, Contact Center Global & Regional Delivery Volvo Group Business Services Robert Yeldell Senior Director of Finance NBC Universal Jay Desai SVP Global Sourcing Northern Trust Al Jacobs Senior Director of Finance Home Depot Inc VP & COO Puridiom Stephen Kopp Brad Dement Partner, ISG Partner ScottMadden www.sharedservicesweek.com 3

What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment in shared services? Todd Hall, Director of Sourcing, UBS: “In 2007 and 2008 I managed a team of 56 employees located in Zurich, New Jersey and Chicago. In just over 11 months this entire process was up and running in India. While the project was going on we also installed a new tool that went live during this same timeframe.” Cleo Whipple, VP of Consolidated Finance Operations, Caesar’s Entertainment: “Having a vision, establishing a strategy and making it a reality is a big accomplishment. We began with a small SS for 6 properties in Las Vegas and today we provide services for 40 entities in 10 states as well as an outsourced Accounts Payable operation in Manila, the Philippines.” Eddie Northen, VP, Finance, Global Business Services, UPS: “With the full support of the CFO, we have been able to provide greater visibility, measurement and control of non-op spend within our organization. Frequent communication with stakeholders has enabled UPS to rapidly transition from a functional model to one that is focused on end-to-end services for internal and external customers.” Lee Coulter, SVP and CEO, Shared Services, Ascension Health “I was the first employee in October 2010, and it was a greenfield project. Shared Services Centers don’t tend to think about independent audit attestation or implementation of master schedules till they are 4-5 years in the making. Because I knew where we were heading, I laid the foundations for these immediately. We started investing in the training and the process of using lean six sigma and Kaizan, and we now have 5-6 major management infrastructure components that are 3-4 years ahead of time.” Mary Rumley, Director, Contact Center Global & Regional Delivery, Volvo: “Creating the SSO was the biggest accomplishment – I created it in 2005 for HR Shared Services. I am now in charge of 70 people in North America on the HR side.” Want to hear these speakers in person? Join us at the 18th Annual North American SS&O Week this March! 4

What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment in shared services? Robert Yeldell, Senior Director of Finance, NBC Universal: “Lead development and conversion effort for the creation of a new standalone Payroll Department. Responsible for system identification, build, function design, policies, processes and procedures, and for all functions relating to payroll including, functional execution, taxes and accounting, our final operational solution uses SAP HCM for HR/Comp/Ben, and Union Payroll, Union PH&W, Participation and Residuals Payments, as well as ADP Comprehensive Outsource Solutions (ADP-EV5) for benefited employees, ADP for Tax and Garnishment services.” Todd Blevins, Director, Enterprise Services, Federal Aviation Administration: “Over the past year we have successfully implemented ERP for our largest business units, developed global process owner roles who are driving global process and technology standards, all the while delivering our operational commitments and SLA’s.” Brad DeMent, Partner, ScottMadden, Inc.: “Helping clients expand their operations to incorporate new functions and offer services internationally.” Christin Spigai, VP, HR Shared Services, Broadridge Financial Services: “Going live on Workday in 13 countries and setting up a global Shared Services at the same time.” John Transier, Assistant Corporate Controller, Corporate/Shared Services, BD: “Combining four regional share service centers into a global business services organization with over 1,500 employees and thousands outsourced FTEs providing services providing services in Finance, HR, IT, EPM and Real Estate.” Secret Holland, former VP, Human Resources, Greystone Power: “Our organization was established as an internal HR service center and was meant to be a cost center, spread over subsidiaries based on head count, so there wasn’t an appetite for demand billing. One of my proudest moments was when I received a call from a business unit offering to pay salaries and OT for my staff to do special project work for them because we were known for availability, responsiveness and quality work.” Register today on www.sharedservicesweek.com 5

What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment in shared services? Jay Purnell, Manager, AskHR Americas, Covidien: “The creation of an inclusive environment where employees are encouraged to present ideas for improvement, provided the tools for upward mobility, and rewarded for taking risks, while providing a valuable service to our customers and peers.” Michael Cullen, SVP, Shared Services, Marriott Business “Exceeding the business case value while maintaining high client and employee satisfaction levels.” Jackie O’Connor, Director, Exelon: “In the scope of our HR Shared Services Service Center, our biggest accomplishment has been working through a significant company merger while successfully maintaining effective daily operations! There was significant expansion of the service center at a time when attrition rates were high, there was a change in management and overall change in the company was at a record pace. Maintaining operations, supporting integration of systems, onboarding new employees and preparing and working with new clients was a significant challenge that we worked through rather effectively due to a great solution and client focused team!” Doug Utley, Partner, ScottMadden, Inc.: “Taking work out of processes—driving simplification.” Robert Cecil, Principal, KPMG: “Assisting a variety blue chip clients establish multifunctional global business services (GBS) organizations through the full life cycle of improvement over multiple years from strategy through to implementation and ongoing operations optimization.” Keith Mattioli, Principal, KPMG: “Successfully integrating innovation programs focused on change into large outsourcing contracts which have traditionally been focused on operational efficiency with little change.” Robbin Meyers, Global Director, HR Shared Services, Brady Corporation: “The implementation of an HR case management tool, because this has given us the ability to quantify our work and begin to measure our performance.” View the full event program now on www.sharedservicesweek.com 6

What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment in shared services? Michele Arndt, Senior Director – Business Solutions, Apex Analytix: “As a provider, our biggest accomplishment is helping our clients meet challenges to reduce overpayments and obtain cross-system purchase-to-pay reporting. We have also worked with Fortune 500 and Global 1000 clients to optimize cash discounts, identify control weaknesses in their procure-to-pay processes and meet the objectives of their quality initiatives.” Todd Hintze, Managing Partner, Everest Group: “For the past twenty plus years, Everest Group has served a diverse set of client’s with varying needs. During this time, I have seen shared services transform the broader organization from the inside out. However, the one event that has stuck with me is from several years back. We were serving a consumer goods organization that could no longer maintain its current customer solution center. The center was too expensive, and the business case to modernize it was prohibitive. Naturally, all thoughts initially went to a traditional offshored, outsourced solution ― a bitter pill for a Midwestern company that prides itself on “homemade” solutions. “After several rounds of examining the art of the possible, we landed on a solution that had even broader benefits than we initially conceived. The company was able to source the call center to a local organization that created a virtual service through homebound call center agents. Many of the agents had physical limitations preventing them from traveling to a traditional work environment. However, over the phone they had the same Midwestern accent, deep knowledge of local culture, weather and sports teams. Additionally, the local and state government provided significant tax assistance under the provisions of The Americans with Disabilities Act. The client achieved its goal of reducing cost and improving service. Clients enjoyed the personal attention from familiar voices. And those who traditionally struggled with obtaining work now had a long-term career.” Al Jacobs, VP & COO, Puridiom: “We have developed an innovative integration of Procurement with AP invoice and Payment processing which delivers tremendous efficiencies through standardization. This enables an organization to dramatically cut costs while sustaining a competitive advantage by eliminating up to 90% of paper invoice handling, automated matching and dispute resolution workflow.” you Have our dy booke the t seat a ? event There's still time for you to join and hear from these speakers live in Orlando next month. Join us at the 18th Annual NA Shared Services & Outsourcing Week, which hosts shared services, outsourcing, HR, Finance & Accounting, Procurement and GBS executives for information-sharing, peer-to-peer networking and benchmarking. Features include SSC Site Tours, shared services implementation workshops, plenary sessions, round tables and the new Functional Focus Groups. www.sharedservicesweek.com 7

What metric did you achieve or help your client achieve that you are most proud of? Bill Parker Debbie Rich-Walker VP, North America Shared Services, AECOM Senior Manager, Finance, Home Depot “Our billing efficiencies, meaning the amount of time from when we have billing activity to having cash in the door. The project setup went from 50% accuracy to over 90% accuracy.” “Reducing the original labor force of 111 to 64, which is almost 50% less.” Lori Allen AVP, Shared Services, Nationwide Insurance “Shared Services overall are below budget by $1.7 mil and continue to offer improved services – offering higher services and doing it more effectively.” Doug Utley Partner, ScottMadden, Inc. “We cut costs by over 50% in one implementation, though this is not always possible.” Todd Hall Secret Holland former VP, Human Resources, Greystone Power “One metric I am proud of is first call resolution. When we first opened the center it was 6065%. Over the first few years it got continuously better and leveled out around 91%.” Robert Cecil Principal, KPMG “Over 40% cost reduction across Finance, Procurement, Facilities, HR, and Customer Care shared services processes globally while enhancing service performance.” Todd Blevins Director, Enterprise Services, Federal Aviation Administration “We have improved our employee engagement survey score to 3.75 (on a scale of 1-5) from a low of 3.0 in the past two years. This survey covers over 700 colleagues across our two service centers in Oklahoma City and Dublin, Ireland. Our employees have really embraced the efforts to get us to a ‘world class” level and are investing their on time and energy to help achieve our goals.” Director, Sourcing, UBS “The main metric we tracked were the amount of dollars paid for Telecom and MDS that was not able to be charged out. The team maintained a 99% plus billing metric for over 3 years. Prior to the team and processes being centralized and standardized, the Telecom metric was on average 75%.” Christin Spigai VP, HR Shared Services, Broadridge Financial Services “Turnover in the team has usually remained around 5%, which is incredibly low for a call center! The team works hard and has fun in the process.” Michael Cullen SVP, Shared Services, Marriott Business Services “Achieving The Hackett Group’s World-Class SSC designation for efficiency and effectiveness each year since 2007 for the annual performance benchmark study.” www.sharedservicesweek.com 8

What metric did you achieve or help your client achieve that you are most proud of? Robbin Meyers Keith Mattioli Global Director, HR Shared Services, Brady Corporation Principal, KPMG “We are most proud of our time to close target. Our goal is to close 75% of all cases within 48 hours; we have been tracking this measure since we launched in April 2013 and have reached this target while seeing double digit growth in workload during the same period.” Jackie O’Connor Director, Exelon “Right now, our ‘bread and butter’ metrics are solid and that’s an accomplishment given the impacts to the service center in staffing changes, new client change curves and increased volume and demand. We operate extremely lean, above the top quartile benchmarks in staffing ratios. To maintain our service levels during such high demand and challenging times is something for which I’m very proud of my team. They really do pull together for their clients and deliver quality services every day!” “The application portfolio rationalization, which reduces the overall applications in the portfolio from 1000s to 100s (or less) to reduce costs, simplifying the operating environment (business and IT) and providing more agility to the business to adopt to changing business conditions.” Michele Arndt Senior Director – Business Solutions, Apex Analytix “The single most impactful metric we use to measure return on investment is time to full return on investment on the software. In a recent implementation, a > $10 billion railroad went live on FirstStrike and prevented approximately $500,000 in duplicates in a week. This is not uncommon among our software clients.” Al Jacobs VP & COO, Puridiom “Invoices against POs versus non-order invoices, and first-time match, because the efficiencies gained led to hard savings with early pay discounts, avoidance of late fees, reallocation of resources, reduction of head count, etc. Also, ensuring you are paying only for what was ordered and delivered.” Phil Searle Jay Purnell Manager, AskHR Americas, Covidien “Our Customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS). As in any call center, you can be quick to pick up the phone, you can be quick to provide an answer, but if the customer is not satisfied with their overall experience then you will not be successful. By driving a culture of continuous improvement and complete customer satisfaction we have moved our Customer Satisfaction and NPS scores to near perfection. When we first starting measuring our customer feedback our scores hovered around 65%, now we are at 95%.” CEO & Founder, Chazey Partners Scott Burns VP, Master Data and Reporting, Thomson Reuters “We created a high performing data management and reporting organization of 120 people in 2 years, which implemented common processes, governance and structures for over 1 million product lines and 3 million customers.” “Honestly, there have been a lot of achievements that we as a team are proud of. Implementing shared services and/or outsourcing solutions demands commitment, passion and resilience, because while not being particularly “complex” it is never easy! One very recent example client success is that we have helped Coca-Cola Enterprises to establish a Greenfield Finance Shared Services Center in Sofia (Bulgaria), which will deliver over $10 million per annum of operational savings.” Register today on www.sharedservicesweek.com 9

What is the most innovative thing your team has done? Christin Spigai Todd Hall Director, Sourcing, UBS “Our main goal was always cost efficiency. The team had a goal that every person on the team was responsible for coming up with at least one cost savings idea per year. This kept everyone thinking outside the box and allowed us to explore cost savings ideas that normally would not be exposed.” Michael Cullen VP, HR Shared Services, Broadridge Financial Services SVP, Shared Services, Marriott Business Services “Allowing reps the flexibility to work from home, on flexible schedules, etc. This has highly contributed to the low turnover rates on the team.” “Created a custom customer billing system that collects data for hotel guests from 2,600 hotels every night.” Al Jacobs Michele Arndt VP & COO, Puridiom: Senior Director – Business Solutions, Apex Analytix: “Development of an allinclusive AP Program which includes everything from supplier on-boarding services, invoice and payment processing, and back-end AP/ERP integration.” “We have a unique method of identifying an overpayment on a single invoice. We truly believe that companies shouldn’t keep paying recovery auditors who find the same mistakes.” Todd Blevins Director, Enterprise Services, Federal Aviation Administration “Innovation is happening across the entire Shared Services organization with most being focused on driving additional value to the businesses we support. One of our credit analysts took it upon herself to research all the customers over a prior 9 month period that had completed credit applications but had not resulted in sales. She worked this list with the sales organization and drove over $500k of incremental revenue that would not have happened without her idea and actions.” Brad DeMent, Stephen Kopp Partner, ISG: “The formation of a virtual “Enterprise Business Services” whereby there is one global well knitted leadership and process management across all share services, outsourcing and retained activities. Also the “monetization” of existing shared services whereby either the existing shared services center is sold to a provider and then the functions outsourced in place with the same personnel is then migrated off-shore over time, or an expansion of existing shared services customer base to sell services outside entities at a profit.” Keith Mattioli Partner, ScottMadden, Inc. Principal, KPMG “We helped a client implement a “Small Business Division” within their SSO to focus on the numerous businesses that provide less than 10% of total corporate revenue, and did this all without sacrificing SSO savings.” “Leveraging gamification theory to instill active innovation programs into contracts that formally solicit innovation ideas, manages those ideas through an innovation process which includes implementation which includes a communication mechanism to acknowledges and rewards the participants in the process.” View the full event program now on www.sharedservicesweek.com 10

What is the most innovative thing your team has done? Robbin Meyers Phil Searle Global Director, HR Shared Services, Brady Corporation CEO & Founder, Chazey Partners “We have successfully created an employee self service process in APAC for employment letters. The employees have the ability to request a specific on line employment letter, such as verification of employment, via self service. This has automated the full process and has removed work from site HR and the HR Shared Services team.” “We are always looking to improve the way we do things. Innovation in approach and methodology is party of this. For example, we have a number of template “accelerators” that we bring to assignments that help provide a framework for success and deliver rapid return. These are based on our own experience of “best practice” and we adapt and refine them regularly to keep up with our own and our clients’ experiences.” Robert Cecil Tina Krebs Jay Purnell Jackie O’Connor Principal, KPMG Partner, ScottMadden Director, Exelon “Established a Managed Governance service based on a standard technology and analytics platform to allow companies to more effectively manage their outsourcing and internal shared services operations & relationships.” “At one of our clients, we are revamping the entire Talent Acquisition organization. One element of this is building talent communities for “hot jobs” using a CRM tool. It will provide the company a competitive edge in the war for talent.” Manager, AskHR Americas, Covidien Robert Yeldell Senior Director of Finance, NBC Universal “Development of Union Tracking System to manage the union employee lifecycle from on boarding to payroll and subsequent due, Pension Health and Welfare, 401k(k), Pension remittance to respective unions, guilds and plans. NBCU Company has 120 locals nationally all with different pay practices. Ensuring their employee record is correct for proper time collection and union deductions and disbursements is critical to the success of the enterprise.” “Developed a rotational program where our agents get the opportunity to work side by side with the Human Resources professionals that are using our services. These rotational programs allows my team members exposure to Human Resources Centers of Excellence (CoE) with specialized expertise that they are willing to share with my team. Our rotational program is preparing my employees for any Human Resources openings that my become available, and we currently have rotational programs established with HRIS, Recruiting, Employee Relations, US Benefits, and Analytics Reporting. In our 2.5 years of existence we have been able to promote 6 employees into other Human Resources positions.” “With all the recent largeimpact change and high volume of projects, we haven’t focused too much on innovation above and beyond daily efficiencies. Our innovation has been in the smaller details of day to day process. Things like leveraging a two-sided web site to manage change and communications during system postimplementation windows or automation of reporting or solutions to remove day to day transaction volume. These are the ways we are improving current process. We are just starting discussions with IT specific to what innovative technologies may help the service center specifically. We’ll see what that produces.” www.sharedservicesweek.com 11

Which business outcomes are your top priority currently & how far are you from achieving them? Robert Yeldell Senior Director of Finance, NBC Universal “Reducing the number of FEIN’s Payroll, from 68 to 15 (Jan 2014 go-live). Expected savings will be approximately $1mm a year from reduced processing costs and FICA restarts.” Jay Purnell Manager, AskHR Americas, Covidien “Our top goal is to provide support to all of our employees globally. Currently we support all employees in the Americas, including Canada and Latin America, Western Europe, and China. We are expanding coverage in our regional centers in EMEA and APAC to achieve global support.” John Transier Assistant Corporate Controller, Corporate/ Shared Services, BD “In my new assignment, I am looking to stabilize our young finance shared services operation in North America. It is important to get the SSC to a place that our businesses view us as the service provider of choice.” Jackie O’Connor Robbin Meyers Director, Exelon Global Director, HR Shared Services, Brady Corporation “Increasing automation and expanding service scope in the service center. We have a couple of automation items underway in reporting functionality and in support of an HR 3rd party analytics tool initiative. We have a significant automation item targeted for next year which rolls out some manager self service tools. This is all foundational to expansion of the service center services which we will likely start addressing during 2014.” Michael Cullen SVP, Shared Services, Marriott Business Services “Lowering the cost of service delivery. We’ve lowered the cost of service delivery almost every year since the inception of our shared service model. We’re projecting this trend for the next ten years.” “We went through a massive restructure and simplification process as a corporation this year and the goal for HR is to completely transform our function. We have to organize ourselves and our work to scale up or down based on the corporate strategy and performance without adding costs to the organization. We are in our first year of global transformation and have at least 2 more years of work around the globe to reach our target performance levels.” Mary Rumley Director, Contact Center Global & Regional Delivery, Volvo “Bring all of the local centers into the shared services – 60 countries with HR happening – my job to bring them into the model and decide in each country what work goes to global centers and what goes to regional and what stays local – hopefully by end of 2015.” Todd Blevins Director, Enterprise Services, Federal Aviation Administration “Complete the integration of the shared services processes from our acquisition of Dollar Thrifty Group. This is on track to complete in Q1 2014.” www.sharedservicesweek.com 12

What “pearls of wisdom” would you give shared services executives? Phil Searle, CEO & Founder, Chazey Partners: “Shared services is not shared services just because you call it so! Implementing and operating shared services as a solution requires a comprehensive approach, involving the 4 critical success factors around Customer, People, Process and Technology. It doesn’t just happen because you “badge” a now centralized team as “Shared Services”. It takes much more than that!” Robert Cecil, Principal, KPMG: “Constantly keep your eye on “next in class” vs. simply “best in class” practices. The success of the past based on “tried and true” practices will not guarantee you sustainability of your value proposition in the future unless you stay abreast of the future trends and options.” Doug Utley, Partner, ScottMadden, Inc.: “Continuous improvement never stops—it’s a journey, not a destination.” Tina Krebs, Partner, ScottMadden: “Think broader than your current scope. What service or expertise can you provide to the business (your customer) that will enable the business to move to the next level – essentially making Shared Services invaluable to the business?” Al Jacobs, VP & COO, Puridiom: “Aligning Procurement with AP initiatives are important to achieve the most cost savings and will improve supplier relationships who be more willing to provide better pricing options when they are part of your overall strategy to lower shared costs in doing business.” Michele Arndt, Senior Director – Business Solutions, Apex Analytix: “Don’t think that implementing a single instance of ERP means you won’t make overpayments. It’s better to be proactive and get the money back and stop the leakage rather than guessing that everything is okay. Controllers of companies with $2 billion or more in spend, who are being told by A/P that they don’t make mistakes are leaving money on the table either because they have had poor quality audits or they just haven’t bothered to conduct an audit.” Brad DeMent, Partner, ScottMadden, Inc.: “Plan a strategy to get a seat at the executive table. Promote the strategic importance the SSO offers to meeting corporate objectives and lobby for expanded services and geographies in return.” Todd Hintze, Managing Partner, Everest Group: “Life is easier when you can understand and align with the interest of those you serve.” www.sharedservicesweek.com 13

Join us in Orlando! 18th Annual North American Shared Services & Outsourcing Week March 11-14, 2014 • Disney Contemporary Resort • Lake Buena Vista, FL 18th Annual North American SHARED SERVICES & Outsourcing Week “I receive many conference invitations each year and rarely nd them of interest or value. SS&O Week was one of the very few I have seen that contains relevant information I would like to hear.” er Regist get nd oday a ional t it an add ff! 10% o Gina Tallarico, VP, Finance, Hyatt Hotels Corporation 2014 AGENDA Where Connections are Made and Actions are Inspired Site Tours: March 11, 2014 Workshops & Main Conference: March 12-14, 2014 Disney Contemporary, Lake Buena Vista, FL Enhance Customer Value. Build Business Partnerships. Optimize Global Business Services. Over 500 enterprise shared services and GBS leaders to connect with! 48% of Enterprise Accounts are Brand New! www.sharedservicesweek.com 1 There are still opportunities to book your seat to the World’s largest shared services and outsourcing event! Join over 700 professionals onsite for 4 days of networking and learning. Click the program above to find out what these speakers will be discussing onsite. Register Now! www.sharedservicesweek.com

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